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  1. IMHO the monitor. If your build is for hard-core gaming look for a monitor with 1ms response time and at least 120 Hz refresh rate with 144 preferred. The video card you have will support that higher-end monitor no problem.
  2. Type 95: 6M5 Stuart: 34 + 1 = 35 May this POS burn in hell for eternitySAu-40: 5Kanonenjagdpanzer: 16 -3 = 13 100+mm pen with HE makes me happyFV4005: 0
  3. Type 95: 26M5 Stuart: 32+1=33 Nothing more need be said, rid us of this POS piece of tanking miseryAMX 40: 11-3=8 Okay, it makes zero sense as a light tank but, oh my, that curvaceous armor just does it for meB1: 17Pz 38 Na: 14Pz III K: 20Matilda BP: 22M4 Improved: 18Churchill VII: 1 TOG II: 2Black Prince:15Type 62: 13 AMX AC 46: 21 Kanonenjagdpanzer: 18AMX AC 48: 17Conway: 8FV4005: 24
  4. Type 95: 13 M5 Stuart: 21 +1 = 22 It's a scout in a straight line but poor maneuverability and crap gun. Hated it.SAu-40: 11AMX 40: 11B1: 11DW2: 7Pz 38 Na: 11Sentinel: 10Valentine: 7Pz III K: 11Matilda BP: 11Matilda IV: 10 M4 Improved: 11 Churchill VII: 10TOG II: 17 Achilles: 4ARL V39: 8Black Prince: 13Challenger: 7Chi-Ri: 7O-Ni: 5Sturer Emil:9Type 62: 12Panther: 2AMX 13 75: 8FV201: 10T 34/100: 4Tiger P: 8SU-100M1: 4AMX AC 46: 11A-44: 11TVP VTU: 4FV4202 P: 4Löwe: 10T-34-2: 10Caernarvon: 7Kanonenjagdpanzer: 9Panther II: 8 -3 = 5 It's a heavy medium, mount the top gun and snipe
  5. I had no issues with my mods so far. I just moved them from 9.15.1 to the new folder in res_mods. Full disclosure: I'm not running reticle or XVM-based mods (RIP multi-row tank carousel) at this time. I use primarily appearance mods (rock on Minions!) with only a few in-battle mods like team HP pool and accurate direction indicator.
  6. PMod has a zoomx module which seems to work in 9.15. (It has a bunch of other modules which you can deactivate so that only ZoomX works.) I tried mucking with both your XVM configuration and existing ZoomX in your res mods, with no luck. Give me a shout if you want to try the PMod route. Hoff
  7. My 12 year old Springer Spaniel, just after a bath. We rescued her almost 10 years ago. She's a certified therapy animal who, with my wife as handler, works at local schools, hospitals and battered women's shelters.
  8. Fairly Oddparents and most of the classics: Bugs Bunny, Roadrunner, Fractured Fairy Tales, Tom Slick -- the stuff I grew up with. For full effect watch on a black and white CRT with rabbit ears.
  9. Clan Icons go into the following folder: \World_of_Tanks\res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\clanicons\NA The \NA is where the NA server icons go. Depending on which XVM configuration you snagged you may also see \RU, \EU, etc. folders which contain the clan icons for those servers.
  10. I second Luna's choice of a Samsung HDD. Mine runs flawlessly and migration with their software is a breeze: you run it to clone your existing HD's content onto the SSD, then go into your computer's bios to designate your SSD as your boot drive. Easy peasy. FWIW I run the following setup: 256 GB SSD for programs, where speed can matter. I recommend at least 256 GB; a 128 GB would be tight for me (I run a few games, two voice chat programs, full Microsoft Office suite, and a few audio/photo program--plus all of the Windows 7 OS rubbish) 2 TB HD for information / data (this
  11. Murdock -- that is almost certainly a bug in WoT, not with Sela's pack. AFAIK invites pop up when received from the server. I saw similar invite behavior with 9.13 before I reinstalled mods, but didn't take the time to figure out if the clan was spamming invites or rather if there was a bug of some sort. Sela +1 as always...the comprehensiveness and timeliness are much appreciated. Question: any plans to bring dead white tanks back at some point? My old fart eyes appreciate the extra contrast!
  12. Perhaps they're coming up with random chores because they don't want you mashing keys killing pixel tanks for hours on end, but you do. Have you and they discussed and agreed when and for how long you'll play on the 'puter? If not, try that. If you and they can reach a reasonable agreement and you both stick to your ends of the deal, problem solved. At the end of the day, your parents do provide you with food, clothing and shelter so they get to make the rules. (Full disclosure: I'm a parent of a college student so I've "been there, done that" as both a teenager and a parent.)
  13. I tested Battle Assistant. 4 kills in 12 shots with SU-5 and Fadin's Medal suggest it is good to go.
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