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  1. WoT worth coming back to? haven't played for like 2+ months.


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    2. MacusFlash


      Short answer: NO.

    3. hallo1994


      No. This game is 'dying" in front of my eyes.

    4. Siimcy


      Not really. I haven't played for a solid 4,5months(only like 5 matches inbetween) and I do rage less in general. I'd love to return but if WG won't do anything about the cancer that the arty is and xvm I don't really see myself actively playing this game anymore.

  2. What tier 8 premiums are currently worth it? I only have the Type 59 atm.

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    2. kolni


      IS-6 got buffed recently and is by far the best premium in terms of winning, SP and T-34-3 are both very good as well but a bit behind the IS-6. In terms of winning you want prefs, as simple as that. 

      I personally think the non-pref tanks are better tier for tier but I know some people don't agree with me. M46 KR is a great tank, cheap rounds and a great gun making for easy credits, easy stetpeds and is probably the best T8 premium to fight T10's with

      Mutz is also good but personally I like the M46 better, Mutz has more speed and a little better pen on the standard round AFAIK


      and my personal favourites that people don't seem to get:

      AMX CDC, best SH tank in the game, makes easy credits there, can sub for scouts and it's cheaper than most prems so I rarely even take it outside of SHs anymore. However it's great at carrying if you can make use of the speed and great acceleration (everything and their mother pens you) to get your shots in. 

      And the golden tank, the T-54 Mod 1, the T8 med that is better than every single other T8 med simply because it's a heavy tank with heavium speed and a medium tank gun, you can bait so many shots in this thanks to the UFP armour while it's also a great sidescraper. The gun handling got buffed (thankfully) and the only thing bad about it really is that it's got IS-6 pen values but faces T10s

    3. TheMarine0341


      TLDR: @Kolni is right, mang. Though, I prefer the Mutz over the KR for pub grinding credits, its like a 8.1 vs 8.0

    4. Brownie
  3. So this happened to me



    1. Medjed


      but, but he said thanks :cri: also that sounded like it came straight from the depth of hell

  4. aXZaHdW.jpg

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    2. The_direwolf


      Literally the best thing i have ever seen on wotlabs.


    3. Assassin7


      where do people find this shit?

    4. Flaksmith


      That was tumblr judging by the way the comment section looks

  5. Lowe or T34-3?

    1. Zezti



      mainly because pref mm so more likely to meet tier 6s you get to whack with 390 alpha

  6. Brownie, my son, it is come of time... you must choose between generic moeshit Acchi Kocchi, or butifel anime named Sora no Method.

    1. Brownie



  7. Soul Eater, Mirai Nikki, Cowboy Bebop, Watamote, now just finished Kill La kill....what to watch now?

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    2. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      "something something Ferdinand > JP2"? I think you'd really like that one ;^)

    3. Brownie


      **commits seppukko** 

    4. UnusualMedic
  8. Praise the rat god

  9. I know someone that wants to sell their account cause they odn't play anymore and he has a type 59 :V

    1. PajamaMan


      Doesn't everyone?

  10. New forum is disgusting, I prefer older one better

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