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  1. I've thought about a cheeky game now and then, and I do occasionally log in to get some loot such as the santa recruit. However, WoT is still kinda low on my priority list because the game is very random and adulting gives me a lot less time to play games. So guaranteed fun > random chance of fun. It would probably easier if I had a friend to play with but I doubt any of you guys would want to sink to the complete tomato level I'd play at now. It would also be turbo casual anyway, which is sort of against the principles of this site, dead as it may be.
  2. There's a pretty significant difference between rigging the MM and being fucking dumb with balancing vehicles and maps. WG are not so much rigging towards your WR as they are changing the game to milk money from customers. Whereas the previously huge and growing playerbase could sustain a pretty fair game, the rapidly dwindling playerbase cannot, and thus WG must prioritize their actions: Should they make sure the low level grind is fun and balanced (and let's be honest, that's been garbage since Day 1) or should they push everyone and their mother into tier 8-10, aka the end-game, where people have to spend money? They chose the latter and I was just fortunate enough to have had enough of RNG before it went to complete shit. There's still no reason for them to engage in some pubbie conspiracy about WR consistency, simply because consistency is only interesting to people who give a shit about the game, which the average player doesn't. WG aims squarely at people who do not give a shit and are just there for fun and games, which is also why their playerbase has been so remarkably shit and conspiracy-prone since Beta. It's just slowly getting to a point where WG has to do gacha-tier shenanigans to milk the last dollars before entering maintenance mode. I'm too far out of the loop to know if maintenance mode is 1, 2 or 3 years away but it'll surely be coming. There's a reason why WG has gone from pretty much only WoT to having 10 games running, they knew what was coming in due time. Sure, some are mobile or other versions of existing games but they do hold a potentially powerful IP in MoO if they manage to make a good version of it. Basically, WoT is 10 years old and it's time to move on. Whether you can hold out until the servers shut down or leave due to gacha mechanics and the balance consequences of those (such as removal of weakspots to enforce gold spam), is up to you. However, it's highly unlikely WG will revert to anything resembling the good old days if they don't get a massive spike in players.
  3. The easiest way to debunk conspiracy shenanigans - even without touching statistics, unpredictable pubbies and such - is to simply state that WG allows you to save replays and track your stats. There would be no point in doing this if they're out to make sure you can't perform in a certain way, for better or worse. However, it would be very noticeable if they did manipulate anything relating to your WR since you have thousands of tracked games and replays.
  4. 4 years too late to e-girl scam on a forum
  5. That's a nice theory but there's also the classic saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", aka "why bother if it isn't absolutely necessary?" WG could have done something about this kind of player ages ago and set a precedent for such behavior but when it comes to any popular online place/activity, you gotta do it early. You can't make an AI do this shit for you, so it's thousands upon thousands of man-hours checking through all the shitters behaving this way, not to mention untold amounts of false report by salty tomatoes. WG may have a theoretical incentive to do this but not a practical one. Not until the game hits a low-end critical mass on the RU server and they decide to try to keep it going.
  6. So they're only 9 years late to a mechanic that should have been in the game from the start? Thanks, WG!
  7. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone playing to grind crew exp, since it takes an absurd amount of time for no reward. Maxing out a crew takes something like 13,4 million exp IIRC, so even though I'm not sure how high you can stack an exp bonus these days, you'd still have to play 2680 games with that crew at an average of 5k exp/game. If a game runs at 5 min average, that's a cool 223 hours from start to finish, not counting garage time. I guess you can cut a couple of hours off that time by starting with a 100% crew but still As for crew exp and skills in general, it's always been kinda shitty and pay to win. Sure, you didn't exactly buy the 2nd or 3rd skill but a premium account alone would give you a 50% exp bonus, getting to pretty much all of the good skills dozens of hours before someone equally good without prem. And that's before we talk WotLabs superstar grinders vs a tomato with no prem
  8. It always makes an impression on me how bad WG is at balancing WoT. It's been almost 9 years and they still haven't figured out what sort of game they want to make and this in-between stuff isn't working now that they're well into the decline stage of the PLC. They could have made a full Gotta Go Fast RNG-fest with speedy tanks and explosions or they could have made a skill-based tactical 3rd person shooter and either would be great for the respective audiences. Yet they chose to do neither
  9. I sometimes post but yeah, WoT sucks and people mostly moved on. They had a shot of turning the game around when they tried the esports thing and gained some momentum but they didn't. That said, the game is also just plain old: Not many games can get people playing past a month or two, not to mention years, and WoT turns 9 in August. I'd say most people here gave it more than a good run and it just got kicked to the curb by not fixing their problems in time, instead choosing to cash in during the growth phases.
  10. You'd think it was a proper necro but it was the 3rd most recent below the stickies or something like that @8_Hussars RNG mechanics are strictly designed to help less skilled players and hurt more skilled players, it's their entire raison d'être and a way for develepors to reach a more casual audience. The RNG also goes far beyond what you think it does, since it also applies to the Matchmaker and the +2 tier difference on vehicles. There's a virtual mount Everest of difference between being a top tier vehicle and a bottom tier vehicle in WoT, which is a huge part of why the game is dying. I tried playing again a little while ago but the even worse MM they had implemented stopped that shit after 20 games or so. The reason it hurts skilled players more than less skilled ones is that the less skilled player is barely doing what needs to be done in any given situation (eg. just aiming somewhere on the tank and hoping it pens) while the more skilled player is looking for the optimal play within their skill range and objective (eg. tracking the tank so it's dead within 3 seconds and letting the team push up to flank). One shot requires significantly more precision and RNGsus intervention than the other, something that wouldn't be an issue if you were firing where you were aiming like in most shooters. There's a reason why everyone and their mother have always been drawn to RU hovertanks at higher skill evels, namely that they're fast, low profile and fire relative laser beams. Perfectly suited for abusing RNG against the opponents while reducing your own, despite the low alpha. This is also not including RNG on crew members being disabled, RNG on modules being disabled, RNG on fires, RNG on tracking, RNG on bounces, RNG on arty strikes and their effects and in some tanks even RNG on grid position when starting the game since they're so slow. Look at how many times I typed RNG in that previous segment and then start tallying up how many more events in the game suffer from it. Would RNG on aim be a problem on its own? No. Would damage? No. Penetration with proper weakspots? No. But the dozens of layers of RNG stacking on top of each other makes it a clusterfuck, especially for those of us who've been there for a long time. Even the god damn map you get matters since there are some very clearly more suited to certain vehicles than others. You get plenty of clutch moments and Hail Mary plays in heavily skill-based games, it's the entire foundation of Esports after all, something WoT also tried its hand at. Winning or losing at the will of a machine is garbage in a PvP game. PvE games can relatively easily be built around RNG and be super fun but they do not belong in a PvP game. After all, you're supposed to be fighting the player and not the machine.
  11. RNG in PvP games is the vilest filth in the observable universe and serves no other purpose than to fuck up the better player. After all, this website contains years and years of guides, tips and analysis of data with the sole purpose of telling RNGsus to go fuck himself with a cactus. It's never okay that some random guy gets to survive because your gunner decided to sneeze as he pulled the trigger and thus created a new impact site on the moon, nor is it okay that your 390 alpha gun can't kill a dude on 320 HP because someone forgot to load enough explosives into the shell that day and you rolled a cool 315. Similarly, it's dumb that you get a free kill on an ammo rack, fire or high damage roll. RNG as a mechanic can work in a select few games that revolve around it, such as Roguelikes or other games revolving around constant restarts but you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who enjoys losing due to elements out of their control. Also, the profitability argument is dumb because that's completely unrelated to RNG and is a marketing issue. The game is dying in the West because WG just can't stop adding extra layers of RNG. Now it's not only in-battle but also out of the gameplay in the form of their lootboxes, absurd mission requirements and arguably even the store itself since you already know you can save your dollaridoos for an OP tank once or twice per year - it's just a question of you having the stomach to wait it out and see if you won the store lottery that day. WoT could have been a god tier tactical 3rd person shooter but they chose their Russian "daddies" over a wider longterm audience, largely thanks to their choice of game mechanics. People often refer to WG being stupid but the fact is that they just don't mind lying about their intentions - hence their absurdly slow work pace for an MMO.
  12. All you really gotta do is look at this image and take a gamble on which end scenario WoT will follow
  13. There's a greater chance of me winning the Eurojackpot than WG getting shit done, not to mention done before we die of old age. I think WG started mentioning giving everyone 6th sense for free around 2014 but I sure as shit don't see it in-game yet. WG also works on a schedule that rivals poorly imported Korean MMOs, given to some Western publisher that releases a translation patch and then doesn't do anything to the game for well over 6 months despite the native game getting content every few weeks. Frankly, WG has had many ideas over the years that could have turned WoT into an absolute powerhouse of an MMO but they tend to scrap 95% of the good ones and keep most of the bad ones. But whatever, it only took them over half a decade to change arty and end up making them even worse
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