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  1. Zinn

    State of the Game?

    Basically, the game has been in the cash cow stage of the Product Life Cycle for about 2 years now. Granted, you can't quite fit an MMO into the classic marketing models since content production functions on an entirely different business model (eg. you only make the tank once, whereas you have to produce millions of cans of tomato soup or whatever as the market demands it) but the functional aspects are pretty similar: Go harder on marketing and sales incentives (OP premiums, armor changes to encourage gold spam etc.), lower your efforts on the production side of things as further development sees lower returns (eg. reskin existing tanks to new prems or buff old prems) and prepare for entering the Decline stage of the PLC model. If WG doesn't make any significant changes over the next 6 months or so, it's a pretty solid sign that they see WoT as dying on EU and it'll enter into what's essentially maintenance mode. You get leftover RU products and events but as far as they're concerned they'll only really keep the basics of operations alive. If you take a look at the marketing PLC/PLM model, you'll recognise that NA quickly entered the maturity/cash cow stage as the game failed to gain the kind of traction it did in RU and EU - hence their many unique events to earn in-game gold and such - followed by hitting the Decline phase with server mergers and so on. There's also just the fact that WoT is plain and simply old by now, being released in 2010 in Russia. The game has always had problems that WG were too lazy to fix but now that they've more or less cycled through the interested part of the global population, they're slowly but surely dismantling it. It's just that different regions get hit with different stages at different times. RU will probably be alive and well for years to come but EU could hit maintenance mode within a year if it keeps declining.
  2. WoWP was DoA, I remember trying it for a few hours in beta and shortly after release. I think I quit it after 2 days and never looked back. It's been so long I can't remember any details, just that it was pretty ass in general and seemed like something they hardly bothered supporting to begin with. It also didn't help that WT was doing all of it better with way prettier graphics while being able to run at 60 FPS on a TI-86. Frankly, if you look at how they treated tanks and boats compared to planes, it's kinda baffling. I'm almost certain that WG did it to stick it to Gaijin and nothing else, since WoWP came out 6 months before WT tanks. Maybe they marketed it harder in NA, I don't know, but as an EU player I didn't see shit about WoWP outside them pushing it cross-client for a bit.
  3. The thing is that WG does this shit on purpose, people are far too kind to them and presume they're just bumbling around incompetently. That was probably true 5-6 years ago but today they're very keen on the business model they use: Give the people with T10 an easy time while making sure that gold spam is at its highest at that point by giving 8s and 9s just about enough prem pen to do something. Mr 45% gets to see big numbers and feel useful while the 9s still have things to do and the 8s are fodder. It's nothing new, they just moved the concept up in tiers, as I'm sure most of us remember grinding several horrible mid-tier tanks way back. WG frankly doesn't care about any playerbase outside RU and potentially China, as I have no idea how popular the game is there. It never mattered to them that EU and US spent far more dosh per capita, which is a bad move if you care about making more money but not necessarily if you're lazy and just want to make enough money. Business culture is quite different from place to place, the annoying thing is that WoT is a potentially great game which WG keeps ignoring. The real solution has always been the same, even back in 2010: Give tanks a half decent stock gun in terms of penetration and you solve most of the problems. Unfortunately, WG quickly went from "gold rounds should be used sparingly" to cackling like a maniac once they saw just how much god damn money people used on said shells. There are probably quite a few lazy whales out there who have pumped several hundred thousand dollaridoos into the game because you can bypass 95% of the game's problems with gold shells, equipment and food. Fixing the game's problems is not really a priority for WG, just as they don't care too much about the dwindling playerbase in the West.
  4. Even I've been focused hard back in the day and I think we can all agree that I'm nothing special on this site. When you sat in an IS-3 during a tier 10 match back in 2015, where the distribution was something like 8/5/3 from T10 and down with about 5 pixels visible to arty and they still wasted shells trying to triple nuke you for 50 splash damage, it's time to take a break. XVM wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't for the fact that WG heavily marketed towards and severely exploited traditional non-gamers and kept pushing the game in said direction. Their classic example was a "daddy" (aka adult male in his 30s) coming home from a day of work for some casual pew-pew but in reality they did just as much to attract a playerbase of young tweens and teens (I'd peg it at about age 10-15) who similarly didn't game much. Those two groups are prime butthurt material. One because they lack the time and want to maximize their fun while throwing money at the game and the other to get sucked into the grind and begging for dat credit card from their parents. Tinfoilhattery, general butthurt and even proper jealousy is what WG purposefully fostered in their playerbase, resulting in a hilariously toxic community. I personally miss the daily CYKA CHEATER HEAT MONEYBAGS PIDAR HACKER accusations but I certainly see why others do not. What should have been a tool for basic information and modding structure for dedicated players with some sanity left, eventually turned into a vast cathedral of piss and shit. Sad!
  5. Tier 10 is hard as balls when you first start playing because the entire carry potential is on your back now. There's no longer a top tier to bail you out or someone to hide behind, meaning that any mistake on your part is felt by the entire team. It's probably even worse in this regard with the new MM, where there are fewer 10s and way more shitters in 8s. I mean, my Ehundo was rolling around with a 45% WR or some shit for the first 100 battles and the fact is that after 466 battles, it still hasn't cracked 60% even though it's close. Your first 10s are going to have trash stats and that's fine because you're learning. If you ask around, you'll find that a lot of people here spent quite a bit of time grinding their old pubbie tanks up to par. I can't say much about the current T10 meta because I'm still re-learning the game and maps at lower tiers but I'm sure it's still a shitfest. The most important lesson is probably going to be positioning and how to approach engagements, now that you can't afford to throw away your HP. Don't be afraid to pull out of a shitty situation before it becomes totally fucked because you are worth more than most of your team is. Also, don't forget to spam the shit out of prem shells. Tier 10 is the land of enforcing your will on others, which is very expensive.
  6. Zinn

    Tiger 2 - the harder and slower Tiger 1

    It has 175 pen when it has everything that isn't the BL-9, as noted in my post about few people having the top gun in early launch. IMO, Tiger II is fine at its tier, it just needs some buffs to get a real role again. A bit more armor and maybe some RoF increases but I can't say much about the gun since I haven't played the KT in years, I just know its armor has been garbage since 2011 or something. Given that most German tanks have been in the same state for half a decade, I doubt the ghost of Stalin would start allowing buffs any time soon.
  7. Zinn

    Tiger 2 - the harder and slower Tiger 1

    Tfw I played the KT back when its only real competition was the IS-3 (no one really played murricans in early launch on EU) and most people didn't have the big gun. Bouncing their shitty 175 pen and slicing though their frontal armor like a hot knife through butter was the stuff of dreams. Elevation also mattered in terms of protecting your weak-ass turret 'cause you could facetank and angle against most guns. I never really understood why they didn't buff the KT a little bit to enter some sort of useful niche. It's in this sort of marginally useful position, where a ton of other tanks have taken its penning power and done its armor better. Like Haswell mentioned, the KT is a relic of better days. WG needs to buff some of the Germans but I suspect WG sold their souls to the ghost of Stalin, who refuses to relive the traumas of the past and screams CYKA and NJET whenever someone as much as hints at the wehrmacht or anything west of Poland.
  8. Zinn

    What's Everyone Been Up To?

    Worked on the side for an esports org, though a very tiny one (aka didn't get paid shit, was just for fun). Studying marketing management atm, which is pretty fun. I'm a complete pubbie in WoT after being gone for so long but it's not that bad when you're not heavily invested in the game. I can definitely tell WG have been retarded in the meantime and the MM is hell on some of my tanks. At least I don't get mad about it 'cause I'm not invested in it. As for erections, passing plays with randoms in Rocket League is up there.
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  10. Not sure if his stats or his shitposting got worse in the two years since I last posted here tbh.
  11. Zinn

    Is WoT a good game(objectively speaking)?

    @GehakteMolen - Everything you listed there as a positive is a serious negative for anyone who cares about PvP. WoT goes from Player versus Player to Player vs RNG, which is absolutely terrible for anyone who wants to be good at anything or test their skill level. You'd realise this if you've ever played a proper PvP game at a decent level yourself, whether you're a competitive person or not. Your example of somone being dead 100% of the time is also ridiculous because that's the entire point of having skill to begin with - That you can outplay someone when you don't have the advantage. You're basically arguing that it's amazing that luck saves you over and over and that it's great how you missed/bounced/low rolled because the opponent got lucky. Then you argue that if you have low HP, you can't exploit armor, mobility, weakspots, reload advantage, spotting advantage, map positions, general pubbie stupidity or anything. And you use GTA V as a comparison to a game that wants to be taken seriously as an e-sport? Almost all e-sports games have short rounds as a basis to end it quickly, WoT is nowhere near the short end of this. All popular e-sports games have very basic mechanics as well, some you learn instantly unlike WoT (how far have the pubbies come with that spotting mechanic in the last 6½ years?). For most games it's point and click, headshots doing more damage and arms/legs less damage just like real life in general. Rocket League/other sports games are "put the ball into the opponent's goal more times than it goes into yours". MOBAs are "destroy the objects along the linear path, then kill the thing in their base". RTS games are "output more destructive power than the other guy within X time and Y resources". More importantly, WoT has something most other PvP games do not - Serious advantages for long time players. No matter how good you are, it's going to take you a damn long time to get a high level crew (which is a another bullshit mechanic from a PvP standpoint) and the more games you spam, the more credits you have for equipment (another bullshit mechanic), premium consumables (fucking seriously?), prem shells (my fucking sides) and so on. WoT is currently a bad PvP game, there is literally no argument against this because PvP games - and especially e-sports versions - are about providing the most fair conditions for both teams in terms of weapons, equipment options and map design. As a game in general, WoT is okay but not that special since they refuse to let their specialty shine: The armor mechanics. And it's not like WG doesn't know it either, as they have overhauled maps, physics, tank lines and so on many times. The main problem is that they're afraid to touch the real money maker - Prem shells. Those are the reason people buy premium accounts and premium tanks. To reduce the unbearable grind that allows you to fight against things your tank either shouldn't be up against at all with the current weapon balance or to crush the few things that can already withstand your 230+ pen AP rounds at high tiers. Because, you know, fuck tactics and flanking when I can just press 2-2 and make that 230 into 330+ and hit any non-round surface. EZ PZ
  12. Zinn

    Is WoT a good game(objectively speaking)?

    WoT cannot simply be put as good/bad because nothing it does is outrageously wrong, it's just many small piles of shit turning into the Great Mighty Poo. There is a beautiful functional toilet below but it's currently clogged with opera-singing shit, is what I'm saying. The core gameplay with skill-based armor angling and such is fucking amazing and has the potential to be a unique and shining star among PvP games - However, WG decided that there needs to be RNG on penetration, RNG on accuracy, RNG on damage, RNG on modules, RNG on crew damage and a special type of shell that you just happen to be able to buy with gold or a hilarious amount of credits that completely ignore this very special mechanic upon which a great game could be built. Then they also thought that yes, there should be an almost entirely RNG-based class that can use its gigantic splash damage guns to RNG you for zero to full HP, zero to every crew and module fucked and so on while you can do nothing in return. Also, an RNG mechanic that sets fire to your tank and forces you to watch your entire game go down the drain because - of course - they also added permanent death to a PvP game. Different tiers ain't even a problem IMO, as you can easily balance around it, just as they do with general classes of tanks. WG just sucks even harder at tier balance than class balance. Cut the retarded RNG, retarded ammo and actually fucking balance your game: Then you could have some serious fun with great mechanics, even in the face of perma-death. Until then, WoT is a bad PvP game but not inherently terrible. It just isn't really worth the time and monetary investment compared to virtually anything else out there. I'm personally on the Rocket League wagon but imagine if you had put this many hours into DotA, LoL, CS, CoD or any other game with a big PvP scene and worthwhile tournaments. If you had done that - or started doing it now - instead of farming useless tomatoes and SH boxes, you'd be good enough to win weekly tournaments and give a good shot at the big ones. Yes, your 20k+ battles does translate into that kind of skill level in other games. For me, it came down to a simple question: Why waste this much time on a game that doesn't change? 1 year later and I'm between top 2,5% - 1,1% in Rocket League. Gonna hit top 1,1% and better soon as well and I'm older and have less time to play then most of you on here If only you could do this to tomatoes in WoT:
  13. RLCS has been going on this weekend so all my fun/savage posting has been on twitter m80
  14. Rocket League BF1 Stardew Valley Civ VI Tfw trying to get good enough at RL to do the really cool stuff but it takes 50 years of practice