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    Zinn got a reaction from kolni in Gasai Yuno has arrived to the WotLabs. ( Highest performing E-25 player and tank destroyer master )   
    If there's one thing more disturbing than trying to claim a fictional character that doesn't speak your language or exist in your dimension, it's not understanding her character at all
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    Zinn got a reaction from Daezara in Gasai Yuno has arrived to the WotLabs. ( Highest performing E-25 player and tank destroyer master )   
    If there's one thing more disturbing than trying to claim a fictional character that doesn't speak your language or exist in your dimension, it's not understanding her character at all
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    Zinn got a reaction from Whole_Nutmeg in Gasai Yuno has arrived to the WotLabs. ( Highest performing E-25 player and tank destroyer master )   
    Shit taste in waifus, though
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    Zinn reacted to Private_Miros in win 8 stats posting incorrectly   
    And he still cares about 10 points.
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    Zinn reacted to Hammerman in win 8 stats posting incorrectly   
    There is a 10 point difference between the two. Wot Labs is 10 points higher, but in game XVM shows 10 points lower. So I began a investigation, and I noticed  171 battles on the Rheinmetall Scorpion G -  58% win rate and 0 win8 blank and in the red. What's going on here? anybody?
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    Zinn reacted to Gashtag in [BRAH] It's NOT just a game, brah   
    I had an in depth conversation with him about this just recently

    Nurkus, how welcome is my account here?
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    Zinn reacted to Nope in [BRAH] It's NOT just a game, brah   
    I'll be the first to admit that this was about fucking time.

    We celebrated 1200 games together today, me and the hunda.
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    Zinn reacted to Jesse_the_Scout in Sandbox   
    Anything that creates more random results favor the worse player in general. Imagine if chess required a die roll every time you tried to take a piece. The worse player is basically always going to lose in chess, but if you add random rolls he could get lucky on rolls and potentially win a game once in a while. My chance of beating some RU chess master is absolutely 0% unless we include the possibility he has a heart attack and dies mid game, but with die rolls it might become 1%. 1% is still > 0.
    I think good players sometimes miss some of the details of randomization in tanks. For example, one of the guys I sometimes platoon with is always tinfoil hatting about rigged games. The reality is WG has rigged the game, but not by fixing teams, frequency of tiering, "MA SHOTS ALWAYS MISS BECAUSE RIGGED", or any of the other dumb shit people claim-those would all be stupidly obvious and are also fundamentally unnecessary. They rig games by adding so many random elements into the game that it becomes harder and harder for the skilled player to win.
    In particular a couple years back they removed the MM balance between top tier heavies which had existed for years. The bottom line is for an average player it makes zero impact on their odds; 49 is 49 is 49. But for GOOD players getting a low tier game against an enemy team stacked with top tier heavies makes it even more unlikely they'll be able to carry compared to a balanced team composition. WG rigs the shit out of the game, but they do it with random elements because people don't realize the dynamics at work and they aren't really "rigging", they're simply dumping more and more statistical likelihoods against the better players. And then CarbonWard still has like 99.8% WR or some shit, and I'm sure they pull their hair out because they can drop him into a tier 10 game with a knife and a loincloth and he'll still have 4 kills by the end and win by capping.
    You would think randomization would turn off new players but you have to remember randomization acts like a rubber band; it doesn't just hold back the good player, it also pulls forward the bad one. I've joked before this game is the only game I know where the better a player gets the more likely they are to quit playing. That's in part because the better you get the harder and harder the rubber band pulls on you to drag you back down. As you get better you become more and more aware of the pull and increasingly resent it. What people miss is that when you're bad this game also totally high fives you and showers you with achievements. "You clicked the purple guy and one shotted him, ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!" You have to remember that even though reds get their butts kicked disproportionately, it also makes it seem like a bigger deal to them when they occasionally get to kill teh purple guy. It's like a lottery, you lose overall but people tend to remember that one big win more than all the times they wasted a dollar. If you removed all the random elements you'd have a purple jack off paradise where the reds would almost never get to extract sweet revenge with the occasional lucky win. Random reinforcement basically: winning 1/10 can be intoxicating to people, while winning 0/10 eventually makes even the most stubborn of red give up.
    I've noticed too with my irl friends this game tended to really hit it off with them at first, and then about the time they start hitting dark green skill level they all lost interest and drifted away. To an extent I think RNG plays a part. When they're new, the game is forgiving and gives them a leg up, but as they start to get good they feel the pull of the rubber band against them and begin developing an increasing sense of frustration.
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    Zinn reacted to Nope in [BRAH] It's NOT just a game, brah   
    Do you even stronghold?
    The dreamteam:

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    Zinn reacted to Kitten in skorrpion g, zero w8?   
    When did I implement the w8 scale? Guess the Skorp must be really light then or something. E100 must have a nice value since it's a fatass.
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    Zinn reacted to Nope in [BRAH] It's NOT just a game, brah   
    Sorry, I don't walk around remembering every bad reroll I sperg at, judging by those numbers you probably really did play shit and derserved a PM anyway. #SorryNotSorry
    Also, rather amused that this random pubbie went "trust me, she's like this" to my ex, the guy who prob know me better than anyone else in this topic, top kek.
    You're so good at making friends, come be a brah, brah <3
    I wanted to write that one of them was in Norwegian so it wouldn't make sense anyway, then I remembered ...
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    Zinn got a reaction from Nope in [BRAH] It's NOT just a game, brah   
    Tfw you'll never experience being butthurt to the point of both getting banned from a video game for 3 months and sperging up a topic someone made in order to have fun with other people
    Fixed, make it happen
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    Zinn reacted to Nope in [BRAH] It's NOT just a game, brah   
    BRAH - It's NOT just a game, brah!
    Now with added boxes, get yours today!

    BRAH is an international clan with mature and skilled players that are active in SH, Advances and in random battles. 
    We're a bunch of adult players with varied gaming backgrounds. Our community is large and span over several games, f.ex. PoE and PUBG.
    Every day at 21.00 CEST we have Advances, ensuring us to keep those level 10 credit bonuses going.
    We have a few very good FCs that lead tier 10 battles. Anyone is free to start a tier 6/8 detachment.
    We are not playing CW, nor will we ever do it regularly, but we play all campaigns. Last tier 10 campaign everyone who put in an effort got a tank. 
    - Mature and relaxed, up for some friendly banter and still keeping focus on the battle at hand.
    - Teamplay experience and relatively high activity.
    - Recent stats that show that you understand the game, inside the light purple area. Overall stats are less important, but will be assessed too.
    - Be able to communicate in basic English.
    All applicants will be tested in teamplay, and all our members are expected to join when an invite for an Advance is sent out(around 2045 CEST). If you can only play for that first game, join anyway! Someone can replace you for the next battle. This does not mean that you have to be here every day, but when you are online you are expected to show up. 
    We're always on the lookout for new FCs, and we will not assess FCs the same way as we would with a player. 
    If you have questions, please contact one of our Officers or Recruiters:
    EpicFale, fffnord, Trevez, N1nja_Pingu, ffox, MartinNL, Gasgadur
    Discord: https://discord.gg/YUyDhqh
    Feel free to join our Discord, even if you just want to hang out and play games with us! 
    (my most sincere apologies to all the recruiters that suddenly started hanging in our old topic. We're not dead. On the contrary.)
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    Zinn reacted to Valachio in The Unicum Edition Watch by Valachio   
    I came, I promised, and I'm here to deliver.  It is here, ladies and gentlemen.  The Unicum Edition (which I'll refer to as TUD from now on), by yours truly, Valachio.
    Your win rate is guaranteed to go up by at least 25% if you wear TUD while playing tanks.  As long as you remember to chant the song of TUD before each match and have Warpacks v3.104 installed.
    Like seriously.  No joke.  The only thing you have to worry about is having too high of a win rate, in which case you'll be XVM-sniped by arty every game, and lose enjoyment in the game.  But hey, at least you'll quit with an 80% win rate, and have many stories to tell your great-grand children.
    So....  are you ready?  Are you ready to live the miserable 75% win rate life that I have been living?  If you are, then it's time for you to pick up a TUD.
    Picture Album
    Website Link
    Okay enough with the false marketing.  I'm actually quite excited to present this creation to you guys.  TUD is basically an upgraded version of the Pantiam collection.  It features purple watch hands, 'Unicum Edition' printed on the dial in purple, and a purple Italian calfskin strap.  The main upgrade that will come with TUD is instead of having a flat sapphire crystal, it will utilise a double-domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.  It will also come with a deployment clasp instead of a regular tang buckle, which helps greatly with maintaining the strap.
    So how will this work?  As much as I want to provide a unique product to the Wotlabs community, I am also running a business.  So I'll be honest and say that I need to turn a profit with this little venture.  Before I order TUD in bulk, I'm going to be running a little crowdfunding campaign here on Wotlabs.  If enough people make a pre-order, I'll be ordering a production run.  If the interest is not high enough, then I'll delay this venture indefinitely until a point where I'm comfortable making an investment in a production run of TUD where there is a possibility that my business will lose money.  In the end, I do want to make TUD a reality for people who want it, even if the time and effort I put into it is not worth the return on investment.  Why?  Because I love tanks, it has been a central part of my mid-teen years.  The experiences I experienced playing this game, the people I met, and the WGLNA seasons I played has greatly shaped the man I am today.  Melodramatic, I know, but it's true.
    I'm looking at $199 USD for the retail price.  Pre-orders will come with a slight discount.
    I'm going to run the poll for a bit to gauge the interest from the community.  Once I'm ready, I'll start taking pre-orders on the website.
    Any questions please ask!
    Also would anyone be interested in purchasing the sample of the TUD?  It is the watch you see in the picture album.
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    Zinn reacted to Ectar in The Ask Ectar Some Questions Thread   
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    Zinn reacted to sundanceHelix in ALL THE MS-DOS GAMES   
    Okay hi guys,
    Just gonna leave this here. Thank me later.
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    Zinn reacted to Ectar in [1-UP] BRAEMAR   
    Home in Scotland atm, my father passed away suddenly on Thursday due to a brain hemorrhage. He would have been 61 later this month.  Safe to say I've not taken it well. Planning to be back in Poland in about 2 weeks, I feel pretty broken/wrecked and it will take a while for me to be back to normal. 
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    Zinn got a reaction from KingYoshiLuca in [1-UP] BRAEMAR   
    @KingYoshiLuca @Kolni
    Also, the excuses are real below:

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    Zinn reacted to Ectar in [1-UP] BRAEMAR   
    pc home and working
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    Zinn reacted to spencer in NA Top 50 DPG tables for every tank. 150 battles and above only.   
    I'm not *that* retarded.
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    Zinn reacted to spencer in NA Top 50 DPG tables for every tank. 150 battles and above only.   
    As part of an exercise for learning some basic webdev stuff I'm very slowly creating a dpg tracking site using dpg/frag data for every player on NA via the WoT api. I have some other ideas that I'd like to implement but for now I have a simple top 50 list for (almost?) every tank based on dpg. I've only included entries with more than 150 battles. The number itself is arbitrary but it's more statistically significant than a lower number (duh) while still keeping it somewhat accessible.
    You can download the website in its current state here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fdsuu792r9f67p3/website.zip
    index.html is the home page.
    Site is now live at www.dpgwhores.com
    I'd like feedback on the website design and methodology. So far it's only been tested on the latest version of Chrome so it might be horribly broken on other browsers. I'd rather not have a discussion about the best way to measure skill; I've chosen to only track hard stats, so it is what it is.
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    Zinn reacted to Never in WoTLabs Store now in the EU   
    Hey guys!
    The WoTLabs Store is now also localized in Europe, that means all your favorite tank swag is closer to you so you can enjoy faster and cheaper shipping, all priced in Euro.
    You can access the EU WoTLabs Store clicking here.
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    Zinn reacted to WaterWar in New head of PP and goodbye   
    Hello all.
    It is time for me to say goodbye and move on. I have enjoyed three wonderful years with WoT. I have enjoyed almost as much time here on these forums. I have learned so much from these forums and I think it is one of the, if not the best, gaming community I have been part of. I have however lost my finale bit of interest in the game, and I have decided to finally move on. I spend almost no time on these forums anymore, and therefore I will also be stepping down as head of the PPs. @PityFool is taking over as head of PP, as he knows the ins and out of these forums and everyone loves him.
    I would also like to publicly say that Kolni becoming lead Badmin has nothing to do with this. I didn't even realise he was until just before I began writing this post. I made the decision a week ago while on holiday.
    I will still hang around these forums from time to time and the occasional relaxing in-game, but I can't promise any activity in any way. I am moving on to playing Arma 3, CSGO and a bunch of other games that are not WoT. If people want to hang out in those games with me, feel free to PM me and we can sort something out  
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    Zinn reacted to WaterWar in [1-UP] BRAEMAR   
    Sorry to say, but I am leaving 1-UP as an extension of the post above. I simply cannot be active enough to want to be part of a clan, so I wish you all the best. If any of you want to play other games with me, feel free to PM me and we can swap steam IDs and whatnot. :3
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    Zinn got a reaction from _Assad in Rebuild or canibalize?   
    Unless you want to do 4k gaming or 1440p at 144hz, you don't really need a 1080: The 1070 will do just fine on all current games at max. I'd recommend getting a bigger SSD for gaming purposes, you could still keep the others for data storage. Even with my old ass setup, it's long since been the HDD that slows down my loading process. CPU is good enough for current games, i7s and above are mostly if you're already a hardcore tech guy or do some serious work like long video rendering at high reolutions, 3D work etc.
    Basically, get a GPU upgrade and maybe a bigger SSD if you do a fair bit of gaming outside WoT and you'll be fine as far as I know.
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