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    Zinn reacted to Nope in I snipe, you camp, he is a coward   
    Camping and sniping often gets confused by pubbies. Those are two very different terms, so let's break it down;
    Camping is basically giving no fucks about teamplay, winning, helping, whatever. It's finding a place you feel safe in, whatever the tank, and sitting right there until you get killed or your team wins. To do this I think you need to be pretty shit honestly, and I question why you would even make the effort to log in and press battle. There is no actual gameplay in this, if there is it's purely accidental; someone drives past your crosshair on their way to arty, or team collapsed and the tsunami of pubbies are coming your way- time to scream "noob team" in chat as you die.
    Sniping is staying in the game at all times, putting the DPM to good use, pumping out damage and having focus on fire-lines, camo, render, relocate whenever needed, etc, with a much lower risk of being killed early than if you go head to head. It's a skill to snipe successfully, and often it's a necessity due to tank choice, map and enemy team lineup. When needed you go in close combat and use your HP for cleanup. You do not snipe in tanks that are not suited for sniping, if you are in a E100 trying to shoot stuff fom the base on Cliff you are camping.
    IMPORTANT: Usually you only find unicum++ players sniping with great success(higher dmg out, less dmg in, higher wr), mediocre to good players often snipe for too long or not long enough, and really bad players are usually in the first category hiding behind the term "sniping".
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    Zinn got a reaction from lt_lolcat in Can the Su-152 and up line camo snipe?   
    I just played my 704 like a proper assault gun: Autoforwards right into the enemy team, bouncing with the troll armor and derping for 750 dmg. Fuck camo sniping
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    Zinn reacted to Private_Miros in What is a Pubbie?   
    And then you meet Xen.
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    Zinn got a reaction from LycanPT in Can the Su-152 and up line camo snipe?   
    I just played my 704 like a proper assault gun: Autoforwards right into the enemy team, bouncing with the troll armor and derping for 750 dmg. Fuck camo sniping
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    Zinn reacted to Sergeant_Fgt in [1-UP] BRAEMAR   
    That's why ppl don't platoon with me 
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    Zinn reacted to Roku in Dawn of War III   
    I'm not really sure how making battles easier to read equates to a shit game.
    I could probably bold a single sentence (lol, not even the whole sentence, just the part that coincides with what I want) out of a snippet to make it seem like I have a valid point too, but trying to combat autism is not a past-time I think I want to partake in.
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    Zinn reacted to Bavor in GTX 10x0 info / Pascal info   
    I watched the Nvidia webcast on Twitch tonight.
    So it looks like we learned a a few things about the new GTX 1080:
    Available May 27th $599 MSRP $699 founders Edition(Overclocking version) 2.1 GHz GPU on air cooling. 8GB of GDDR5X memory 65 degrees C on air cooling at 2.1 GHz 180 Watts power draw GTX 1080 is faster than a TItan X or 980 SLI.  Nvidia's chart showed the GTX 1080 being about 20-25% faster than a Titan X with a lot lower power draw  
    The GTX 1080 has the ability to do corrected view angles on 3+ monitors and 16 different view ports.  Its called Simultaneous Multi Projection.  This also means they can do 3D VR with correct viewing angles for each eye to make the 3D Image without distortion by doing 4+ panels per eye at 90+ FPS.
    The GTX 1080 has Twice the performance of a Titan X in VR
    GTX 1070:
    Faster than Titan X $379 MSRP $449 Founders Edition(Overclocking version)  
    Other new Nvidia Stuff:
    The new Pascal GPUs had a 2+ Billion dollar R&D budget.
    In Game Camera system.  Port in game 3D world to your Android phone.
    Acoustic Simulation in 3D.
    Open Source VR engine
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    Zinn reacted to X3N4 in X3N4 | Half man half amazing   
    Balanced tank is balanced. I know it's only 4 battles but when I can take the balcony on airfield before a 140 arrives and derp him for 800 on the way up something's wrong...

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    Zinn got a reaction from OOPMan in BattleFeels 5 Reveal May 6th   
    How nice that everyone yell at each other like grumpy old men without analyzing anything
    If BF turned into a vehicle spam fest, it would likely crash and burn because there are games that do that shit way better on a way larger scale, featuring better objectives and more interesting mechanics (ARMA comes to mind but even WoT, AW, WT and so on would become secondary competitors). Likewise, BF cannot turn too much into CoD because then they'll lose to CoD. Seeking the middle ground was the objectively better move because you could capture the actual FPS players along with the wannabe Rommels and keep both reasonably happy. That said, the base games in 3 and 4 definitely did lack some vehicle oriented maps and DICE kinda shot themselves in the foot by cornering those off to DLC where only a fraction of the combined player base would want to play.
    When you have 32v32 conquest, there should definitely be a standard game map featuring 10 tanks on each team and a few other vehicle types. To make it fun for the average FPS player, just add various points of interest that are almost impossible for a tank to maintain on its own such as bunkers with flags in them. Something like 1 open flag on each side for vehicles, 1 in a bunker on each side and a middle flag that's sort of open but with trenches running through it for infantry players. Problem solved and aircraft can shit on said trenches where tanks have a harder time.
    Where modern BF tends to falter a bit IMO, is that they want to give everyone everything all the time. Maybe some maps should have tanks but not helis or maybe some maps should have scout helis and small boats without jets shitting everything up. Basically, a certain vehicle can be ridiculously destructive on certain maps and I sometimes think DICE forgot that during both BF3 and BF4. For instance, tanks and armored transports are much less of a problem than heli or jet spam because said vehicles have so many hard counters: RPGs of all kinds, mines, C4, handgrenades (yes, even grenades in some cases) other tanks, other APCs, helis, jets, TOW launchers and so on.
    Meanwhile, it is borderline impossible to nail a good heli or jet pilot because the average engineer can't strap on a jetpack to fly up and RPG them in the face. Also, auto-repair needs to go die in a fire if it hasn't already: if you want to use a vehicle effectively, play an engineer.
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    Zinn reacted to Kuroialty in Dawn of War III   
    You're right, this is the only information that anyone anywhere has about this upcoming title.  Retard.

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    Zinn reacted to Kuroialty in Dawn of War III   
    It's trying to be an accessible RTS.  In other words, it's shit.
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    Zinn got a reaction from WaterWar in [FAME] Deal with it!   
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    Zinn got a reaction from Nope in [FAME] Deal with it!   
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    Zinn reacted to Never in "Where the hell is Never?"   
    You guys are too awesome, thank you so much for the support <3
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    Zinn reacted to WaterWar in [1-UP] BRAEMAR   
    I am now back at my PC, so expect some activity from me during the next 5 days or so! SHs could happen at some point
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    Zinn reacted to kolni in [1-UP] BRAEMAR   
    Have a hooker  
    I have nudes of a lot of people though  
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    Zinn got a reaction from OOPMan in BattleFeels 5 Reveal May 6th   
    Hardline was a spectacular marketing failure: If they had released it 6 months later under a different brand, it would have sold like mad. But releasing a Cops and Robbers game under the Battlefield tag, combined with the fact that BF4 was still almost unplayably bad at the time (making the smaller new game a better BF game in technical terms) was a fucking disaster and whoever made that move should be fired. I feel kinda bad because Visceral are likely a firm candidate on the EA chopping block for a failure that wasn't their own, plus I think there's a good market out there for some CS/Payday game on a larger scale. Just don't call it Battlefield, future marketers
    My problem with BF5 potentially going for WWII, outside a vomit reflex from CoD, BF and MoH all doing the same shit back then, is that the setting is pretty fucking boring. Because we all know it's going to be Midway, El Alamein, Stalingrad, Berlin and a couple of other highlights. Due to the historical setting, it's not like you can bust out a massive battle in the middle of Paris or fight a land war in London during the V2 strikes. There's so much shit to pick from but it's unlikely the average person heard about it if it wasn't set in Europe or one of the more interesting Pacific battles involving the US vs Japan.
    That said, I could forgive a lot if we're allowed to play the Battle of Kursk and derp Tigers with 152mm KVs
    WWI could actually be interesting but I think it would be difficult to make it varied enough. Only so many "European Trench Warfare" maps could be made and I don't think most people, including myself, knows much about what went on in the colonies. I don't buy the "no guns" argument and such, though, it's not like you can attach laser sights to your M1 Garand anyway.
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    Zinn got a reaction from RutgerS in BattleFeels 5 Reveal May 6th   
    No, Hardline is not Battlefield and would only have served to severely split the BF4 playerbase into people who bought the pack and people who didn't. If you bought BF4, was it to play cops and robbers? Of course it wasn't, so anyone who had Premium would feel fucked out of an expansion and I doubt it would have sold half as many copies as the real Hardline if it had been a "silly" expansion. No servers would run it, basically.
    They could have spent 6 more months polishing Hardline, added a bit more stuff to it and found some other overall tag for it. It was always going to suffer from BF4's disaster year but could easily have become its own cross of PayDay and CS or something.
    Btw, it's true that BF5 was likely going to be futuristic and it still might be. DICE have hinted at the next BF 214X game for years (I think they even had easter eggs for it in BF3) and while no one pays much attention to it, the Battlefield games do have an actual story in them. So if you're playing Final Stand with hover tanks, that's the next step in the timeline. They could have scrapped it since, though.
    Also, I would honestly prefer futuristic over "modern" and "old" because I've already spent 20 years seeing the same guns in literally every single FPS game. You can only stick so many FAMAS', Garands, M16s and AK47 variants in my face before I start clawing my eyes out. It doesn't have to be obscenely futuristic, just enough to allow for different game mechanics and designs other than "burst fire M16" and "Full auto M16". Likewise, I honestly don't get the MMO grind culture among teens and people in their early 20s: Fuck having "content" if it's worse than what you've already got. There' s no point in unlocking 20 assault rifles and just as many upgrades for each, if only 4 of each are viable anyway.
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    Zinn reacted to Never in "Where the hell is Never?"   
    So, hi guys.
    I've been very inactive the past few months, and I probably should have made this post a while ago, but well, here it is.
    The reason I've been so far from pretty much everything is that, to put it bluntly, my health is going to shit. I've been to the doctor more times than I can count in the last 3 months. I've been having chest pains and sometimes I can barely breath. If I don't change, I'm going to die. And that pretty much put me in a pretty bad depression. Then when I remembered WoTLabs and everything I promised everyone I'd get done, I'd feel worse and worse.
    Well, this week has been a small ray of sunshine for me. I've since started a heavy diet with close medical supervision. For the first week since I can't even remember when, I've felt no chest pains at all, I've not been out of breath for no apparent reason and I generally feel a bit better.
    So first things first, sorry for not being present here, barely answering PMs and generally not getting anything done on WoTLabs 3.0 or the replay hosting. Right now, I gotta be honest with myself and with you guys. I can't get these things done. I've barely been to my computer at all and that's not going to change for a little while. I'll do things here and there, but I'm mostly gonna be focusing on, well, not dying.
    Well, that's it. Love you all <3
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    Zinn got a reaction from Gashtag in [1-UP] BRAEMAR   
    He's still mad he isn't getting unbanned from there

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    Zinn got a reaction from Gashtag in [1-UP] BRAEMAR   
    Yoshi, I can't even begin to describe how dissapointed I am that your title on the forum is Grammar Mazi instead of Granner Mazi
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    Zinn reacted to Nope in [FAME] Deal with it!   
    This shit is what I have to put up with every single day. In the beginning where the screen is black is when normal clans would have map tactic and talk about the upcomg clan wars battle. But no, we got to listen to our FC sing 'Bailando' horribly for minutes. Make sure you watch until you get to the actual CW battle and judge for yourself how the fuck we're the best clan on EU, both the part where noone has a clue if we have to defend or attack, when daki flips, and when arty starts shooting at teammates:
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    Zinn reacted to Private_Miros in Missing Expected Values of New Tanks   
    In a probably useless effort to mediate the ever returning threads of often mediocre players demanding the addition of expected values for their new toys (in the vain hope their stats will get an insignificant boost to a value no one cares about), I will compile in this stickied thread the reasons for their loss.
    Most of this information is originally from our resident statistical lump of gold, @RichardNixon
    1. Why are new tanks not giving me stats:
    - WG does not always immediately release the stats of newly added tanks in the API, meaning that WoTLabs cannot read the data to be included into its calculations.
    - Added to this: WN8 data doesn't typically include any tank details except the ID. Sites used to do automated encyclopedia lookups, but WG murdered half their API team a few months ago, and no new tanks are currently being added.
    For example: The Mutz was in the newer tankopedia API and the KR was in the deprecated one. The M41 isn't in either/
    Not all is lost though: Sites (like WoTLabs) have to enter the name, tier, class etc manually. The data's there in the API though. This, however, takes time and manual labour, and known expected values (or replacement values).
    It's not always easy either, as for example, there are two M41 90s in the API. The GF version (ID 50961) has something like 30-40k players on EU, while the plain one (ID 64017) has one player on EU and ~100 on RU, which is typical for supertest tanks.
    2. Why are other sites giving me stats for this tank and WoTLabs not?
    - WN8 didn't define a method for handling missing expected values, so sites vary. Some methods will universally inflate WN8, while others are in the right ballpark for most tanks or most accounts.
    - A lot of sites pull updates automatically from wnefficiency.net. If that's not updated, then nothing happens though, unless replacement values are being used. Sites and session mods sometimes pick their own values for missing tanks when the official expected values are taking too long to update.
    - WoTLabs "official" WN8 works with "official" expected values for each tank, using replacement values from other similar tanks, still need internal discussion, much like a full update of the WN8 expected values. This takes time.
    Tanks will get added sooner or later. WN is a measure only relevant over larger number of battles. Replacement values also take time as enough players (and not only the good ones that free xp or grind faster) should have played the tank to get a relevant sample.
    The people who take care of all this, do this voluntarily and in their own free time. They have no obligations to anyone, least of all to a random dude who's irky because his overal or recent meaningless value is temporarily slightly lower than it might otherwise be.
    If you were referred to this thread because you made a thread about this subject without first checking this stickied thread, you are bad and should feel bad.
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    Zinn got a reaction from OOPMan in Choose my fate!   
    Chose Skoda since it'll probably be nerfed and 50B will remain great for a long time to come.
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    Zinn reacted to TheMarine0341 in X3N4 | Half man half amazing   
    This is known as the "Unicum Shake"
    When RNG fucks up more than 2 shots in a row, a shake will occur (small)
    When RNG fucks up an important kill, a shake will occur (minor)
    When RNG fucks up 3-4 shots in a row, shaking will intensify (mid-level)
    When RNG does all the above for a series of several shots, you will often see the screen 'roll' several times, followed by a brief pause in turret movement. This is when SerB has won, and the user has thrown their mouse and disconnected it. However, screen will sometimes randomly move when their cat comes to play with the now dead mouse
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