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    Zinn reacted to no_name_cro in X3N4 | Half man half amazing   
    More gold from same guy:
    Fanboy level: QBfanboy/10.  
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    Zinn reacted to Folterknecht in Jagdtiger : Revisited : 4008 DPG - 66 games   
    You might be good @tanks, but u fucking suck @interwebs. Ever heard of zippyshare, mediafire or dropbox?
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    Zinn reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Gandaran is a masochist -- 3 Mark T95 Challenge   
    *cracks knuckles* 
    Purchased: 'T95' successfully purchased. Spent credits:  3,500,000. 
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    Zinn reacted to A_Chodeful in Jagdtiger : Revisited : 4008 DPG - 66 games   
    Bought back the Jagdtiger to see how it performed after the HP + engine fire reduction buff: http://www.321webs.com/download/111549.htm
    Recent DPG is 4008 after 66 games: http://imgur.com/ZAYWZyM
    Highlights it's retardedly easy to spam APCR in this thing and not lose money (only 4400 credits for 560 damage) I'm pumping out 4000+ DPG while sleep deprived cause it's a matter of ease rolling up a flank and facefucking everything with my 9 second reload (that's about 4300 DPM with first strike accounted for)  it's also retardedly easy to win while soloing in this thing for that reason I regret playing this thing before the buff, otherwise it would've joined the ranks of my 704 as a 4000+ DPG T9 TD   
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    Zinn got a reaction from Nope in [FAME] Deal with it!   
    Just send me some gold
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    Zinn got a reaction from Siimcy in Praise the Sun - Dark Souls 3 Hype Thread   
    Tfw waiting 50 years for a small update because the steam servers are getting destroyed by millions of logins
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    Zinn got a reaction from thepingman in Which way of grinding will be more enjoyable and/or more efficient?   
    The answer is really that it's up to you when it comes to crew training and such, the main reason being that you need a lot of god damn experience to make shit happen and that it requires an enjoyable tank to grind that out. If you want the depressing numbers, there's a table here: http://wio.ru/strat/wot-exp-eng.htm
    I'll spoil exp requirements for the first few skills but it only gets worse from there:
    Basic crew, 50-100%: 95k
    1st skill, 0-100%: 210k
    2nd skill, 0-100%: 420k
    3rd skill, 0-100%: 840k
    And so on and so on. And no, these are not totals, these are after aquiring the previous set. If you start a completely potato 50% crew with no skills, you have to grind out 1,56 million experience to get a commander with 6th, BiA and Repairs. In comparison, I believe the fastest tier 10s are achieved with like 700k experience or something from tier 1-10, although that does require skipping a lot of modules
    I'd recommend just taking the last 5% for 6th Sense on your current tank, simply to get it over with. It'll still require something like 45k experience but then you'll have an extremely useful skill from the beginning. I don't know how bad the grind is after the introduction of Japanese derp heavies but it wasn't bad at all before. Both BDR and ARL get some fairly ridiculous guns for their tier and while they're not as strong as when I initially played them, they are still alright.
    I'm not sure where the tier 7 rates today because I played it so long ago that 8.6 wasn't even out yet, I think
    Overall, the grind shouldn't be too bad and as far as I'm aware, people still use the 50 100 because it's too good to have the clip potential but it can vary from map to map whether it's more useful than something else.
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    Zinn reacted to Luna in Got my first Kolobanov's medal the other day...   
    >posts kola medal and salty pubbie
    >doesn't post replay inside of replay subforum
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    Zinn reacted to TheLovePanda in Got my first Kolobanov's medal the other day...   
    There was a very angry pub on the enemy team and it was funny.

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    Zinn reacted to TheLovePanda in What I have learned about playing well over the past 4+ years   
    I wanted to make this to share with whoever is interested what I have learned about playing well in tanks over the past 4ish years. I play almost exclusively solo, so bear in mind this is from the perspective of a solo pubber. These are my OPINIONS, so take from them what you will.
    There are a few factors which contribute to consistent good play and I have listed them below in order of importance:
    Factor 1: Positioning
    70+% of playing at a unicum or superunicum level solo is positioning. The other 20ish% is comprised primarily of map awareness, and this is all brought together by you knowing how to play your tank from a mechanics perspective.
    Positioning is not only about knowing the good spots. While knowing where to go in general is good, your positioning should be heavily influenced by the tank composition of your own team and especially that of the enemy team. You need to know where the enemy is going to be before they are lit based on what tanks they’re driving and their level of skill.
    More than this, you need to base where you are going to go at the beginning of the match based on where your own team is going. Heroism in this game gets you nowhere except an early, shallow grave. Do not be a hero. If you do not have the support you require from your team to be successful in the position you want to go to, don't go. You will die early and you will not be able to contribute to the match in a meaningful way.
    Factor 2: Taking responsibility
    We have all played matches where pubs cry about their team doing this or that and that’s why they lost the match. Do not do this.
    If you lose, you need to be thinking “what could I have done better to win?” If you die early, you need to be thinking “what did I do wrong to die early and not contribute to the match?”
    Take responsibility for your failures. I hear so much “I’m only 1 tank out of 15! How can I influence the battle at all?” You need to believe that you not only can influence the match, but that you are the only one who can influence the match.
    Assume everyone else will choke to death on their own saliva before they will get their HP in damage or assist you in any way. Your teammates are liabilities. It’s 1 against 29 out there.
    It’s ok to fail. Don’t beat yourself up. Take responsibility, learn from it, do better next match.
    Factor 3: Don’t be afraid to experiment (and learn)
    No, this is not sexual innuendo. For every map there are set channels where you are expected to go based on your tank type.
    You are playing a TD. You should sit back and move forward when your team has cleaned up.
    You are playing a heavy, you need to go into town and rub dicks with the enemy heavies.
    You are playing a medium, you need to go into the field and hunt scouts/be on the outskirts of the battle.
    These expectations are lies. You need to go where you think you are going to contribute the best to the match, regardless of what anyone else thinks.
    Are you playing a heavy? Go field. Are you playing a medium? Go city.
    Experimenting is a key factor of playing well because from this you learn what’s true about good positioning and what’s bullshit. You will learn fast by experimenting with different strategies and positions because if you made a poor decision you will die early or be ineffective.
    As I said before, there is nothing wrong with failing as long as you learn from it and use that knowledge to do better next time.
    The main upside to experimenting with new strategies is that you find out quickly what works and what doesn’t and you become a better player for it fast.
    Factor 4: Getting early damage
    Getting early damage is one of the key ways you can contribute to a match for a number of reasons:
    You will get the upper hand in the match quickly by damaging enemy tanks before the real battle begins
    You will throw the enemy off their game. If a pub gets shot early on in the match it will lower their self esteem and immediately put thoughts in their head like “oh it’s going to be another loss.” This is a huge advantage for you. If the enemy is intimidated they will make mistakes, which you will capitalize on for massive damage and wins.
    You will know enemy positions early. You should already have a map in your mind of where they are going to be, but solidifying that knowledge is key to making your next move.
    In my opinion, if you are not dealing damage to the enemy within the first 60 seconds of the match you might not be doing what you should.
    Factor 5: Know your mechanics!
    Knowing how to play your own tank is important, but you will hopefully have become proficient at driving a new tank within the first 50 battles or so. However, what matters hugely across every tank type and tier and in every match you play is knowing basic and advanced game mechanics like spotting, angling, overmatching, ammo types, tracking, circle jerking, blind firing, etc.
    Every tank has different gun and armor combinations. Knowing that you can overmatch the turret of the T34 and T29 with your 122mm gun can mean the difference between a win and a loss. Knowing that you can’t sidescrape effectively with your particular heavy tank can mean the difference between a win and a loss. Knowing that you should fire HE at a waffle for maximum damage can mean the difference between a win and a loss.
    The list goes on. If you don’t know basic or advanced mechanics, educate yourself. You will learn a ton and be able to apply this knowledge to real situations. Most pubs do not know this stuff. Use it to your advantage.
    Factor 6: Don’t get stuck
    A huge part of being able to carry a match is staying alive as long as possible while dealing maximum damage. This means you need to know when to fight a battle and when to run away.
    As I said before, you do not get points for being a hero in this game. There are no medals for staying to fight 6 enemy heavies by yourself and dying early.
    Do not fight battles you know you are going to lose!
    If you feel that you are not going to win the battle you are fighting, back off, run away, live to fight another day. You will get more damage and kills and possibly be able to carry.
    Your teammates will yell at you for abandoning them. They will call you nasty names. Don’t listen to them. You do you. You can win this match, they can’t.
    A big part of this factor is not going to positions where you cannot run away. There are a number of spots that are popular for certain tank types which, if things do not go as you had planned, there is no escape from. Do not go to these spots unless you are very confident that you can win with your current level of support.
    Stay alive longer. Win more matches. Simple.
    There are many other factors which influence matches, but let me tell you this: very rarely in my experience is the outcome of the match out of your control. Every time I lose I can identify several mistakes that I made which may have cost me the match.
    Being a better player isn’t about not making mistakes, it’s about making fewer, less costly mistakes over time as you learn.
    These are my two cents. Thanks for reading, and never stop learning and getting better my fellow tankers.
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    Zinn reacted to X3N4 in X3N4 | Half man half amazing   
    Got three marks on the 113

    I went tilt twice, once on the stream and once when I was at 94,5% after 99 and got Mountain Pass with three arta and 7 TDs on the enemy team. Sucks :/
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    Zinn reacted to Rexxie in How much of a difference has WoTLabs made in the WoT community?   
    Personally, while I feel it's made a fairly noticeable impact on the purple culture/community, it has made extremely little on the community as a whole. Pubbies just dont give a shit.
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    Zinn reacted to WaterWar in Who do you have to bribe (sleep with) for PP status?   
    Livet er hårdt og uretfærdigt.  
    But I'm looking to get a fancy ultra-wide screen for my PC, or another standard screen. I need them to better be able to assess the shear awesomeness of your stream. My single 24" monitor simply doesn't do it justice so I don't feel like I can give you the tags without having experienced the stream in its fullest! *cough cough*
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    Zinn reacted to Nope in Who do you have to bribe (sleep with) for PP status?   
    Terrible, google translate hates you. A lot.
    I'm all 'bout the hæstkuk.
    Have you heard WWs voice? Weenis ain't got shit on WWs smoothness. Only smoother voice out there belongs to@Dragos_CS. He sounds like he's a 5yo, both because his voice is so tender and because he cries constantly.
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    Zinn got a reaction from Nope in Who do you have to bribe (sleep with) for PP status?   
    Shitpoast in the wrong language m8. If you wanna chat Nurkie up, you gotta mention hæstkuk at the very least
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    Zinn got a reaction from Ollie Tabooger in Buffs to Underwhelming Tanks - How would YOU buff them, and why?   
    Fix the entire game from tier 1-7, then bother with the details of later tanks
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    Zinn reacted to Ectar in The Ask Ectar Some Questions Thread   
    Unsportsmanlike Conduct can't be abused any more to get people temp banned.  You use the category that's appropriate for the action in-game, and only when the other player is breaking the rules.  There is no single category just to stick on players you don't like for whatever reason. That's exactly how the system was abused in the first place.
    No idea, I'll push for info about that this weekend at the Grand Finals as there will be a lot of senior people there.
    Tough choice, I like a lot of sushi but I'm not too hot on the stuff with avocado.  For Chinese I like Chicken Fried Rice, Crispy shredded chicken, a good normal chicken curry.  It's different in each country though. Chinese restaurants in France are nothing like UK ones.  For Sushi in France a lot of places only seem to do salmon or tuna which doesn't give much variety or experience.
    Sorry for the late replies, I've been fighting off bronchitis this month, I moved apartments on the 1st, and I'll be off to the Grand Finals tonight were I'll be casting the 2nd stage matches with Dorjan and Anfield.  Feel free to drop by the stream and say hello, I can use all the confidence and support I can get
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    Zinn got a reaction from TheEmptyLord in Who do you have to bribe (sleep with) for PP status?   
    Just offer your sister to @Solono and you can get PP
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    Zinn got a reaction from Crossfader in Buffs to Underwhelming Tanks - How would YOU buff them, and why?   
    Fix the entire game from tier 1-7, then bother with the details of later tanks
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    Zinn got a reaction from lt_lolcat in Buffs to Underwhelming Tanks - How would YOU buff them, and why?   
    Fix the entire game from tier 1-7, then bother with the details of later tanks
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    Zinn reacted to CarbonWard in World of Tanks : Revisited   
    How does it feel to be carried? 
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    Zinn reacted to #Lunaughty in World of Tanks : Revisited   
    Quit (again) while you still can.
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    Zinn got a reaction from SWG112 in What do you think about a Social Difficulty Curve?   
    This is true but the problem is again that WoT does not encourage you to become better like other games do. All the other games are filled to the brim with Play4Fun casuals and baddies as well but because the game itself enforces the mantra of getting good, the average baddie can still contribute valuable things in-game. I mean, I'm a pretty shitty shooter that maintains a 1.0 K/D in Battlefield, yet my PPG are pretty decent for my skill level because I can make up for it in other ways, like spamming med packs, ammo packs, capping flags, assisting in kills, spotting, reviving etc. In WoT, this would be akin to spotting, tracking, taking hits for the team, enforcing map control through positioning and so on that may not be direct damage dealing.
    But whereas Battlefield has the borderline official mantra of PTFO (Play The Fucking Objective) and does everything it can to enforce it, WoT goes in the opposite direction entirely. First off, low tiers are manic pew pew spam fights on tiny maps, then mid tiers become more organised but are still far too weak in general to actually use all the game mechanics (not enough HP to really tank, not enough armor to bounce unless super heavy, bad gun stats, bad soft stats, shit spotting, shit camo and so on) and so you still have tomatoes entering the higher tiers. You can also buy your way into high tiers via prem tanks, further shitting up the player pool. On top of that, one of the most important aspects of the game is crew skills but it takes a thousand fucking years to get a decent one and even then you get heavily penalised for moving up tanks unless you spend gold. I've played 10000 god damn battles and most of my crews are still in the 1-3 skill range because I'd rather switch up the game pace than grind 500 battles in one tank.
    As I've mentioned before, shit in WoT is very time intensive, even for great players and much more so for tomatoes. First you have to earn 95k experience to get a crew from 50-100%, then you have to earn 210k for finishing the first skill, followed by 420k for skill #2 while skill #3 requires 840k. So, if you started from a basic 50% crew until you have Repairs, BiA and 1 other perk, you will have ground out well over 1,5 million experience in total per crew member. And yes, let's not forget that tanks also mismatch the number of crew, leading to extremely stupid shit. If you maintain a uni/super uni 1000 exp/game, it will still take you over 1500 battles to get a 3 skill crew under those circumstances. That's why WG introduced all this bonus experience shit and why there are crew exp bonuses almost all the time: They totally fucked up the experience needed but instead of fixing it, they just spam meaningless events
    If there weren't constant crew exp events, it would take you 125 hours of non-stop battles at 1000 exp/game to achieve a 3 skill crew from the basic starting point, under the 5 minutes per battle assumption. WoT could literally be your full time job and it would still take you almost 16 days, with no days off, to get a "basic" tier 10 crew
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    Zinn reacted to An_Arty_Player_Hits_You in Win your very own anus!   
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