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  1. http://wotreplays.com/site/3112078#sand_river-ninjetzer-amx_elc_bis Early Deployment Spotting Distracting/ Luring Enemy Fire (safely) Opportune flank shots Remaining Serpentine/ Evasive Frequent Flexing/ Re-positioning Misdirection whenever "Blinking"/ Cloaking Cannon Locking/ Preaimed Snapshot Clutch Braking/ Drifts 8x own tanks HP in DMG Pool's Medal 1 vs 5
  2. I wonder if the crew is female, the 4th member would be female? Worth parking an wrong crew in it to try.
  3. Alright. I'll try to group with HT's that can are sidescraping for peekabooms and focus more on hulldown with the T32. It's not very fun. T29 was such a breeze, lol, but for obvious reasons. Well, I oughta grind it out, with the On Track and all. I think you're misunderstanding, I also would never recommend using Autoaim as it will handicap oneself to reaction time. I don't use autoaim for anything except turning my turret toward the enemy then I disengage it and manually aim as my eyes adjust to the tanks position on my monitor from quasi-snap shotting (turning camera). I do quite a few Noscope Shots with my tanks in 3rd person POV, utilizing as much of each shells arc as possible to increase terrain height between me and the enemy. It also helps when using tanks like T49 so the turret isn't bobbing up and down to compensate for distance arc since it's easier to aim at a central point in 3rd person POV going 50 k/mh to flank some tank with 500+ HP around a rock or house.
  4. I autoaim (right click default) in third person and then enter Sniper Mode when securing shot placement. I do wiggle, but when I sidescrape corners I'm trying to cause a ricochet for a shot of opportunity, but I sometimes expose my front wheel sprocket and get easily penned. It's probably something I can iron out with practice, but it's the one tank class I have virtually no practice in and would like to get some coaching before I develop some bad habits. Thanks for the advise, though. Wiggling is one thing I will work on. "Unicum Shuffle" I think it's called around these fourms.
  5. Hello, my name's Ninjetzer and I would like to improve my Tier 10 Medium gameplay because while I don't think I'm horrible, I know I sacrifice too much HP to get to that "sweet spot" or rush to support allies who I perceive as decoys to maximize HP trades on a failing flank. Sometimes it works and sometimes my escape route is closed off. Another niche I'd like some help in, is Heavy Tanking; my weakspot self-awareness is terrible when I try to sidescraping corners but I seem to get quite a few bounces when brawling. Primarily looking to improve in Leopard 1, Object 907 for my Mediums. T32 is unfortunately my highest tier HT, and my positioning isn't the best but as an avid LT and semi-retired TD player I oughta know where HT's enter the chokepoints, albeit not always safely.
  6. I regularly drive my 3 mark ELC, striving to reattain 100% MoE. If you need a partner in crime for your artillery, I'd be down. Only tank I can claim to be purple in
  7. Hit the nail on the head. It's currently my 2nd favourite tier 9 medium (but I can't wait to scrape the heavy sized lightly armoured medium tank).
  8. I absolutely agree with you. TD gameplay is turning back to what it was for me before perk release when I derped in my Hetzer. Medium range combat with cover dotted throughout to shield with. Those snap shots emagawd. On another matter related, after my first 200 games in Rhm I switched to 15cm. No regrets. Highest dmg so far has been 7,6k. The arc on the 15 can help with those tier 10s that think they're perfectly angled
  9. Hello, my name's Ninjetzer but Nin is fine. I've been playing WoT for 3 years now, and I live on the West Coast. All I want is to improve for my team and self. I'm a born and raised TD player that's delved into the arts of Scouting and has begun to learn Mediums. I have no experience with Heavies or Arty worth sharing. I'm not not interested in Clan Wars, but my ISP is poor enough that I can't handle multiple mics at once so that's a slight problem for me but I'm pretty intuitive. I've got three tier 10's (Jpz E-100, WTE-100 & Leo 1), 120k exp from my 4th (BC-25t) and 2 tiers from T10 arty (BC-58). My goal is to improve, plain and simple. If you think I'd be suitable for your collective, please tell me a bit about your clan or PM me ingame.
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