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  1. Wreckfest. It is such a nice stress reliever
  2. LOL yeah. If RNG hadn't of allowed that to pen, it would have been game over cus the other kv2 was useless.
  3. After not playing much out of frustration and being a complete shitter when I tried to play again, decided to drop down to tier 6 since new MM is super nice there. I had never actually played the kv-2 derp. I played the 107. I completely missed out on the fun. LOL. With a few good decisions by me, good RNG and bad play by the enemy, I blew away my previous max xp by a couple hundred. http://wotreplays.com/site/3640408#ensk-driftin-kv-2
  4. I was thinking the same thing about that spot. It is very common. I always take blind shots there. I figure if the guy is there and past the rock, I get a free shot. If he's not out as far and I miss, but he sees the shot hit the dirt, he will probably back off some giving me a chance to get middle unlit. Definitely not a spot where my 1st thought would be cheating if I were to get shot there.
  5. I'm the same boat. I don't own light tanks and have no interest in getting them, so I played the arty missions. I've had 2 tier 10 arty since before arty had 10 tiers and they collected dust until the missions. The amount of grief I have dealt with over it is ridiculous. I don't want to play arty, I will never grind another arty line, but I would like to be able to just try and do missions....And some people just have to ruin that.
  6. The thing is, if you ever read any of the books, is that the darker Bond in the new movies is more inline with the way the author meant him to be.
  7. Why bother with it? A couple tanks in the garage with crap stats are just like scars. You earned them through experience and you remember them, but no one cares.
  8. I agree. LOL Some people seriously idolize him. You can knock him for many things, but his ability to win was not one of them. I used to laugh at the WN8/WR arguments that always ensued.
  9. Not defending him in anyway, but you are nowhere near his level. You may be able to get similar WN8, but try pulling 70% WR solo in lots of different tanks. WN8 has been around long enough that people know how to easily pad it. He used to cry about it all the time cus people would throw WN8 in his face cus theirs was higher, but he still won more. There is no way to pad solo WR without having skill. Honestly, I have to agree with his point as well as many others who think the same way. WR>WN8. All the metrics come and go, and WR is the only constant.
  10. Good link. Thanks. Been using Spybot anti beacon for a while now, but not sure if it's doing much. You seem pretty knowledgable on the tech stuff, so do you think the spybot software is still decent, at least currently?
  11. If I had my case by my monitor, the fan noise would be more annoying than the lights while gaming. Most of the little things in life that make people happy don't have a point and are completely subjective. I'm going to make an assumption here and may be totally off base, but based on your profile pic and sig, I'd guess you were into fitness. For me, I see no point in people being ripped with arms bigger than their heads and will never understand why they do that, but some people enjoy it. I see no point is some art that just looks like someone threw up, or the canvas was on the floor dur
  12. I'm gonna be 40 in about a month. The case with the best airflow where i got mine has a glass side. I accidentally grabbed the cooling fan with red led's so I just made my Asus ROG mobo and gpu red to match the fan since I couldn't turn it off. Not really what I planned on when I bought it, but it does look pretty nice lit up with all my wires ran nicely and mostly hidden. I'm not gonna go buy lighting for inside my case, but when stuff comes with it, why not use it? Only thing I wish I could change on mine is for the front fan lights to be turned off.
  13. RAM is the one thing that doesn't seem to get cheaper when new stuff comes out. The older stuff gets more expensive, i'm guessing due to supplies dwindling. DDR4 is becoming cheaper than DDR3 now. I've never had RAM go bad, at least that I know of, but if you do have one going bad, I recommend getting a new matched set as opposed to mixing and matching.
  14. They are like bigfoot. I've heard about them so many times, yet never seem to find these people.
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