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  1. I'm playing like a teal shitlord right now but I'd be game.
  2. The E75 is my most played tank. A serious gun handling buff was exactly what I though it needed to be genuinely competitive with the Conq, T-10, E50 etc. It'll be snapping like a god damn medium now, which will greatly mitigate the suspect armor (in the age of gold for silver) and let it capitalize on it's agility. Can. Not. Wait.
  3. Anybody gotten a chance to play it on the test server and see how the new turret face holds up?
  4. I can think of at least one exception to this: Tanks armed with Russian/Chinese 85mms all have crazy high HE damage relative to their AP (T-34/85 for instance is 180AP/300HE) and there are a decent number of tanks in those mid tiers with little to no armor. Its worth taking a small stash of HE rounds IMO.
  5. I think the best description for the gun is 'barely adequate'. Shit pen is workable, shit accuracy is workable. Both at once is a serious problem. That the tank is still so goddamn good at winning just shows how important a stronk turret is.
  6. Only if you let them shoot you in the side. Most german tanks have the ammoracks dead center in the side hull, right where autoaim points. Solution? Make them shoot you in the face (or not at all).
  7. Do you mean just leave the edge of your turret hanging out and hope they bounce and put themselves on reload? Might have to play around with this.
  8. As you get better at the game you won't find 5 to be a handicap the vast majority of the time. Playing the Chinese mediums really puts it in perspective. There are plenty of gentle hills and rubble piles you can use to hide your hull while still being able to shoot. Honestly surprised you're having so much trouble with it given you liked the IS. Same tank, basically, but the IS3 gets solid armor instead of being complete paper, and non-shit gun handling to boot.
  9. Hit me with an invite if you see me. Think we actually tooned together a couple weeks ago?
  10. Ask and ye shall receive: http://wotreplays.com/site/2130286#arctic_region-reepneep-jagdpanther_ii http://wotreplays.com/site/2130279#live_oaks-reepneep-jagdpanther_ii http://wotreplays.com/site/2130268#redshire-reepneep-jagdpanther_ii http://wotreplays.com/site/2130255#erlenberg-reepneep-jagdpanther_ii http://wotreplays.com/site/2125372#sand_river-reepneep-jagdpanther_ii Just some highlight games from over the last few days, all from 9.10. Some scrubby play at points, some good play (I feel, at least,) at others. I 'm probably a bit too aggressive with this thing, and I'm not always sure what
  11. This motherfucker right here: Gets penned by IS7's apcr Gets clicked by CGC for ~200, positions shown above My E 75 puts an APCR round through his mantlet VKB kills him towards the end of the match There may have been more, but it was a sure loss and I was dead so I didn't stick around. -G- is taking people that whine about being shot with gold. Fucking think about that. Not even going to make an 'F to pay respects' joke.
  12. It is exactly as strong as they say it is, just not so much in Encounter. The issue there is that hill can't hit behind some of the buildings that are still in the cap circle, so any real cap defense needs to come from tanks actively pushing around the northeast corner. It makes cap pressure very powerful in this mode. I still don't think I've ever seen a game where literally zero pubbies tried to take the hill, though. Unless you're in something fast, you can only get up there after fighting off everything the reds send to the hill, otherwise you just get shot to pieces trundling up the ramp
  13. Anyone have enough experience with the post-buff Maus to voice an opinion on it? The on-track is tempting...
  14. 320 is a handicap but it's certainly not unplayable. I did the WZ-11114 stock grind with nothing but the freexp'd turret about a week ago and at the point I unlocked the 130mm I had a winrate in the high 50s. The E75' stock gun/chassis combo is much better than the WZ's and should work reasonably well. If you're worried about exposure time, the 105 will actually be about the same given its much better bloom stats and shorter aimtime. TLDR: IMO you can totally get away with playing the E75 stock. Just make sure you free XP the turret.
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