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  1. does anyone have issues with 6th sense sound ? in about 85% i don't get acoustic warning when i get spotted / the icon pop's up but mostly without sound ,,,,, or is it a game bug
  2. in game received message Today, on EU Server Dear Players, We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the XVM mod which can cause game client crashes/freezes. Please uninstall XVM until a solution is provided. Follow our support news for updates: https://eu.wargaming.net/support/news/120
  3. crashes also in random games / freeze after u get killed or the match end
  4. @sela is your mod also ready for 4K resolution ? got a new monitor with 3840x2160 resolution, playing the game without mods = no problems when i use your mods then the sixt sense kitty pop up on the right side, dealt damage counter is to small what i have to change to fix this ?
  5. @sela seems like it was blocked by win8 firewall (but only this mod, wn8 worked) so i reinstall the game and mods, everything works just fine now thanks for the mods once again
  6. Session Stats not working for me. anyone else got this ? what can it be
  7. i installed meltymap's mod first (downloaded here http://worldof-tanks.com/meltymap-s-mathmod/ ) then installed sela's mod package over it, without auto aim and it works fine so far, no crashes in 20 games
  8. Arty (H1) in own team highlighted red ????? since last update i have this problem, there are many tanks in my team highlighted red and this is confusing..... does anybody noticed something like that ? and safeshot turn on/off ? last vers, was it "y" what key is it now ?
  9. thx once more for that modpack but ... what happened ? on twitch
  10. thanks sela, 1 thing , how can i change 6th sense icon to pop up when i get spotted for 10seconds ? if i am not wrong it was set to 10sec. in vers 9.3
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