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  1. Playing the test server, RIP my medium tank fun.

  2. I think I have plateaued at 2k =(

    1. Sorphius


      you and me both, bro. you and me both.

  3. Sold: 'T-54' successfully sold. Received credits: 1,997,455. Fuck the T54

  4. Is it just me or does the chrommy b pad your stats with out you trying to pad stats?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Fulcrous


      berlin tanks are easy mode for wn8 and when they get values adjusted rip padders.

    3. Rexxie


      tbh they shouldnt ever be adjusted by all that much, theres not really a huge difference between what a padder can do in a standard cromwell compared to a cromb

    4. LemmingRush


      What rexxie said.

  5. I hate my T-54...

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    2. _fame_


      You know why fronttankman... Whi you ditch meh like that?

    3. TheMarine0341


      Its a horrible tank

    4. Roku


      All about the 430v2 friends

  6. I need to get up my Leo 1 WR.. -.-

    1. mereelskirata


      Solution: Sell the Leo 1 and buy an STB-1.

    2. LemmingRush


      I cant wait to get an stb. Im saving up gold as we speak :^)

  7. I only played it when it was in alpha, I enjoyed it, but it is so hard to buy new characters to play as.
  8. Yay 1.9k recent WN8

    1. CarryMode


      Congrats man, keep going!

    2. #NightWolf5628


      gogogo -powa rangers-

  9. I can vouch for LemmingRush, he took me from a orange to a blue and now I am regularly playing at 2k+ WN8
  10. I felt that I am playing worse but I actually was playing better than I did with mods, I was focusing more on winning instead of getting damage for purple WN8.
  11. I think I am gonna try to get the Stug this weekend from missions.

  12. Purchased: 'T-54' successfully purchased. Spent credits: 2,415,000. Ugh now time for the gun grind.

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