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  1. I've not played mine in ages but I seem to recall it getting ammo racked a lot too.
  2. The quickest way? free xp if you have it. if not, then pretty much what everyone says - premium vehicle + multipliers.
  3. Thank god thats over..... fairly textbook spotting game on Prok that the planets aligned and I got a decent team and not too much light tank spam.
  4. I should have played longer, I had Ensk 3 times in my map rotation.....
  5. what I have found for the previous LT15's was; 1) ideally be the only scout (or hope the others don't last) 2) hope the enemy are largely useless 3) hope your team are largely competent (and shoot what you light) 4) be on Prokorovka, or Malinovka (other maps are possible to do it when conditions 1-3 are met) 5) platoon with Arty (not good for your health)
  6. Managed to get LT-14.4 last night. spawned on Malinovka (a good start) watched where a couple of my team mates went to spot and invited them to platoon after about 2 minutes in, ended up with over 4K spotting and they managed over 1K each. job done. Dynamic platoons OP.
  7. Let's face it, it really comes down to which gun shield you like the look of :-)
  8. yeah, Good shout. I'm on that one, just need the enemy team to have enough TD's to do it. seems like every time I load up in the 50/51 we have 5 TD's and they have one or two......
  9. Hellcat, Dicker max or USSR equivalent seems to be the TD of choice for that mission. the heavy one might be doable in an IS-6, KV-5 or the new Japanese heavies but the VK does it every other match. Until they fix the T110E5 it might be an option too, but the higher tier you go the more you have to block.
  10. good point, or those "kill me for gold" sheriff announcements.....
  11. last night, anything around T8 MM was getting 4-5 per team on both NA servers
  12. I'd like to see a comparison between this and the T50. I played a couple of games on the ts and it is a better progression from the 13-90 to Bat but plays like a T9 13-90 with the disadvantage of being a medium.
  13. I've heard the T49 is good for the tracking assistance....
  14. I did mine in the 1390 on Overlord with around 2k damage and 5k spotting. to get the 7k most of it is going to be spotting (unless you are really good at hitting tracks) so i'd focus on that. a lot of it is down to the MM gods to decide to let you have prok or malinovka and be the only scout.
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