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  1. For the past while I've been stuck at my current WN8 level, fluctuating around 1900. I've tried reading guides, specifically Lert's, but I am not nearly being consistent enough to call myself any better than a situational shitter. I know that scouts are a weakness of mine, but I'm not doing well enough in non-scouts either. What can I do to cross the threshold?
  2. Not sure how much my metrics are worth, but the AMX 13 57 for me has a Win% of 62.9% BUT an adjusted Win% of 93.9%. It is also one of my top tanks in WN8 and WN9 1 but not WN9 2, I'm guessing because I don't use it as a proper scout. My low tier and arties are affected by WN9 as others have said, but strangely my 112 spikes rather high on WN9 2
  3. Put a sign that says "Gullible" on the ceiling, and when people walked by I told them that it said gullible on the ceiling. Everyone thought it was a prank until I pulled the sign off and showed it to them
  4. Had this battle on Ensk in the A-43 (favorite tier 6 at the moment) and I want to know what I could have done better in this game. Our team potatoed and I did my best to turn it around, but I am still noobish and want a good player's opinion. Replay
  5. Buccaneer

    T-54 change?

    I did read somewhere that they forgot to do the HEAT re-balance last patch, so they did it in this one. It seems like they did the same thing with the VK 30.02 (D), as it had full stock modules when I went into my garage tonight
  6. If I had to guess, I would put my money on the IS-4 line
  7. -100 WN7 in one battle, what? Congrats on being a wizard though
  8. The only time I tried to suicide in battles was when I was the last one standing on the south base of Airfield in my GW E 100. Still had 25 seconds on my reload, so I headed to the water, but was killed by a Bat Chat just before making it over the edge
  9. I've always been iffy about the WZ-111 as it seems to die rather quickly. One example was last night when I was platooning with 2 other DFA guys (my T32 along with an IS-3 and Lowe) against a VOLT platoon of ST-I, IS-8, and WZ-111. We killed the WZ relatively quickly (neither of us bounced a round using AP) without taking too much damage even with the IS-8 and ST-I over looking it. We could have gotten lucky shots, but it still seems to me that the WZ crumbles quickly
  10. Does physics killing count or does it have to be ramming/shooting? Just noticed that this is SEA server, nevermind
  11. I actually liked the SU-100M1, and did reasonably well in it (at least I think so). Don't remember what I did though
  12. Today I bought the Centurion I, and as I played my first couple battles, I find that I am having some issues with it. I tried to play it as a true medium, such as a T-44, but it I am doing a poor job. The only success I have had so far was when I had to hug a rock and play peak-a-boo with another medium. My relpays: http://www.mediafire.com/download/zqico3tlw4qitko/20130703_1736_uk-GB23_Centurion_42_north_america.wotreplay http://www.mediafire.com/download/a7vm6g4qvd9o2dw/20130703_1849_uk-GB23_Centurion_31_airfield.wotreplay http://www.mediafire.com/download/oni1d5z67p77u23/201307
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