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  1. Amazing, you guys in the maths corner go above and beyond when it comes to this game. Thanks very much.
  2. Think 3 marking is one of those things that if you play a tank enough, youll get it.. Its just fucking incredible how little wargaming tells us about it, whats the point of a stat if you dont know what the hell it measures
  3. Cool, thanks for letting me know. Im aware, its my highest t10 dpg so far ill get there, eventually. Whats with the not peaking after 100 games though? Like.. It specifically says after 100 games in game..
  4. Is it possible that anyone give me an explanation to this? my understanding of marks would give me the impression that these stats are what youd need to get something similar to a 907 3 mark but they have me just below 87% in an M48 patton.. lmao Is this normal? I dont have a ton of experience 3 marking tanks.. could it be because i played these games over a couple months? thanks
  5. http://worldoftanks.com/en/content/docs/user_agreement/ cant find anything
  6. How often are you dying? Itd be interesting to see the average over 100 games, of seconds left in the battle after you die.. your 7 day dpg for tier 9.45 is 2500, hardly what youd expect if youre consistently surviving until the end of the battle. Play the whole game, not just the beginning half of it. If games are lasting 3 minutes, stop playing
  7. Consider AMX 30 Premier Prot or Leo PTA~ Good enough pen where its totally reasonable to not shoot gold, unlike something like a T54 where obviously youre going to get a boost from 60% more pen. Tier 9 Skoda is an option too. It appears you may have started already.. rip
  8. A lot of computer stores will let you bring in your pc to their store and theyll diagnose what the problem is for you for like 25$. Which is probs a better option then relying on people who cant physically see whats going on and are just relying on your description. If youre going to be dumping 100$+ into something, IMO you shouldnt be relying on internet friendz to tell you where to spend that money. Better to be safe with someone who can actually see what's going on and will be able to swap out parts on a test bench to confirm for you.
  9. Wotlabs still doesnt think LemmingRush is an in game name, is there a way to force it to update? I still have to search lemming_______chatoff to see my stats

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    2. Rayderx


      why you wasted 5k gold to have the same nick that u will started xd? (yes, my english sucks D: )

    3. KruggWulf


      why you wasted 5 seconds to have the same shitpoast that u will started xd?

    4. Rayderx


      topkek xD


  10. Report arty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Its unsportsmanlike to camp behind your team & use them as meatshields.
  11. Theres a reason better players are able to spam full gold, its because theyre good enough that they can afford to run tanks with high amounts of more expensive equipment. You see it in sports all the time, no one says "damn that formula 1 driver is trash, bet he couldnt do that in a prius" Its literally because the driver is good enough for him to make a profit while running his formula 1 car that he is able to use the better car.. If someone is good enough that they can afford to heat spam over hundreds of games, he has to be good enough for that to be profitable for him. Give a shi
  12. People complain that mines is too small. So they add another map the size of mines. o7
  13. Id imagine they do it so retards (most people) have to buy a new laptop every time they run out of HardDrive space
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