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  1. lmao if id known that youjo cmd was full of such fucking cocksuckers, id have just passed 8v|

    1. flare_phoenix


      It's ok cuni, you're in a better place now :)

    2. Raj


      play with the spergs get sperged.

    3. Methos
  2. @_Dia Hi~ Sorry I misd u c':


    1. #NightWolf5628


      fukn faeries double poasting :rage::rage::rage: 

  3. @_Assad

    u shud join the chatwhores http://discord.gg/WgCqsZf

    also gib them the ts link

  4. Is mentoring and tape study dead?
    Not that I really need a mentor, just that I've always had some flaws I never quite worked out, which will probably be more prevalent than ever after a 6 month break, and it'd be nice to work through them quicker. 

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    2. Cunicularius


      @SkittlesOfSteeI dats a gud idea

      @SaintLaurentius but are u up to the task ( `³´) 


      cant tell cause stats are gone 8v(


    3. SaintLaurentius


      I really don't audition. Either I'm good enough or not and that's for you to decide. 


    4. Cunicularius



      i dont know why but i always assumed that u wudnt b that gud... because of your avatar 6_6

      but yeah, i guess since both u and kolni and active here i can just post in replay review


  5. rip discord

    1. Spartan96
    2. Cunicularius


      discord went down for at least half hour other day

  6. One step closer to the trap dream, everything's finally all shaved up and smooth! ^w^

  7. Stellaris > Tanks

    1. Epic


      Im more into EU4, but certainly feel the same vibe!

  8. Hahaha, seeing these statuses complaining about arty, I know I made the right decision leaving wot uninstalled. 

    1. Grister


      If enough people continue to complain, hopefully WG will follow through and remove it.

    2. Cunicularius


      So then why is there still arty

    3. Grister


      Because the patch has only been out for two days. Wargaming said if the stun mechanics are negatively received that they will remove arty. 



  9. Anyone know if that frontline mode will have arty?

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    2. MAJEST1C
    3. nabucodonsor


      Yes but i did not really feel it. The map is so big and there are so many players that it is hard for them to focus on you. Also there are not so many. I got hit by arty twice in my entire session.

    4. leggasiini


      Yeah arty seems pointless af. They cant hit you from other side of map. Their max range is 1400m so yea

  10. Anybody at Philly Codefest?

    1. Tarski


      Yeah, loads of people are. 

  11. SSD is get, boot time is loss.

    Like, wow. :bigdoge:

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    2. Cunicularius


      I got a Crucial MX300, M.2 1/2 tb 

    3. Daezara


      Crucial is a good choice!

      MX300 series in M.2 form factor is nothing special or faster than the usual 2.5" SSDs, but it does reduce the space / cables needed.

      ^ Depends on Mobo aswell, Z97 mobos don't even support NVME M.2 SSDs, so no point in getting those ultra fast things anyway if you are still running that.

    4. Cunicularius


      I have Z170, ended up getting a pcie adapter card

  12. So trying to operate vehicles in Squad effectively is depressing. Imagine that when you queue into wot a random pubby is in control of your turret or hull.

    That's how well it goes...

    Maybe I should try making a steam group or something. 

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    2. SmirkingGerbil


      I missed you once this week. I will be getting on soon. I was trying to find a noob server to get my feet wet and see how much Project Reality carried over. Most servers require 3 people and a Squad leader for vehicles to become operational. Was hoping to find an empty one to tool around in.

    3. Cunicularius


      @SmirkingGerbil Why don't you just go in the firing range if you want to fuck around?

      And don't bother looking for a noob server, sort by ping and take whatever spots available. 

    4. SmirkingGerbil


      Did, have been. Yeah, I am at that point, to just jump on one. I hate being the FNG though, but it has to happen at some point.


  13. why is the 113 such a pain to play...

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    2. Cup_Of_Soup


      Don't play it like a heavy; go fuck the enemy team's mediums and laugh as you reinforce the fact that China is #1

    3. Cunicularius


      Not fast enough, shit depression and gun handling , no came, lame reload time , crap accuracy and pen, easily exploited armor 

      How am I supposed to beat mediums with it ? 

    4. RansomMoney


      not really easily exploited if you find yourself a nice corner IMO.

  14. I wonder how difficult it'd be to make a better WoT... one where there's a limited yet balanced selection of vehicles, no grinding, and a handful of well designed maps. Something minimal. 

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    2. Fulvin


      There are WoW private servers, so why not tanks?

      Though I don't know if anyone but WG knows how the server is run in detail. All the pen calculations and whatever

    3. Cunicularius


      There are private wow servers, huh? 

      That's interesting. 

    4. Jaegaer


      You might google "Bartle" and read about his ideas regarding MMO functionality in respect of what drives players to play MMOs. Some of this applies to WoT - especially the archiever archetype that gives players satisfaction by archieving a goal and that the satisfaction is higher if the goal is harder to reach. Long before it was a thing Bartle (these theories are rather old) foresaw the grind.

      @Fulvin WoW is client based. Most of what the games does it does on the client. So if you have the client software you basically have the game. In WoT the game is serverbased. The client is basically maps, sound, interface and textures and not much else. The game function itself can't be accessed and as such WoT will never have private servers.

  15. Squad?

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    2. Assassin7


      if anything I wish it gave you some sort of conformation of getting a kill.

      I've played a couple rounds where I thought I did really well, took out several people, to find I only got like 1-2 kills and im like "wtf"

    3. Cunicularius


      One hit often isn't enough to down somebody, you want to try and double tap/overkill and get visual confirmation. 

      A lot of times people will 'play dead' and go prone when hit, including me, so you have to watch for that ragdoll behavior and put a few extra rounds on them.

      But yeah, this game is supposed to be about realism, so you're not ever going to have an outright killfeed or announcement. 

    4. Assassin7


      Yeah i know it wont.


      Its both a plus and a minus imo. I do double tap when I can, make sure they're dead. Also i noticed it seems to sorta glitch them for a second when they die, they like suddenly stand up straight for a split second before falling over. 


      What I do love about is how sort of holding positions work though, ive been in several sitautions where Im in a flanking position and able to just pick people off, and be safe, where in Battlefield if you do that they see the killcam.


      What I think would be nice, is at the end if the round, or possibly on the deAth screen, to show a playback of kills you got during that game/life, or just list the number of kills you got while your on the death screen. 


      I also think spawn times could be slightly lowered - maybe say a 25% faater spawn time if you spawn at the main base instead of a rally/fob. Because waiting for 40 seconds after dying is hella boring.

  16. [NSFW] wat do, does this mean hes into me:


  17. til water bottles have ammo racks:


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    2. ADeadMan1


      @Solono But FIRE and EXPLOSIONS!!!

    3. Solono


      I do fire and explosions, there are videos. But I don't do stupid :serb: 

    4. Kitten


      @Solono but it should be a thing, stupidity leads to the most spectacular videos :doge:

      there is no hidden reason in wanting you to do this, nope none at all :fish:

  18. Aaaaand I'm addicted to Steven Universe. u_u

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    2. MacusFlash


      I will watch this show just after Adventure Time. I'm glad that I don't have time for that :D

    3. Cunicularius


      @Kitten GF wanted me to watch it, now I can't stop q3q

    4. Spartan96


      You should check out gravity falls also, similarly high quality but with a linear story (some filler episodes tho)

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