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    First 2 is fine then the third one is when off scale in term of "AAANNNOOOOOOO!!!!!"
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    South is awful is what I'm getting at.
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    Wow emo.
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    Everyone should watch himegoto

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    Hes like one of the core elements that makes this forum much more amusing and educating than the official one
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    This combination of words cannot be repeated enough.
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    Good day, evening, morning, and night.  I'll cover them all considering I don't know where everyone reads from.  No thread like this has ever existed on the forums before.  Has it ever needed to?  Does this one have to?  No more or less than any other thread I feel.  However, I write this at a personal risk.  A personal risk, I take every time I write this, say this, or tell this to anyone.  More on that will follow.  I don't ask much of anything from the readers beyond polite indifference.  You may not agree with me, you may downright think I am disgusting, and evil.  Your opinion is your right to have.  The only thing I ask, is that you give me not acceptance, not kindness.  But the common courtesy of indifference. Even if you choose to post your opinion that differs and stands against me.  Do so politely, that's all. You may question "why is she doing this?"  The reason is simple.  I have nowhere else to do it.  Nowhere else I'd rather do it.  World of Tanks, and this community is, was, and always will be a milestone for me.  It was the first place, the first major competitive game.  That I was ever myself in.  I have made friends.  I have made a lot of friends.  They know who I am.  Some know who I was.  None have left me.  I could post this somewhere safe, somewhere I'm guaranteed to have entirely positive reactions and pats on the back but..
    This has never been of help to anyone in the long run if that's all they get.  Something I have always found here, is a differing of opinions, presented civilly that more than one side can learn from.  I value that more than the risk of pain or rejection.  We must always be willing to hear a differing of voices.  We must always be willing to hear other peoples stories.  We must always be willing to *LISTEN* to what someone else has to say.  To close off our minds and ears to another human being, is to deny them their existence to an extent.  Compromise, understanding, and civility are in short supply.  Here, however on these forums we have them in spades.  Also a mod team that 150cm's the shit out of anything that doesn't.  I will get on with it now, as I have outlined what I'd like to see from this.  Along with a bit of humor, if it can be found.
    My name is Erica. I am a Transwoman. I have been on this Earth for thirty years.  For the vast majority of those years I have spent living in states that were less than happy.  Starting with confusion and fear.  Leading to anger, hatred, and suicidal depression.  I will tell you, there is nothing more sobering than hearing the hammer strike the pin, and have nothing happen, paired with the rush of anger that nothing happened.  Followed by the utter despair that is knowing you're too much of a coward to put the pain away forever.  That somehow, you always manage to misplace the sleeping pills.  Somehow, just by accident, you remember something to do at the last minute before you actually use that knife.  I went on like that for nearly fifteen years.  From fourteen, to twenty eight. 
    I was mistaken. These were not signs of weakness and cowardliness.  They were signs of someone, deep inside who wanted to live. I just had to understand her.  She'd always been there.  Screaming at me.  Well, I can spare some of the further details for posts later if anyone asks.  It took me until I was twenty eight to finally snap.  I broke down.  I couldn't handle it anymore.  The facade of who I was fell apart like broken glass.  All that anger.  The hatred I had for myself, that I expressed onto other people.  It exploded.  The thought of dying like I was, horrified me to the point of illness.  Two years ago in January, I told my wife.  It still brings her to tears to remember how much pain and fear I expressed to her that night.  She's still with me, and will always be with me.  Something I'm eternally grateful for.  From that day forward, I began taking the steps to change what I was, into what I should have been all along.
    I'll get on to the point of this thread.  I've always liked to think about the way things work, and the way things happen.  The entire prospect of what I've been embarking on at my own plodding pace is nothing short of amazing to me.  That we can change so much about our bodies just by altering the very chemistry of them, or by surgical prospects that have been nothing but improving over the years and years.  The trans community in the past three or so years has come much more into the spotlight.  Reports of young children now being identified and helped.  This is more controversial than ever.  All I can say?  Is I wish someone would have been able to identify me as a child.  I wish that I had not suppressed everything I felt to avoid my mother and fathers wrath.  Their anger, became part of me as I grew up.  It made it even harder for me, to hear these stories on NPR, in the news, everywhere and know that I was still stuck and hiding.  That all changed.  I have begun the process of changing my hormonal balance/  Suppressing what was, and replacing it with what should be. 
    This step is important, and where I felt I should begin my major documentation as the changes have begun.  Because it has real permanent changes. After a time, there is no going back.  There's no backsies.  No get out of jail card.  Things about my body will change.  Forever.  This process is joyful to me, and at the same time so fascinating (Spock'd) that I want to share this. The feelings I am experiencing.  The way my mind is changing.  With the blocking of testosterone, and the prevalence of estrogen in my body.  I used to feel trapped, claustrophobic in my own skin.  Like I wanted to peel it off with my nails and find something beneath it that was covered by it's disgusting presence.  The rage, and jealousy upon seeing other women that would come at random.  The feeling of disorientation and confusion, has all but faded away.  It began to lessen the more I let myself be who I was.  However the "dysphoria" never was quiet forever.  Now, I feel comfortable.  Confident in what I have, what I'm doing, and know that there's no going back.
    This thread, if it survives.  Is to allow for the direct communication and conversation with me, about any questions, curiosities, and suggestions you the reader may have.  If you don't understand this?  Ask me.  If you do and have questions?  Ask me.  All I ask, is that you be polite.  Show me the same courtesy I would show you.  This is a life long project, and for the next few years it will be absolute center stage in my life.  All the pain of laser hair removal.  All the joy of seeing myself become more and more acceptable.  To the fear of surgical prospects and what they mean, and what their results may be.  I share this because I want to risk it.  I want to always be part of this community, as who I am.  Good, and bad, to whoever may feel that way.  Many of the transmen, and transwomen in our community are quiet when it comes to people asking them questions, and I understand why.  This is a deeply personal part of their lives, and my life. I choose to do this because I do not want to be silent.  I do not want to simply stick to my own group of support.  More often than not, when a transman, or transwoman becomes just that man or woman they have always needed to be.  They simply stop being anything but that.  I will *always* be a transwoman.  There are immutable facts of my life that simply cannot be cut, or pill'd away.  We need people to always be unafraid to say "This is where I came from".  So that people who are lost, and confused?  Might find a voice, and find someone to talk to that can help them on their way.

    If there are any of you reading this.  PM me.  I'm always willing to talk.  Let the discussion begin.  Thank you for reading.  If I need to edit any of this I will.  I know most of my posts can be kind of meandering, but it's kind of how I am.  This has nothing to do with Tanks, but it has everything to do with the people I've met, and the community I've come to love.
    Thank you.
    Erica - Transbunny.
    P.S.  Like all things, eventually all of this will without fail lead to boob pix.  Cause that's a celebration for everyone to enjoy.
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    Cunicularius reacted to Rexxie in Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years   
    Probably my last post in this thread before leaving you guys. See you in a few weeks!
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    Cunicularius reacted to Shackram in Kittikat step up your game - Dafuq did I just read?   
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    Cunicularius reacted to Tuco22 in Kittikat step up your game - Dafuq did I just read?   
    Sounds weird irl. 
    Wonder what it tastes like. 
    ... and then u have this sht

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    Cunicularius reacted to AnArmyofBun in Kittikat step up your game - Dafuq did I just read?   
    So majestic.

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    Cunicularius reacted to Garbad in Resurgence Of Armor (Part Dos)   
    WG never has figured out that the solution to map design is bigger maps.  Every good defensive point needs to be flankable.  Every map needs a variety of terrain and cover to make all tanks and styles have a place to work.  Every map needs to consider firing lanes.  Sitting 100m from cap behind a bush and waiting needs to be a retarded strategy.
    But its not, thanks to horrible design.
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    Cunicularius reacted to Intumesce in Resurgence Of Armor (Part Dos)   
    As I'm sure most of you have noticed, WG's map balancing department has gone crazy the past few patches, adding more and more brawling maps and even changing old ones to become CQC as well.
    A growing trend I've noticed is you need to have some sort of armor to make it through the meta. Being fast and having high camo isn't enough anymore.
    Where there used to be spots where you could abuse depression without a strong turret, or a good early position, or just some place where you could get a good light on the enemy team, WG wrote these down and effectively removed them so they can no longer be abused. That would be okay and all, were it not for the fact they're brutally revamping maps as a whole.
    Tundra. Most people would argue that map was pretty brawl-y even before the revamp, but afterwards... yeah, one hill and one corridor.
    Severogorsk. The map was two hills with a TD shelf just barely covering one side. Sure, a few stalemates were had, but heavies could still brawl while mediums and TDs could kind of do their own thing.
    Afterwards, they start introducing more city maps, the latest ones being Kharkov, Ruinberg on Fire and Winter Himmelsdorf if you want to count those last two as new maps.
    Revamping Redshire so there's barely any camo kiting and taking Sacred Valley out of the matchmaker, anyone?
    I could keep making examples, but point is, they're changing the metagame by screwing up the map balance to favor armor.
    Additionally we have gold ammo nerfs, one after another. Specific tanks get their gold pen lowered, or ammo types get a blanket nerf in the form of worse normalization or higher expense.
    Add the recent and upcoming TD nerfs (both tank-specific and the class as a whole) and I think you can see what direction WG is taking the metagame. It seems to me like they're trying to reshape the meta from camo sniping with low exposure into high-armor alphalicious brawling.
    Of course, fast tanks with camouflage are still viable... just far from what they used to be.
    If WG doesn't stop redesigning maps eventually every map will just be a city map with different scenery. If you don't have enough armor to bounce same-tier shells, your whole existence will be suffering as you try to fight E 100s in your Leopard 1.
    What does wotlabs think? Am I just going crazy from playing tiers with too high view range and ridiculous firepower, or is anyone else noticing where WG is going with these recent changes?
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    Cunicularius reacted to Intumesce in Theory: Being A Unicum Is Harder Than Ever   
    As a prelude, this theory relies heavily on my earlier assumption about the map metagame changing.
    WG, and to an extent, unicums, know that people gathering such high WN8's are not playing the game as it was intended. At its core it's meant to be a simple game of armor versus mobility, with camo and other things like damage per minute and soft stats not meant to be a primary concern of the game.
    To unicums, the metagame is about mobility and firepower. Armor comes at a second thought.
    WG knows that unicums can and will abuse vision mechanics, maximize their damage output with advanced positioning, and have superior tactics and knowhow. While the 1% are having the time of their lives, pubbies are complaining about invisible tanks, not knowing why their shells don't penetrate, and complaining about gold ammo.
    WG took the first few steps by nerfing gold ammo, both to individual tanks and thereafter to the ammunition as a whole. HEAT is trash versus spaced armor, APCR lost its 5 degrees normalization, more and more tanks are getting their individual rounds adjusted as they have too much penetration.
    The second step is nerfing the tanks themselves that are being abused. You can bet that if that sweet tank of yours has too much camo or dominates the metagame, it's a ding dong bannu nerf.
    Sadly, the final step WG is making now is what I discussed in The Resurgence of Armor. Maps are changing to encourage brawling, they modify or even remove spots that can be abused if you know how to, removing bushes that provide camo, and there are more and more needless cover being added to each map simply to prevent players from driving out into the open and dying, a la "fucking invisitanks! I can't do anything, wtf WG!"
    With the map changes, players are forced to do 1:1 trades much more frequently and without a good position to abuse, is essentially at the mercy of his team to be slightly better than the opposition.
    What makes unica what they are is their knowledge and experience over the average player. Since the average player doesn't have the tools to or refuses to learn, maps must be changed so that it's much harder to get lost, much easier to find cover, and more firing lanes where all you need to do is get within 100m of the enemy and fire your gun to eventually hit something.
    Combine this with the ever so quickly advancing WN* rating systems that heighten the requirements for a lot of tanks (although it can very justly be argued that is simply because of either small sample sizes or the playerbase getting better (or themselves trying to pad WN*)) and we are entering the dark age of unica.
    Remember those games on Redshire or Sacred Valley where you could hold one spot on the map, get damage and and light up the enemy without ever being spotted?
    Now comes the days when you'll have to deal with having armor on Kharkov or you can go screw yourself. Or you get Himmelsdorf 3 out of 5 maps and you're in an STA-1. Or you get Severogorsk and you're in a tank destroyer.
    The list goes on and on. WG noticed the metagame unica have and is doing everything in their path to destroy it.
    Of course, this doesn't mean unica will die out as a whole. There will always be the elite best in World of Tanks no matter the meta game. My point is that compared to how it used to be, things have gone from good to bad for unica, and their options to stay alive in the current meta are getting fewer by each passing day.
    Am I right or am I wrong, wotlabs?
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    Cunicularius reacted to Garbad in Club 99.99% - The cumiest unica in NA   
    Uh, you do realize this includes both individual performance and win rates, right?

    Pretty sure this was the moral equivalent of a forum land arty oneshot.
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    Cunicularius reacted to #Lunaughty in Club 99.99% - The cumiest unica in NA   
    I'll be blunt.
    No one fucking likes your dumb fucking Reddit cancer reposts. You use this site as a microblog for your myspace quality shit.
    You clearly understand the game because super uni stats and no one can argue with that. So that leaves a few options to explain the level of shit posting you have managed to achieve.

    1. You are an absolutely beautiful forum troll
    2. You are a high functioning autist and just can't tell the difference
    3. You enjoy provoking some sort of stupid stat war, maybe because you recognise that wn8 is broken but think that WoT = golf and a lower score = better?

    The mods are considering banning you and have been for some time I'm sure, anyone with above 100 IQ can fucking tell that.
    Do you even fucking think about shit before you just post it? Not even like, HIGH wn8 MEANS PADDING FGGTS threads, I just mean your general stupidity in posting a goddamn thread. By now you must know that your threads will stirr up controversy BECAUSE YOU POST ABOUT THE SAME GODDAMN 3 TOPICS OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER.
    I could give less of a shit if this post lands me a perma for anything, mostly because the quality of this forum has plummeted and quite a few people have had themselves perma'd for it. Literally, you are so fucking annoying that other people are committing seboku because they can't stand your posting.
    For obvious reasons you start these threads up maybe to feel better? You are not the #1 player NA. You will never be close. You will never be close to top 10, WR can be padded through platoons opposed to solo'oing which is apparently better skill harder than wn8 can be. If it's so goddman easy to pad, then why does a 16 year old mr. sexii brony lolilover furry green shitter who is terrible at this game have better recent stats than you? Protip: it's not the fact wn8 is broken.

    If you're going to ban someone, ban the both of us. Make it a fucking package.
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    Cunicularius reacted to SergeantMatt in So.... Health care....   
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    Cunicularius reacted to KenadianCSJ in Maus is actually OP   
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    Cunicularius reacted to Garbad in Fellow Unicums Do You Genuinely Hate Non-Purples?   
    I hate all pubs.  The only reason I play this game is because I get to shoot stupid people every game.
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