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    Cunicularius reacted to Okeano in Leaving a Clan   
    -Raise concern over strat in training
    -Get told to call if don't like the strat with 7 mins to battle
    -Get send to die alone against 4-5 defending tanks/TDs as rest of the tanks lose to a scrub clan
    -Rage in TS after battle
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    Cunicularius reacted to tigetank in Im looking for a blunt answer   
    I do not need an sugar coating or anything for this post i'm here to get better at the game and by god that's what i'm going to do. Problem stagnation after getting out of a terrabad spot my WN8 can go anywhere from 1400-1800 for the most part but its stay that way my win-rate is not growing.I know part of my problem is i know how to fight use mechanics and such but i'm not good at realizing when and where to use those mechanics and when to take risks.
    Now one thing i'm going to ask and just be blunt about it am i a bad player or just slightly above.
    Now here's another one of my problems.I know locations of maps and such but i don't know how to use my tanks on certain maps.For example I cant quite figure out how to play my E25 on himmelsdorf much of that map to me seems to be based on trading hp or bouncing shot and with an E25 that's not likely.
    My third problem is how i look at my team many players can look at a flank and know its going to fall i can see this sometimes but they can even when the flank seems even in tanks i want to increase my situational awareness is what i want here.
    Thank you for your time this is my first post on this forum and am hoping for good replies.
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    Cunicularius reacted to Agamemneon in Im looking for a blunt answer   
    I like you.
    You are what I consider an upper average player. Your recent play says that you're probably on the cuff of really understanding this game and you probably just need whatever you're currently missing to click to start advancing more quickly.
    Your second problem, you need to learn what to do with yourself to secure wins in any tank. What effort have you put into learning your role in each battle and the best places to do it? Start watching unicum replays of tanks you play, platoon with better players to learn what they do in a given situation, read guides like Garbad's Unicum Diaries that give you insight into the thought process of a purple. Which of these aren't you doing that you need to start now? You can also look into individualized lessons with purples offering them for a small fee. I offer lessons on initial deployment where we go over a large number of your replays and discuss the best starting locations for your tank and what you should be trying to achieve and compare it to what you did. I believe sela also offers lessons on this sort of thing, don't know the details of what that covers.
    Your third problem, situational awareness and being able to read the map to predict what's going to happen. That happened for me first simply through playing experience over time and then really got refined and polished in tournament play where everything is about reading and predicting your enemy across the map. It comes naturally much easier to some people than others but just force yourself to pay attention while in battle and platoon with better players able to teach you more of it through battle communication.
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    Cunicularius reacted to _Dia in Unicums: How do you play this trash?   
    I don't do well when I play on tilt, that is, if my first game is a bad one, chances are the rest of them are going to be attempts to make up for that game and I end up with an awful session. 
    Platooning and winning give some satisfaction knowing you have at least 2 people backing you up. Playing Tier 10's means you don't get stomped on by higher tiers but it's also the most unforgiving. Arty and TD's in general can really just sap the fun out of it. 
    Put on some music, play well so that the numbers come automatically, and just enjoy/have fun doing so. 
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    Cunicularius reacted to yoyoya2 in Arty AP vs. HE shells   
    The only answer 
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