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    Cunicularius reacted to kolni in Kolni FAME acknowledged   
    This guy is swedish and this means "rather red than braindead"  
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    Cunicularius reacted to zapyoug in Looking for overwatch freinds   
    What kind of peasant do you take me for? 
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    Cunicularius got a reaction from FlorbFnarb in The M103   
    You'd be surprised how useful 122mm/High Caliber HE is for harassing IS-3s. Every 12 seconds I pop him again, assuming the front is locked down and he's not continuously staring at me. Suddenly 1/3+ of his health is gone, maybe a module, and that can help.
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    Cunicularius reacted to Rexxie in WoTLabs Throwback...Sunday?   
    But it was a good hurt!
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    Cunicularius reacted to Assassin7 in WoTLabs Throwback...Sunday?   
    well, I can't find the post, but I still have the image:

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    Cunicularius reacted to YesThatWasAPCR in WoTLabs Throwback...Sunday?   
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    Cunicularius reacted to YesThatWasAPCR in WoTLabs Throwback...Sunday?   
    The memories....sigh...

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    Cunicularius reacted to Rexxie in WoTLabs Throwback...Sunday?   
    Five nanoseconds of silence for the Rexxie theme
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    Cunicularius got a reaction from Va1heru in Streamer Partnership Program   
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    Cunicularius got a reaction from kolni in Streamer Partnership Program   
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    Cunicularius reacted to kolni in Streamer Partnership Program   
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    Cunicularius reacted to NightmareMk9 in Name and... Praise?   
    Reroll Skoda T50 was pretty cool with my permatrack rape of his face
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    Cunicularius reacted to 73north in Why Do People Hate On The VK 16.02 Leopard   
    your arrogance is astounding - thank you -
    also for displaying such breathtaking personal and unwarranted abuse please get some personal help from a doctor and keep taking the tablets
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    Cunicularius got a reaction from Stige in Why Do People Hate On The VK 16.02 Leopard   
    Then you must be shit. 
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    Cunicularius reacted to zapyoug in KV4 Kreslykkaskyisyi CW reward tank review   
    don't send me back to the salt mines 
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    Cunicularius reacted to zapyoug in KV4 Kreslykkaskyisyi CW reward tank review   
    So after getting to try out the KV4 Kreslavskiy out on my account for a few days, I have to say I am pretty happy with it compared to the other available rewards

    The gun on the kreslaslivsksky is actually quite good for what it is. Its the KV4 gun, 227 AP/289 APCR with good dispersion and accuracy values to it and 320 aplha but with poor dpm. (approx 9.5 sec reload) The only gripe I've had is the dispersion is just slightly too much for reliable snaps on most targets even after waiting a moment.
    the Kresl is a mixed bag in this respect. The side armor is truly excellent for the tier hanging around at 230 even when angled at 45 ish degrees with very thick tracks covering most of it to boot and the turret is quite good, mostly going between 230 and black hole. What gimps it is the miserably poor frontal armor. The lower plate is only effectively 180-200 straight on and the upper plate is an appalling 150-160 effective. Worse yet however is that the engine is mounted in the front so frontal hits will often result in engine damage and fires (as well as a dead driver.) I've found that ideally you want to be at around 40 degrees against other tier 8s to bait them into shooting your side instead of the weak front when in the open but are best off side scraping or trying to play hull down. Its worth mentioning that due to the gun being displaced to the left, its better off going around the left side of corners when possible for minimal exposure
    The mobility is actually surprisingly excellent on this tank. The limit is 30kph but it reaches that with ease on flat ground and still maintains good speed uphill. The traverse is still mediocre but not as bad as you might expect. It won't go downhills any faster than 30kph though so dont get your dreams up about amazing rams like the kv5.
    The equipment I found best on this tank was rammer, vstab, and optics though vents (just for general use) and spall liner are both viable as well given I found myself the focus of even more arty than usual driving this tank but rarely being penned except by a few M44 heat rounds. With consumables I attempted to run food with rep kit and med initially but quickly found out that frontal engine damage was a thing resulting in repeated fires so dropping fire ext is a very bad idea. Med kit could potentially be dropped instead but my driver died almost every game in addition to other crew members sometimes so I would not recommend it. 
    As far as the thing actually plays, its rather reminiscent of a KV4 but more suited to sidescraping and less to being in the open. There are a few quirks worth mentioning though.
    -This tank is AWFUL at cornering, the turret is mounted further twards the rear and is increedddiblly long. Think TOG II* long. Paired with bad frontal armor, trying to peek corners is prettymuch entirely impractical.
    -The gun depression is pretty good at 7 degrees but can be difficult to use due to the turret placement and the gun elevation is awful at 15 degrees, which can be quite a problem on occasion.
    -VR isnt great. With optics and an excellent 6 perk crew and food (which is not recommended) it barely reaches max vr. Without food or VR perks, I would expect the VR to only be about 410 meters with optics. without optics the tank is rather vulnerable to VR abuse without any bushes even involved.
    -Its very profitable, surprisingly so. You can actually even run a profit with full apcr spam. The apcr is only 4k a shell.
    Should you get it over the other rewards?
    In my opinion yes. The other 2 tier 8 reward tanks suffer from awful guns. The IS5 is horrifically inaccurate and the chefitain has miserable pen on top of both their chassis being poorly armored. The main advantage they have over the kv4 is speed, dpm and being less awkward in a brawl. Also if you just want a prem for some money making, the kv4 has good AP pen and cheap gold rounds with the only downside being somewhat costly 1k credit ap shell.
    Some game play.
    here a game from my stream. Its partially muted but I feel like it shows off how the tank plays pretty well.
    and this game is a great example of how not play the tank and awkwardly flounder around instead in a tier 10 game It really is sad to watch I warn you
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    Cunicularius reacted to OOPMan in No Man's Sky   
    @Kitten and I refunded, so nope :-)
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    Cunicularius reacted to _Assad in A Wild [BULBA]saur Sighting - BULBA Recruitment Station   
    I have confirmation that dia is a lewd dude
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    Cunicularius reacted to Fyreon in Fyreon's replays | 5k+ recent   
    Last 19 games for 113 3 MoE. Averaged 4.4k damage over those games.
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    Cunicularius reacted to Va1heru in Came back for the Skorpion - 35 Games Solo, 77% WR, 3320~ DPG   
    At least he posts replays you shitter 
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    Cunicularius reacted to CarbonWard in Came back for the Skorpion - 35 Games Solo, 77% WR, 3320~ DPG   
    What a shitter

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    Cunicularius reacted to A_Chodeful in Came back for the Skorpion - 35 Games Solo, 77% WR, 3320~ DPG   
    Title - came back after 6/7 months and bought the skorpion since the idea of a T8 hellcat appealed to me. Running 2.5 skill crew - rammer, optics, GLD. 
    Main advantage over the RHM besides speed is height. Just short enough to be small, but tall enough to peek over cover.
    Didn't disappoint. First 10-15 games are very rusty - about 2500-2750~ DPG - after that it balanced out : https://www.mediafire.com/?82q78bk7mc75uob

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    Cunicularius reacted to Taze in Name and Shame Part II Probably Sponsored by Universal Studios and Chrysler   
    Shaming myself for playing arty. But this team doesn't need praise either...

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    Cunicularius got a reaction from SuperTheBoss in T-34-3 Replay I Love 122mm HE!   
    There's your problem. 
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