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  1. It's things such as wotlabs.net/na/player/Pinocchio7 and wotlabs.net/ru/player/animaccord that make me doubt the stability of wn8 Thought?
  2. I just got 60% solo recent in medium-high tier tanks (7-10 usually). this is the first time i've ever had purple on my sig Too bad overall takes forever to get up
  3. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I am talking about NOT padding as this is a metric simply for myself. I got high-80s winrate today and only 3920 wn8 so i was a bit confused. o7 and ty anyways
  4. Is it a certain number, a certain ability (i.e. gud@scouts) or otherwise. I consider myself a gud player because my cancerous overall is made up by my gud recent (c. 2.5k previous gud games) I know some top 10 purple goof-ball clans have token blues to laugh at so I was wondering where the line is drawn, absolutely, to the best of your ability, between a good and bad player. Answers not looking for: "It depends", "You can't tell from one stat" I just want the MOST defining measure that applies to most situations. Since I know nothing of the sort, I will place the first comm
  5. Pls platoon with the ever-improving-atrocious-overall-statted me! Requirements: TS3 or in-game (ingame is cansur), Not too much swearing/raging/yolo-ing, plays range of tiers (6-10), has 3 brain cells, can play EST 6-10 range on either server. ty gl hf o7
  6. Wtf. I'm getting better. All I did was play Clicker TDs and Light tonks... This game is fun lol.
  7. I always get hidden village in my IS-8 in tier 10 battles and I don't know whether to play like a medium when there's a platoon of batchats or play like a heavy when there's a platoon of 57s. The red is where I play heavy, the green is where I play medium. And how the heavens do you play paper TD?! http://tinypic.com/r/ja9t3s/8 Please and thanks
  8. I am a decent player in terms of recent gameplay although I am inconsistent. I am looking for someone who is good at explaining and good at playing. I don't want to be carried, in fact the opposite, I want to learn how to carry. I will be a disappointment at times but I will not be whiney, deny stats, rage quit or be petulant. I am in this for the betterment of my gameplay and my stats. I'm not interested in specific lessons in training rooms etc. Basically, I want someone free, good at explaining and good at playing to help me dig myself out of the hole that is my stats. Groundwork:
  9. There is always hope for us noobs. Don't write us off as useless. I am performing decently in 30-day and 60-day stats. Unless they are actively harming you, they are helping you. Also, yes thanks now I can see!
  10. K. Remember when I said the IS-8 was carcinogenic. Well. I was wrong it turns out. I got it fully upgraded and more importantly got used to playing it and now I like it! Very balanced and fun. Can't wait for IS-7.
  11. K. I know I am smashingly terrible at arty. But. But. But. I am learning the ways from replays and shit so give me a sec to work it out.
  12. Whatsup guys I am new to the forums and the website and whatnot but not new to the game although my improvements are. I started off as major alpha scrub and now I am just a minor bravo scrub and my recent makes me a..... a..... still a noob. I try. But anyways, HELLO! I am here. I read how2poast n stuff. and I am just dropping in to say hi. I have 5k and a few battles and my username is GuySenseiRocks. I hope to see you all random battling and fighting the war on nerfs and baddies like meself. Good to be here and have fun.
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