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  1. What I'm seeing so far, is: - Strong turret - Strong hull armor - Good gun depression (who doesn't have good gun depression nowadays?) -Excellent silver pen (268 lul) - Above average mobility for a HT - Autoreloader without any of the drawbacks (seriously... DPM is hard to calculate but this cyclic fire mode is just dumb) - Poor gun handling? That can't be the only weakness... with all the new equipment that's the easiest thing to fix
  2. The tier 8 premium looks like it would be comfortable at tier 9. The tier X looks like a Chieftain with an autoreloader. Hooray for game "balance"...
  3. FV215b might actually benefit from the Improved Configuration more than Hardening because of the sheer amount of module damage it takes. I've played 9-10 games in it and at least 4 I've been tracked and lost my engine in the same shot. There's a lot of modules packed into the front of that tank.
  4. Thanks for the advice! I think I'm going to stick with my current setup for the time being, I'm just not quite good enough to build around the gun.
  5. So for something like the AMX 13 105, I've got CVS in the slot, Bond optics, and (for now) a Turbrocharger. Camo value right now is around 36ish, which is poor for a tier X LT, and the above discussion has me considering dropping Turbro for LNES Pro: Can become a more dedicated scout on all maps, allowing for easier active spotting should the situation require it. Puts me on a more even scale with T100LTs and EBRs. Con: Less mobility means less flexibility, which is what I need in order to offset the weaknesses of the gun. With other LTs being better at active spotting I can play against tanks I can leverage mobility and camo against. Thoughts?
  6. 268v4 is filthy. Just drive into enemy, they bounce, you don't. Wash, rinse, and repeat. Absolutely disgusting.

  7. I'll take a look at that, but I wonder if the aimtime will suffer. One of the reasons I like ELGD is because it keeps the aimtime less than the inter-clip time.
  8. Why does blocking a user on this website not hide their status updates? I've got everything checked.

    1. Rexxie


      Doesn't seem like you can, sounds like a forum software limitation. Kinda sucks, sorry :(

    2. FavreFan4ever


      You have nothing to apologize for, but thank you nonetheless.

    3. Haswell


      Status updates are the spaghetti code of the forum it seems, it doesn't particular work well with anything.

  9. Did you struggle with the *abysmal* pen of the 75? Every time I see someone championing that gun I see the pen values (100/129) and wonder how you do more than scratch paint in tier 6/7 games, especially where it doesn't have the excellent mobility it used to. Also, I'm curious if grousers are as good actually improve terrain resistance. tanks.gg doesn't seem to think so.
  10. Any advice for a Foch B setup? Thinking IRM/GLD/Turbro (for the poor reverse speed), but vents or some vision equipment might also make sense in the 3rd slot.
  11. I hardly feel the difference with turbro. Only 14 more horsepower, (180 --> 194, when it previously had 250) isn't significant enough to warrant it IMO. WG really butchered this tank. It's still a capable vehicle, but it requires significant goldspam and *lots* of patience. It's one thing to play against the enemy. It's another to feel like I'm playing against my tank as well.
  12. "Yes sir/I decline"? Really, WG? What was wrong with "Affirmative/Negative"? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    1. RedwoodOriginal


      There is a mod for affirmative/negative

  13. Fair point. I simply struggle to be consistent in it. It's one of the few tanks I can see myself completing TD 15-3 (or 4) in due to its burst capacity. Still, I think it's hands down the worst tier X TD. I have a hard time getting the gun in position to do damage.
  14. Foch B probably has the worst chassis at tier X. Armor isn't great, weakspots are large and obvious, gun arc is awful, mobility isn't its strength, and you have to spam gold to be relevant in most games. It's easily the most awkward tier X in my garage to play. I find it difficult to dictate the terms of engagements in it like other TDs can... you don't do well at long range, and getting in close means you're exposing your awful weakspots. @Rexxie seems to like it, though, and I'd trust their opinion over mine for better players than I. AMX M4 isn't great either, but at least the 130mm is fun to blap people with and you have enough mobility to choose your engagements. It's overshadowed by the E5 and Sconq, but I find it fun to play. There's something about having low expectations going into a match that lowers the pressure I put on myself, which leads to more enjoyable gameplay. It's why I still have the AMX 40 in my garage.
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