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  1. It's going to get nerfed, but it looks like a decent machine. And I don't mind its appearance.
  2. Ahh, I'd repressed the memories of the -1 depression to the sides on this tank.
  3. Please talk me out of buying the AMX M4 54 when now that it's on-track. Is it viable at all with the 130mm? Gold pen seems kinda low but 560 alpha on a French tank... :frenchy:

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    2. FavreFan4ever


      @8_Hussars Run the 100mm and the stock turret, at least if you get hull down you can stand a chance. Good luck!

      I had over 1500dpg and a 55%WR in mine for some reason, and I'm not even a good player. Wonder how that happened...

    3. Matross


      You were always into weird hipster French tonks, finish the collection.

    4. FavreFan4ever


      @Matross True that

  4. Ok, talk me out of picking this thing up while it's on-track. I've written at length about it but that's only my take based off paper stats. How is this tank with the 130mm in the current meta?
  5. Likely would've been easier to just nerf the alpha on premium rounds, although one could argue that increasing hp pool in lower tier tanks is necessary. I personally don't like this way of changing things (increasing standard round damage) because it's going to mess with my brain. I see something running an 88 or a 90mm and it suddenly hits for 300+? That'll take some getting used to.
  6. I can't speak to how viable tanks are in CW, but I have played a couple. -Maus is good for HT missions, although I ground it out when you had to go through the VK 4502 series. I haven't played mine much for some reason but its a Maus. If you're getting tanks for nostalgia's sake, one of two initial tier X heavies is a great place to start. -AMX M4 54 is poorly balanced. The chassis is decent, although the turret is weak to gold in unexpected areas. That's fine, it's no SConq and tanks should have weakspots anyways. But the guns... the lack of DPM on the 120 and the lack of pen on the 130mm make either gun choice abysmal. You'll always end up in a situation where you wish you were running the other gun, when in reality neither are good options by themselves. With the 120 you're a poor man's SConq, with the 130 you'll be ineffective against anything with armor and will have to spam gold to be competitive. If you do grind this line, run the stock turret + 100mm on the AMX 65t and then stop once you've reached the AMX M4 51. -268V4 is still really good. If your end goal is tier X, don't let a bad tier 8/9 keep you from getting a tank you've always wanted. -I don't think armored cars are good for many missions, but they are fun as heck to drive.
    1. 8_Hussars


      Players - "WG ffs balance your game"

      WG - proposes balance changes...

      Players "WG ffs - How dare you touch my OP soviet tank"WG - Sigh...

      "the introduction of previously presented changes for the Soviet medium tanks Object 430 and Object 430U has been abandoned"

  7. Great, another Swedish line that relies on autobounce mechanics. Completely immune to some tanks, completely helpless against others. Also, I think it'll have mechanics much like the Swedish TD's, see the note about "active suspension"?
  8. Yeah, I kind of dropped the ball on this event, as I thought it started in February. I'm not getting my hopes up.
  9. As the title states, I'm interested in taking part in the upcoming campaign, ideally I'd like to be able to earn a reward tank. Availability: Monday-Thursday evenings after 6:45pm CST, and potentially during the day on weekends (for training and such). Tier X tanks in garage: Batchat, 430U, SConq, Maus, 50B, Foch B/155
  10. I totally forgot to activate all of my vehicle discounts before the end of the campaign... missing out on a 30% discount on a tier X is going to hurt. FeelsBadMan

    1. Hellsfog


      You have until 1.4 drops to take the discounts.

    2. FavreFan4ever


      I see WG has listed instructions for how to do so on their website. Thanks!

  11. All that would do would continue the cycle of constant buffs that have the game balance so out of whack in the first place. Granted, not many are capable of getting the 279(e), but its already in the hands of the elite of the elite- lets make it even stronger! I've only seen one in game- you can chalk it up to pubs not knowing where to shoot it, but I faced one during my TVP VTU grind on Ensk. It rolled over us, blocked something like 14k damage and dealing 10k. It wasn't penetrated ONCE. So yes, let's give it more armor.
  12. Researched: Škoda T 50 researched. Undistributed experience spent: 156150. Free Experience spent: 0.

    Sold: 'TVP VTU Koncept' successfully sold. Received credits: 1,624,086. 

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    2. hazzgar


      Removing some corridors and some new maps (not hidden bullshit) mean it's a bit better than 3 months ago

    3. FavreFan4ever


      Too bad I don't have enough free xp to elite it... I've bought the suspension module, and I'm thinking of grinding the turret and free xping the autoloader.

      The overall sluggishness I noticed in a training room yesterday bothers me, though; I might free xp the engine/turret and then get the top gun ASAP. Sitting on around 57k free xp at the moment.

    4. Tarski


      The tier 10 has much better acceleration. The Škoda T 50 will feel a tad sluggish even after the engine upgrade. Honestly that was the main reason I moved to the tier 10. 

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