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  1. Researched: Škoda T 50 researched. Undistributed experience spent: 156150. Free Experience spent: 0.

    Sold: 'TVP VTU Koncept' successfully sold. Received credits: 1,624,086. 

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    2. hazzgar


      Removing some corridors and some new maps (not hidden bullshit) mean it's a bit better than 3 months ago

    3. FavreFan4ever


      Too bad I don't have enough free xp to elite it... I've bought the suspension module, and I'm thinking of grinding the turret and free xping the autoloader.

      The overall sluggishness I noticed in a training room yesterday bothers me, though; I might free xp the engine/turret and then get the top gun ASAP. Sitting on around 57k free xp at the moment.

    4. Tarski


      The tier 10 has much better acceleration. The Škoda T 50 will feel a tad sluggish even after the engine upgrade. Honestly that was the main reason I moved to the tier 10. 

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