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  1. Yesterday's comp consisted of 7 FCM50t's a t-49, 13-90, and a 40/43. I'm not sure I can support...
  2. Can we all protest this by just not bringing arty and running 5 lights? Once the RNG costs you all your gold of course and you can afford the techs
  3. Batchat FTW! But right now I'm in love with the new light tanks. RU 251 in particular and I still love the 13-90 as always!
  4. I would recommend looking at Narwal or TL;DR, both have quite a bit of talent and are consistently fighting on the map.
  5. Good luck poke me on TS if you see me around sometime and I might be able to give you some pointers. I'm not around for the next week or so because of work but after that anytime before the campaign lol.
  6. T-92 doesn't get used... 53/55 is almost always better and if not the 261. GC while longer travel time and supposed worse accuracy due to its high arc ends up being more accurate with ~3sec longer reload.
  7. Let me preface this by saying this is my personal opinion developed largely around my experience in this game over the last few months. It is not intended to criticize or insult anyone who disagrees or simply does not perform in this game at the levels I consider to be good. It can however hopefully explain why I think some metrics (Henceforth “stats”) can be an adequate indication of player skill in World of Tanks. We’ve all seen them, the countless forum posts, PM’s, in game messages and many other forms. Yet another person claiming “stats don’t matter” or “stats(WR especially is just luck)
  8. I've organized a few similar events regarding absolute TC's in the past through CR/D and I would be happy to help out with this. If you want to feed me some times ect. I would happily help spread the word through that thread. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. This sounds like a great idea.
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