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  1. They'll probably anounce that they are planning to re-balance t8 non-prem tanks over the the next 15 years to bring them in line with the interesting and dynamic premiums.
  2. How would one work out how long the mark line takes to fully peak?
  3. Once you get your parts list sorted, it is probably worth your while to go around to a couple of local tech stores and see what prices they can get you the parts for. (as in small repair shops, not Noel Leeming/dick smith etc.) I did this for my latest build and it actually ended up being slightly cheaper than buying online, as well as having local support when my CPU cooler turned out to be a dud.
  4. Obj 140 vs T-62A The 140 reaches auto-bounce angles on the front plate so easily it's hilarious. Loaded heat because I thought he was going to try to play turret games with me, turns out he was a bit overconfident.
  5. As a very aggressive player, learning to be comfortable running away from engagements that I'm not happy with has increased my survivability while allowing me to still play aggressively, and therefore increasing the impact that I am able to have on the game. As far as the engagements themselves go, watching really good player's replays/streams has helped quite a lot, basically enforcing the idea that you should always either be shooting at something or be getting into a position to shoot at something.
  6. Watching Luciquell and Orzanel has been helping me quite a lot. I've also found that just picking 2-3 tanks that you enjoy and playing them a lot will help you focus on map control, flanking/flexing opportunities etc. as you won't be trying to adjust to new tanks at the same time. Also learn everything about the vision system, that was one of the biggest things holding me back a couple of months ago. A good place to go is here.
  7. Feel free to send me an invite whenever, I mostly play 10s.
  8. Why would they not be aware that recent purple is a requirement?
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