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  1. 40TP is pure dog shit

    1. echo9835


      the 40TP wishes it was pure dog shit.

  2. Huge chinese buffs incoming.

    The T-34-1 wasn't even that horrible to begin with, at least back when I played it.

    You get a low profile, hard turret tank with a punchy but inaccurate gun. Prem rounds helped though. Now they will help even more with 280pen

  3. 10v10 ranked was fairly fun.


    Contrary to my solopub experience it had a skirmish feel to it all the way for the first two days or so.

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    2. hazzgar


      @DoggieKruger 3rd part killed my progress. A ton of loses no matter what I did. I think I sit at 51% WR for 10 vs 10 which is shit. 

    3. Panzergraf


      I had a lot of fun with this, but between work clashing with the ranked hours for the first week, and then a camping trip with some buddies for a few days the second week, I didn't have enough time to get to a league.
      I reached 1st division on Saturday, and went all the way to rank 8 in that division during Sunday (last day), and with two hours remaining my brain was completely melted and I just bounced back and forth between 7 and 8. So no Turbo for me this time...

      If only they'd opened it an hour or two earlier each night I would have had time to play more and maybe get into Bronze at least.

    4. DoggieKruger


      Primetime is absolutely nuts for somebody who works night shifts like me. I missed half the days just because I had to go the work/was at work.

      My overall results is 64.04% and I'm ended up at Rank 8 like you which I guess is not too horrible

  4. Really struggling to have any fun at all in Tier 10 games. Between EBRs, 2-3 arty games and high alpha HT/TDs.

    Every game is like a struggle to survive while your team melts.

  5. Post-buff STB is good but I can get it to work as well as my soviet mediums Maybe I just need to find the best ridgelines in every map? Like the turret is not as good as a 140 or 907 (imo) and the gun craps out on me at the worst times possible
  6. Realised that the game balance is fucked after an EBR absorbed two of my 50 120's APCR into its suspension at CQB range


    Like literally how the fuck do you expect the game to be fun

  7. Hate playing Steppes in HTs. Just one big arty click fest

  8. Nice maybe CDC is more usable now Also, remember the time when soviet/chinese prem HTs had 175pen? Pepperridge Farms remembers
  9. 8 Battles, 2 Wins


    Typical day for me @_@ 

  10. Glad I followed skill's recommendation to get this tank. I suck at most high tier play but the char future is able to carry me
  11. Getting pretty sick of Pilsen

    1. sohojacques


      It was a permaban for me.

    2. DoggieKruger


      Only having 2 maps to ban when 1/3 of the maps suck is pretty sad

  12. Weird that we didn't get this. But we did get plenty of OP broken shit
  13. 0% survival rate in P44 Panthera in 20 or so battles

    What am I doing wrong fellas

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. echo9835


      You keep dying. lets start there.

    3. kolni


      Could be infinitely many things based on that information

    4. DoggieKruger


      In general, I feel like I'm getting punished too much trying to chase the early game damage.

      Patience is not my forte

      24 battles, 2 survived. Aw lordy

  14. After a short lived river rush meta, live oaks north spawn in SEA has degenerated back to going city and camping the case.

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      river rush on severogorsk was never meta

  15. Becoming a masochist playing the WZ-120

    Realised the 100mm gun could be buffed to being shy of the T-54's top 100mm guns and it wouldn't even be near OP.

    The 122mm could be buffed to 5degrees and it would just be quality of life.



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    2. CraBeatOff


      I was thinking about this tank, and what I realized is that I basically just play it like a TD, up until the map opens up, and then I play it like a LT. Meaning, early on I just sit back and fling big hurty shells into things, where long aimtime and -3 depression aren't a big factor. Then, when there is space I use the acceptable mobility and small size to just flank and clean up. So it kinda never enters the "brawly medium" mode - which I don't do particularly well in. 

    3. yoyoya2


      I honestly just loved the alpha on it, the problem with the T-54 was that 320 alpha which just isn't useful in trading situations. 440 Alpha on a medium is just too good no matter how bad the gun depression is. Most of the times I wouldn't even notice that problem due to it's playstyle. The T-54 is the Toyota of Tanks, It will never let you down but just isn't exciting. The WZ is a Lambo, Yeah its shit for daily driving and reliability but what it does well it does really well (Alpha) In the End which one do I prefer? I want to have fun so of course i'll take the WZ

    4. DoggieKruger


      @CraBeatOffNice, definitely gonna try that

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