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  1. 8 Battles, 2 Wins


    Typical day for me @_@ 

  2. Getting pretty sick of Pilsen

    1. sohojacques


      It was a permaban for me.

    2. DoggieKruger


      Only having 2 maps to ban when 1/3 of the maps suck is pretty sad

  3. 0% survival rate in P44 Panthera in 20 or so battles

    What am I doing wrong fellas

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    2. echo9835


      You keep dying. lets start there.

    3. kolni


      Could be infinitely many things based on that information

    4. DoggieKruger


      In general, I feel like I'm getting punished too much trying to chase the early game damage.

      Patience is not my forte

      24 battles, 2 survived. Aw lordy

  4. After a short lived river rush meta, live oaks north spawn in SEA has degenerated back to going city and camping the case.

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      river rush on severogorsk was never meta

  5. Becoming a masochist playing the WZ-120

    Realised the 100mm gun could be buffed to being shy of the T-54's top 100mm guns and it wouldn't even be near OP.

    The 122mm could be buffed to 5degrees and it would just be quality of life.



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    2. CraBeatOff


      I was thinking about this tank, and what I realized is that I basically just play it like a TD, up until the map opens up, and then I play it like a LT. Meaning, early on I just sit back and fling big hurty shells into things, where long aimtime and -3 depression aren't a big factor. Then, when there is space I use the acceptable mobility and small size to just flank and clean up. So it kinda never enters the "brawly medium" mode - which I don't do particularly well in. 

    3. yoyoya2


      I honestly just loved the alpha on it, the problem with the T-54 was that 320 alpha which just isn't useful in trading situations. 440 Alpha on a medium is just too good no matter how bad the gun depression is. Most of the times I wouldn't even notice that problem due to it's playstyle. The T-54 is the Toyota of Tanks, It will never let you down but just isn't exciting. The WZ is a Lambo, Yeah its shit for daily driving and reliability but what it does well it does really well (Alpha) In the End which one do I prefer? I want to have fun so of course i'll take the WZ

    4. DoggieKruger


      @CraBeatOffNice, definitely gonna try that

  6. Problem with WoT is really a shit ton of bad-shitty maps

    Do we really need so many fucking maps to play tanks on?


  7. Still nerd raging on why the American and Japanese MT lines don't make more sense especially when I personally think Tier 9s should be mini-Tier 10's in terms of gameplay and aesthetics.

    Japanese MT line should from Tier 8 onwards be kinda sluggish, but good DPM hull-down snipers. Type 61 has absolutely horrible camo when it's only taller than the T-55 by 9centimetres irl and meant to be a small tank for small Japanese tankers. Would be better if ST-B1 was Tier 9 and an updated ST-B3 or Type 74 was in Tier 10.

    M46 starts out as an enhanced Pershing (as it really was) and becomes some Franken-M47 with unhistorical 105mm, and has 5 crew members. Why not insert the M48 as a Tier 9 and have the A5 variant or M60 as the Tier 10 instead?


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    2. DoggieKruger


      Visually and performance wise the in-game STB-1 is a Type 74. Especially the 3D style which makes it a modern Type 74. 

      The Type 61 also suffers from inaccurate model height and a ridiculous camo rating. It's slightly shorter than the easy 8 sherman IRL and has a much lower chassis. But somehow has one of the worst camo ratings, on par with the E50. So it really just feels out of place in between the STA1 and STB1 and a huge roadblock to the Tier 10. You don't actually have to remove it, my biggest bugbear is the silly camo rating. Having a STB at Tier 9 would be much cooler though. 

      Visually, M26 and M46 is almost identical. Most of the difference was in performance. M46 was almost a Pershing before being named as Patton. So not much issue with slapping a M46 turret on the fully upgraded tier 8 and calling it whatever you want. 

      M47 is so visually different just by the turret that having the tier 9 be called a M46 but having the final M47 turret is also odd to be sure. Skipping the M46 is a-ok as there's a M46 premium and the tech tree clean up showed that Wargaming is ok with removing historical progression. 

      Knowing WoT, I care less about the overall historicity than a smooth progression that can enhance the gameplay and fun.



    3. Assassin7


      Tanks with turrets changing the "model" of tank isnt new though, the Centurion 1 with the upgraded turret is the Centurion 3 for example. 

    4. hazzgar


      Outside of not making sense type61 is a good tank. Especially with new equipment. Slap a turbo on it and it's really enjoyable.

  8. Spent 1.2million credits in Ranked Battles only to end up the same rank.


    Welp that's hours of my life I'm not getting back

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    2. DoggieKruger


      Any tips or tricks for the T-100LT in Ranked?

    3. sr360


      @DoggieKruger yes. Tip #1: you're not an EBR. Tip #2: you're not an EBR!

      The common mistake made by non-EBR LT drivers is to try to play the EBR's game. The EBR has speed and camo in spades, but it lacks VR. The T-100 has less speed, similar camo, and fully decked out gets 60m or so more VR. I open by taking bushes which are less aggressive than I'd usually take in a non-EBR game, but with a view of common EBR scouting routes. The goal is to light their EBR on his initial spotting run, and hope your strvs and leos can make him pay. As the EBR loses HP and eventually dies, you can go to a more standard aggressive scouting approach especially if you're the only LT. Essentially, any game with the enemy EBR dying early should be a set up for 2 chevs. Due to the campy nature of Ranked, a T-100 is actually not bad for digging out enemy tanks. A CVS-equipped T-100 can burn out enemy camping tanks progressively.

      I posted several T-100 ranked games in my replay thread: a Prok game with no EBR and 6k spotting, a Siegfried Line game where I exploit my VR advantage over an EBR, and a Karelia no-EBR game where again, picking the LT early leads to just massive vision domination.

    4. hazzgar


      @sr360 I know how to play non ebr lights I just don't have them on my current account. I'd argue in some situations in ranked I'd rather be in a manticore or t100lt (grinding for both atm). Though some battles people went for insane yolo's and it's where it makes sense to ebr. 

      As for spot - I had some 10k combined on westfield with 7.7k spot on the ebr but also around 5 or 6k spot on the Leo in Prok when all scouts and bats died.

  9. Ranked battles are a hell of your own making

    > place poorly

    >Get stuck with idiot teammates

    >Unable to get out of Division III

    1. hazzgar


      I love role filling since somehow even campy tanks have a role of shoot your own spot when it already gives you more exp. Plus yeah teams are horrible. Wish I had more lights tho since the teams at least shoot better than on randoms so you can get decent results there.

  10. Seriously 40 Arty and 9 MT matching on Ranked. Is this just Asia things?

  11. playing this game after months of inactivity reminds me of how much arty still sucks

    Like honestly they couldn't make a decent indirect fire support class????

    1. lavawing


      M44 is decent, so decent as to be indecent

    2. DoggieKruger


      Sorry I meant to say "sucks to be on the receiving side"

  12. how to contribute effectively as a conqueror on mountain pass? arty shits on me wherever I go

    1. Vindi


      You can't. Same applies to glacier. Driving a sconq nowadays is pure pain.

    2. EndlessAgony


      Simple, drive a different Conqueror :doge:


      JK, fuck skycancer


  13. CDC should be due for buff right??

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    2. Fulcrous


      @Hellsfog i'm sorta hoping they replace it with the jagdtiger (h). basically the stock t9 jagdtiger with the 128.

    3. _Steve


      CDC is actually playable with food, it's fine in its current state

    4. Haswell


      On 5/31/2018 at 5:09 PM, Hellsfog said:

      How the fuck are they going to buff the JT88 to make it viable at tier 10

      Give it a turret and call it Panther 2.

  14. Just wondering how something as OP as the Obj257 when it first came out feels like utter shit now when I'm grinding it. Turns like a boat, feels slower than the IS3 despite being technically faster and having higher traverse speed. Gun feels derpier as well.

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    2. Tman450


      It was hilariously OP when the sides were autobounce for every gun in the game.

    3. hazzgar


      @Tman450 naah. It still wasn't op. It was just more broken

    4. _Steve


      It's a broken POS, oppressive against anything without HEAT or not tall enough to shoot down at it, shit against everything else

      Also if you are a red bot the sides eat way more shots than they should

      I never had much trouble dealing with one but that's because I shoot full gold in randoms 90% of the time LUL

  15. Man progetto feels awful without Sixth or Crew skills

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    2. NightmareMk9


      Looks like no Free Female crew at this point.  I'm debating if I want to use 4 orders to complete SPG15.4 and put her in as the Italian Med Commander.

    3. kreigermann


      Thanks to a giant pile of xmas gold I still have, and the xp conversion weekend... 176k xp for a full first skill crew. another ~100k ish for second skill on commander. 

    4. DoggieKruger


      Sorry for not being a unicum

      Tank feels much better when i know I'm not spotted with some directives

  16. Looking at the Type 5, Maus and 705A against my 113's AP rounds on tanks.gg and just nope.jpg 

    Dynamic gameplay = press 2?

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    2. Darvek


      Just flank them. That's the official answer, right?

    3. snowdude21325


      Remember the 263 v4 might need a buff because it can be difficult to play and you might die so it's not good enough

    4. Hellsfog


      9 hours ago, snowdude21325 said:

      Remember the 263 v4 might need a buff because it can be difficult to play and you might die, if you leave the game to get a drink and walk the dog, so it's not good enough


  17. The obj. 257 is truly a retarded tank to fight against for LTs and lower tiers.

    Thanks WG for making LT play even more enjoyable /s

    1. Kymrel


      I empathize, I've been playing the T54-ltwt recently and sometimes I don't know why I even bother taking shots at the side of the tank at long range. The strip you need to hit is tiny and then RNG can fuck you over even if it allows you to hit the damn thing.

  18. Vents or GLD for the 252?

    1. Tman450
    2. TAdoo87


      If you ever want to fire a  fully aimed shot then GLD, but then again aiming reduces DPM.:serb:

    3. Haswell


      GLD is pointless when you can just drive right up to your target head on and shoot them point blank.

  19. >Live in Singapore

    >Game client puts me on ANZ server with 200ping because of "high load"

    fuck you WoT

    1. ThomChen114


      happened to me the other day, live in Taiwan and auto logs me to AUZ server. made me almost miss a tourney game

  20. SEA server dies in the hour I buy premium time. Genius!

  21. So reworked Soviet MT line will now have a 440alpha TierX. What happened to Chinese MT flavor?!

  22. E100 giving buyer's remorse as an incredible credit sink T_T

    1. leggasiini


      E100 feels like a fucking premium tank compared to type 5 heavy when it comes to profitability :P 

    2. Android25


      Don't shoot gold and trade HP well and it makes credits. Tank was viable with AP before they buffed the pen, so now there's really no excuse :P

  23. WZ-132 is so good now compared to 9.17. But pref MM prems feel like shit now thanks to all these lts zipping around

  24. mfw Quickybaby actually calls out WG for their fake news of T10 LTs being too OP

    1. BlackAdder


      I just saw video and shit hit the fan. QB calling out beloved company 

    2. kreigermann


      Dez has a nice rant about it too..


      Sigh... T10 LTs is what I have been waiting for, and these new nerfs is really disheartening..
      I suspect the average pubturd got really disappointed when he couldn't lolyolo a T10 light in the same way he can T7 and 8 lights currently on live.

  25. Not sure why WG keeps fiddling with tanks where maps are half the problem and HTs need to spawn close to where they fight. 

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