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  1. Becoming a masochist playing the WZ-120

    Realised the 100mm gun could be buffed to being shy of the T-54's top 100mm guns and it wouldn't even be near OP.

    The 122mm could be buffed to 5degrees and it would just be quality of life.



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    2. CraBeatOff


      I was thinking about this tank, and what I realized is that I basically just play it like a TD, up until the map opens up, and then I play it like a LT. Meaning, early on I just sit back and fling big hurty shells into things, where long aimtime and -3 depression aren't a big factor. Then, when there is space I use the acceptable mobility and small size to just flank and clean up. So it kinda never enters the "brawly medium" mode - which I don't do particularly well in. 

    3. yoyoya2


      I honestly just loved the alpha on it, the problem with the T-54 was that 320 alpha which just isn't useful in trading situations. 440 Alpha on a medium is just too good no matter how bad the gun depression is. Most of the times I wouldn't even notice that problem due to it's playstyle. The T-54 is the Toyota of Tanks, It will never let you down but just isn't exciting. The WZ is a Lambo, Yeah its shit for daily driving and reliability but what it does well it does really well (Alpha) In the End which one do I prefer? I want to have fun so of course i'll take the WZ

    4. DoggieKruger


      @CraBeatOffNice, definitely gonna try that

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