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  1. Yes and there are some more (talking about BR unicums, cuz 1k is just too low). Nipp is the best i've seen even tho i don't think he still plays.
  2. hi, now you know two :). But yea somehow those guys got T-22s, was once in a pub game with one of them in a T-22 and he did sub 2k sadly
  3. Took me a while to play the tank properly and also unstock it but after that i have to say the tank is pretty good, even tho i still think the german box tank wins this battle.
  4. Unfortunately you dont get to use the turret all the time and when exposed, tier 7s pen my lower plate like butter and tier 10s or tanks using gold pen the upper plate easily whereas the E75's armor exposed with some angling can troll even tier 9s/10s. Tbh i don't get penned in the turret cheeks on the 75 that much, its not that easy of a shot as you guys are saying.
  5. Definitely a good tank, my armor held up quite well and gun was not bad to the point i like it more than the STI
  6. So yea i got this tank and suffered a bit with the stock games and thought it would be really enjoyable when fully upgraded. Unfortunately my armor seems to not hold anything (had a himmelsdorf game where my cuppola got penned every time in tank alley) and the gun is horrendous. Aim time is just so bad that I can't trade with anything that pokes me. Also, i seem to get open maps a lot, where my gun is even worse and 3 arty games all the time. Idk why many consider this the best tier 9 heavy when it loses in every aspect to the E75.
  7. sent request to all new friends :D, still looking for moar
  8. That's true, but back in the day i really enjoyed it. Sometimes i still play it, got 647 battles in my T32
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