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  1. Correct, but there were quite some complains that it made blocking too easy & stuff. Also you could rack up some insane blocked damage through this. Old system was pretty close to what OP wants. All non-damaging hits used to count for blocked damage (including those who hit external modules like tracks optics & gun). Then it got changed, can't recall the reason anymore albeit it could be to cull down some of the insane blocked damage you could see. Non-damaging HE didn't count even back then for blocked damage tho.. Now only shots that your armor stopped are counted, making alot of the blocked damage missions harder to do. So at least skill plays into it a bit more now if you want to do it consistently. Doing what OP suggest would once again see some mad blocking numbers back tho, but then it should include an overhaul of any blocked damage mission to triple or quadruple of what they are now to keep a similar difficulty. Because making every shot that did nothing count for damage blocked will make for some very silly situations.
  2. I would say yes. The best players can do both (play agressively from start & yet still preserve themselves for the end). Note, i'm not one of those, i'm too agressive for my own good. I'm one of those who has been terrible in preserving myself & hence tend to go for early damage & this is reflected in my rather aggressive playstyle & the my WR compared to my rather low WN8 for such WR. I'm far from an unicum tho & recognize the fault in my gameplay. Namely the lack of patience at the right times... Especially later in the game, where patience rewards you better.
  3. Likely this is also because of the Forumites channel on the EU server, a relax channel for finding fun platoonbuddies (password: play4fun ) Houses a wide variety of skill, but they're generally nice folks to toon with. Just let them know what tiers you enjoy.
  4. You can also look up the channel 'Forumites' on EU (PW: play4fun ) It's a platoonchannel consisting of people of various skills, set up to find platoons easy.
  5. Remember that repair & medkits also exist & when used, nullify all your modules you critted on that tank. It's important for that mission that the modules remain destroyed till the tank is down / game is over. So with reusable consumables, this mission did got a bit harder to do.
  6. Could it be this one: Schmidty's (crew) XP guide ? It was made with help from the EU community & lots of testing to verify how it all worked (where the wiki & this guide differ, assume this guide is correct, during tests, it's been discovered the wiki isn't always correct in XP distributions & workings)
  7. Got to agree with most here, the past year(s), quite some changes made WoT worse. For me the MM change to the 3-5-7 favored template made the game alot less fun, especially as I enjoy armored heavies. The various badly balanced armored tanks added in lately just added to the issue tbh. Because even the crap ones were tough to take on, even when played badly. That just kills the fun some more. I don't mind struggling against an armored tank that's been played well, but if see someone who has no clue about angles & he still gets to live doing stupid stuff, then blegh, you're killing the fun for everyone else involved, good & bad player alike. And last bit,, the 1.0 map-pool. Before this, we had a rather large map-pool, so you'd have a nice variety of maps to fight on, lessening the sting of bad maps. But since 1.0, the map pool is reduced so much, you just see the same maps time & time again. Been playing less & less myself. Most fun out the game I get by the KV-4, but it is fighting WoT on hard mode that. Still winning aplenty with it, which makes me question player quality in T9 & TX tanks. Maus used to give me alot of fun (even before they buffed it), but darn, TX got ugly the past year (the new (russian) TX tanks, the reduced map-pool, the big reduction on getting grand battles, the tier 11 tank introduced). Midtier used to get me alot of fun as well, mainly due to the faster games & the diverse map-pool, but that got killed off. Still having fun from time to time. Lowtiers never appealed to me.
  8. This is also happening on EU, no stats, error shows 'Clan not found'. No idea how widespread the error is.
  9. I like to name & praise this Progetto for being an awesome teammate: Red_Terror_777. He sure lived up to his name: First he helps me to rip out the HP of the enemy Object 907 ( Our object 430 assists at end & takes him out) while our other tanks ran off. Then we both hold this corner, while our Tiger II makes sure he is of zero use & our two meds decide chasing that T-54 lwt is the best use of their time. I use my armor to hold off the Lowe & track+damage the Type 4 each time he tries to peek so he can't fire. Meanwhile, Progetto rips anything apart that tries to flank us. Together we hold & take down the enemy city team. Could never have done it without this Progetto driver! Progetto got Topgun & me a Steel Wall; it was one neat game.
  10. I like to name & shame/praise 6 artilleries from an Airfield match. First the 3 artilleries on our team; for not being able to land some decent shots; apparently hitting an O-ho was beyond their skill-level. O-ho was giving us such a hard time at Airfield rocks that in the end, our team decided to man up & rush him. Because obviously our arty couldn't hit it. Then the enemy artillery fired. I like to praise them for their pinpoint accuracy. They could what our artillery did not; take out the O-ho. After that: steamroll ahoy!
  11. Can confirm that the Confederate medal award prerequisites have changed: Triple Confederate game Top 3 has a confederate medal each, despite different Xp & different amount of damage & tanks shot. Only thing we all share is that we had 6 tanks damaged but not destroyed. Likely it now only checks for the player that damaged most tanks without destroying it, starting from 6 damaged but not destroyed tanks.
  12. Because an image says more then words: Jawohl, Maus is balanced. I survive this btw, ended the game with something like 7K blocked in full premium spam. For people who say 'Why didn't they flank you?' They tried, it's how i lost some HP, but the T57 & arty made short work of flankers. Enemy arty didn't bother shooting me, so that helped greatly. It's something I noticed with the latest arty rework, my armored tanks get far less arty shots fired at them then before. My non-armored tanks on the other hand got an increase in skyfall love. To add to above image, people still claim *people press 2 & my armor is useless*. It's people like that that have lead to the current iteration of over-armored tanks, but it will never be enough, as long as someone can pen their tank, it won't do, it won't have enough armor.
  13. Regarding mentor, it's a very specific skill to use & as this discussion shows, it is also based on own preferences. Only to be used on large crew tanks tbh (6 crew ones) + only on crews you intend to keep. It is also an odd skill, as in that it always works, whether the commander is dead or not, it does not matter, the Mentor bonus always applies. If the crewmember is dead or not, he still gets the mentor bonus XP. It even works together with BiA, getting a slight bigger crew XP bonus when you have it. As noted, you have to train it early to get the most out of it, as it is wasted when trained as a later skill. Also based on how you approach your skill-training. I only have it on two crews myself, because i intend to keep them for long. My old KV-4 crew, who are now reaping the rewards as they're into their 6th skill & my Maus crew who are on their 5th skill now. Both of these crew have access to a variety of (premium) tanks for crew-training, so it goes fast, Mentor just helps them to get there faster. But as noted earlier, it's more about preferences in crew training & how people approach it then hard number advantages.
  14. Know what you mean. Not fond of this route of weakspot removal, but on the other hand, they're being consistent, as the classic KV weakspots got removed on all the other HD models. To me the HD KV-4 armor seems like they decided to simplify its armor layout, removing the various different armor plates (and weakspots) & make it into uniform armor slabs. This is reflected during gameplay as the armor feels more reliable now. Not in the 'I can bounce higher pen guns' way but more that you can bounce lower pen guns easier (and thereby make it harder for lower tier / low pen tanks to fight you). Still driving the KV-4 into battle & having fun. I did notice an odd advantage of the KV-4 over the Defender during battles; mobility... Turns out it can outmaneuver a Defender that decides to rush you. Not something you should gun for, but when you land in such situation, it can be a nice surprise. And generally not something the Defender player expects.
  15. Thanks, I missed this change. In the grand scheme of things it won't change much, but for the rare game like this, it's a great & fun addition.
  16. I just had an odd game that ended up awarding two High Calibers, so thought it would be neat to let the good folks at WoTLabs know it could be done. Me & my toonbuddy both did identical amount of damage & kills, but our experience gained was different, so it doesn't look at that (unlike some other awards) & just awards both people the award when there's no clear winner. The replay: Double High Caliber game (Warning, does not contain High Skill gameplay, just noobs charging in like mad & it somehow works)
  17. ZapYoug gave some good & solid advice, albeit I wouldn't go so masochistic. My toned-down advice would be to play tanks outside your comfort zone. This can teach you skills that you have neglected or aren't even aware off when playing your regular tanks. You mentioned you are a solid heavy player? Could be neat to invest in a t-34-85, Cromwell, Stug III G, Strv 74 or something else that's frail, mobile & a has a good gun, as they will help you teach about the game more I'm a heavy tank driver myself, of the armored variant. Yet at some point I did feel similar to you, at a plateau, unable to improve much; To combat this, I decided to get some soft & mobile tanks & try to do decent in them. So far it's working out, albeit my love for heavy armor stays. The fun thing is that the stuff I learn in these nimble tanks also carry over to my heavies, but moire as a way to counter them / learn better map knowledge to (ab)use Last but not least, don't chase WN8, especially not as a heavy tank driver. It's a rating heavy focused on damage (which in itself is fine, as ultimately, the team that does most damage generally tends to win too in almost all cases). But like lights, heavy tanks have a few tricks up their sleeve that isn't tracked by WN8, mainly their unwillingness to die easy compared to other classes. Above is reflected in my WR/WN8 discrepancy, something I always had, WR being ahead of the WN8 curve. My damage-dealing ways can still improve vastly, but I made 'Not Dying' a hallmark of my playstyle (and no not by camping, you'll usually find me in the frontline, being hard to kill) A common mistake I see heavies do often is being too conservative in their HP in the early game. Don't, the early game is where heavy tanks shine, so many targets & you got the armor & HP to take some damage for a big return. Be conservative in the endgame, because that's the domain of meds & lights, but at times, they might need a big slow distraction like you to make their magic work on the enemy. Note, I'm no unicum & hence I won't advice on anything outside (armored) heavies, as my knowledge severely lacks beyond them. I'm just a weird tanker that made being a meatshield into a WoT career choice. Oh, and you can watch replays/youtube vids of your favorite tanks too if you want to improve in those as well, certainly helped me to get better. I know you're blue & better at me at the whole damage dealing part, but observing replays/youtube stuff can help you show how to improve stuff on the 'win games' side of the deal as it's more then merely dish out most damage.
  18. Nice to see this thread still going. It's one awesome thread! Got to praise sakk76 from this game: 'Turning around a 2-9 game'. Not yet 4 minutes in the game & we're practically done for; yet we 4 (my platoon & this guy in the T-10) go all Hero mode & carry the hell out this game. Us 4 share 15 kills & all end with 1K base exp Felt like we were a 4 man platoon, guy even wolfpacks up with my two platoonbuddies to root out the last tanks (sadly dies at end in an attempt to root out their AMX 13 90) Without him, it probably would been one of those TX rollovers
  19. Glorious Maus is great Last survivor on Sandriver. They could not penetrate me. Also despite it saying 'Base Captured' I did blow up their last tank as it tried decapping, but failed a few times & he got blown up at 100 point cap. Also, what do you get when a Maus & FV 183 TD join forces to stop the enemy march in the Valley of Death? A whole lotta carnage, they tried flanking us, rear-ending us, but it was all in vain. My armor took it, the FV massacred them.
  20. This is news to me. Got both tanks & don't feel they're particulary suited for a switch. IS-4 was my first TX heavy, still felt it performed admirably regarding armro & don't have major complains about the gun, outside the slow fire-rate, long aim-time & the low ammo count. ST-I is also a great tank, dunno about it becoming TX, the LFP (and the central UFP, due to angle) are not that strong, so really needs to hide its hull most of the time already. Then again, tweaking soft stats & some values can go a long way in making each suitable for their tiers. It would mess with the crew setups tho (IS-4 carries one loader less). Imo, it would make more sense to me, crew-wise to switch IS-7 & IS-4, so the loader crew issue is sorted out.
  21. Aye, I've been in love with armored tanks since I started WoT & WG really did plenty of efforts in the early days in trying to find ways to reward armor usage, but ultimately, it would been too easy to abuse it, so I'm content that my only reward for being hard to kill is more victories & tons of Steel Walls. Do note, damage is what matters, the team that dishes out most damage usually wins. How you make sure your team is best in damage is up to you, either you dish it out yourself, or you create opportunities for your team to increase their damage output or you lock down a whole bunch of enemies, reducing their damage output in favour of your team.
  22. They buffed the tank's main gun, the ZiS - 24, it received better reload (by a second!) and improved aimtime too. The two main complaints about it's gun. Also 50+ HP when driving with the top-turret (already gave a 50 hp buff, so after patch it became 100 hp). Armored Patrol; KV-4 Buff Buff might sound weak for those not familiar with the old gun handling stats, especially with how some tanks got buffed everywhere, but it made a world of difference for KV-4 drivers anywhere, as the gun is now pleasant to handle & use. Also competitive. No other buffs (or nerfs, always good, no nerfs!) Despite it being russian, devs always had a hands-off approach to the KV-4. Still not HD tho.
  23. Aye aware it will be bad for other classes as well. I did explain it a bit bad tho. Was more meant as a jab at tanks that go to useless positions/don't know how to use it & die because of it. Or for the many times some great tank takes up a bad spot while another region suits it perfect, like an Emil going to flat terrain when there's hills abound, or a KV-4 going hills when there's nice corridors to abuse. But the patch will bring about tanks that can just screw with your play so badly, that you're forced to take on a much more passive role. In all honestly, a hovermed going heavy side is still more vulnerable (corridors!) then a new Type 5 or new Maus going to the medium playgrounds (locations that favour mobility over armor). Sure, an unicum can pull off good play with meds in a city, he's a unicum after all & knows why he goes there. But most folks? Nope, they're not that good. And that's my main issue with the changes, you need a higher skill to deal with these tanks. I have no doubt unicums will find ways to deal with these tanks pretty okay, I don't see this happen with the average player, who already has trouble handling my favorite tank, the KV-4 (yes even when firing prem rounds). Unicums however snack on it, the average player on the other hand struggles against it. The new armored tanks will just multiply this experience, not a good way to go tbh.
  24. From what I get, you get to keep them (with the changes included ofc) & the other tanks are unlocked for your buying pleasure. No free gifts. If you got the VK 45 B, but don't have Maus unlocked, you still need to grind m after patch, which for Maus means: start from tier 7, Grab your (upgraded) Tiger P & start grinding again for a new T8, etc.
  25. Don't forget that the Maus got some serious armor buffs as well. It's the best armored TX tank along with the Type 5 on test-server. This means any other tank will receive more damage, especially tanks which derive their armor thickness from angles, not raw thickness (hello IS-style tanks!) While it likely can't out-DPM a Maus, it'll likely be able to out-trade it, as it doesn't need to aim to deal some damage, while with Maus it's all or nothing (unless he switches to HE too, but that won't be a good idea due to the raw armour thickness on the Type 5) Honestly, the damage is just far too much on that derpgun. It's an artygun mounted on an armored TX tank. Especially lights & meds will get harrowing experiences. Imagine a Type 5 saying 'screw this, i'm going med side!' Sure, you'll get him down after a while, but not before he crippled those meds seriously. And you know there will be people playing it like that 'because my gun can't hurt armor enough, imma gonna shoot meds!', irrelevant if that's a good idea or not.
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