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  1. Otter Strongholds Extremely Srs Bizniss! More will come on stream :x if you miss them I'll still upload them on youtube!
  2. Starting 24 hour Stream in 30 minutes ish~! Playing some CS:GO, Tanks and H1z1 Battle Royale (maybe)
  3. 24 hour Stream - World of Tanks, CS:GO, H1z1 Planned for this coming friday - saturday (3/6 - 3/7) Goal: get 5 viewers...
  4. Hey WotLabs community, WGLNA Gold League Player Streaming. I started streaming on mlg.tv I will be trying to stream daily, but will stream a lot on fridays, saturdays for sure. Don't have an exact schedule up yet. Come hang out with me @ mlg.tv/SwippleTV and make fun of me for being a noob
  5. Found a Team. Much thanks to the kind tankers who reached out to me, gl to them all!
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