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  1. goodbye to the man who never trusted us shit tier mahou alumnis o7 chenhole
  2. Playing with friends = Try hard platoon. Playing sheriff 183 = Try hard platoon. I love life.
  3. When you go into wallys stream late at night and he wants to kill everything
  4. The server pop kills any tier but 10, but its fucking glorious in tens. Ive played every game on NA west, far western Canadian internet fares badly on east.
  5. 180k nigga you havent played that account 220k lyfe
  6. He was excellent with a complete ass laptop, got a decent computer, elevated to god levels. Also he solos primarily based off his stream+replays. Pretty funny dude.
  7. Your tilt is absolutely hilarious. Also do you think the IS-7 is actually viable or are you just good at doing damage like usual. PS: 113 got buffed, play that shit. e5 reload now.
  8. The thing is, if nothing else, retardedly broken in gold league and other competitive play. Have fun shooting a tank that has overextended only to bounce its side repeatedly, or to try and drive wheel it only to bounce. Also, in my experience, the tank comes into its own for players in platoons, where it dominates longer/controlled engagements. It can also flex around the map with its retarded speed and snipe with its accuracy, letting it fill a number of key support roles in a platoon. IE, mix an E50M and a heaviums role in a platoon. Edit: In my opinion the drive whee
  9. If I ever get kicked from bulba for being shit, I know where I will go : ^)
  10. What? They said its a non requirement, not that you cant join if you speak spanish...
  11. One thing that could make that game pretty good actually is how original the factions are. I think I said it before, but previous games' factions have the been somewhat cookie-cutter, but if they literally just use the established world of warhammer, which would be hard to fuck up, at least the factions would feel original and cool.
  12. Paradox DLC also isnt "look at these reskinned units you already have with a faction with one actual new unit that just starts in a different place than that other identical faction!". I actually like paradox DLC, and feel their games have so much more depth and skill involved, and the DLC is at least fresh enough to be worth while. Greek city states as day one DLC also pretty much signals the company doesnt give a fuck about you, and for that reason im sticking with the old total wars, fucking medieval 2 is the shit, and is like 10$ on g2a. If you get kingdoms, you have a number of excel
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