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  1. goodbye to the man who never trusted us shit tier mahou alumnis o7 chenhole
  2. Playing with friends = Try hard platoon. Playing sheriff 183 = Try hard platoon. I love life.
  3. When you go into wallys stream late at night and he wants to kill everything
  4. The server pop kills any tier but 10, but its fucking glorious in tens. Ive played every game on NA west, far western Canadian internet fares badly on east.
  5. 180k nigga you havent played that account 220k lyfe
  6. He was excellent with a complete ass laptop, got a decent computer, elevated to god levels. Also he solos primarily based off his stream+replays. Pretty funny dude.
  7. Your tilt is absolutely hilarious. Also do you think the IS-7 is actually viable or are you just good at doing damage like usual. PS: 113 got buffed, play that shit. e5 reload now.
  8. The thing is, if nothing else, retardedly broken in gold league and other competitive play. Have fun shooting a tank that has overextended only to bounce its side repeatedly, or to try and drive wheel it only to bounce. Also, in my experience, the tank comes into its own for players in platoons, where it dominates longer/controlled engagements. It can also flex around the map with its retarded speed and snipe with its accuracy, letting it fill a number of key support roles in a platoon. IE, mix an E50M and a heaviums role in a platoon. Edit: In my opinion the drive wheel alone is one of the largest problems with the tank, but thats just my opinion.
  9. If I ever get kicked from bulba for being shit, I know where I will go : ^)
  10. What? They said its a non requirement, not that you cant join if you speak spanish...
  11. MagentaPanda

    TW: Warhammer

    One thing that could make that game pretty good actually is how original the factions are. I think I said it before, but previous games' factions have the been somewhat cookie-cutter, but if they literally just use the established world of warhammer, which would be hard to fuck up, at least the factions would feel original and cool.
  12. MagentaPanda

    TW: Warhammer

    Paradox DLC also isnt "look at these reskinned units you already have with a faction with one actual new unit that just starts in a different place than that other identical faction!". I actually like paradox DLC, and feel their games have so much more depth and skill involved, and the DLC is at least fresh enough to be worth while. Greek city states as day one DLC also pretty much signals the company doesnt give a fuck about you, and for that reason im sticking with the old total wars, fucking medieval 2 is the shit, and is like 10$ on g2a. If you get kingdoms, you have a number of excellent full overhauls. If you want graphics, shogun 2 is still the best thing they have put out anyway, so just play that shit. Has guns and swords, but sadly you cant change the setting. Idk, I'm still salty after Rome 2. I remember watching that carthage trailer like 5 times, and to get a completely different, complete shit game at release basically made me hate the company.
  13. MagentaPanda

    TW: Warhammer

    Keep in mind Rome 2 at leasts prerelease shit was pretty much all bullshit, preordering any game from CA at this point is retarded. Attila seemed decent, but I think they lost a lot of momentum for the series when they fucked up Rome 2, given it had legitimate prerelease hype and then seemed like a semi broken alpha on release. Don't forget blatant DLC whoring with both games from what I know. I love CA.
  14. when you still cant get close to carbon :wut:


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      Carbon is the top 1% of the top 1%. GL friend, GL

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      At least you win moreĀ :yuefei:

  15. Just gonna throw it out there, if you are showing the petition to the school board you should really change the picture. It currently doesn't exactly look professional. Other than that, good luck. for reference
  16. T57 with HEAT spam is still quite strong, the mobility isnt really that god awful and in a brawling meta it often doesn't kill a tank. I would say it got nerfed the right amount, although they are still very frustrating to fight, they have clear strengths and weaknesses.
  17. Play CSGO, and realize that this games randoms are super shallow. Saying FPS' are shallow is pretty dumb when you are purely talking about battlefield.
  18. What the hell did you play to get 5.1k WN8 out of 4.1kdpg@9.4~tier. Other than that, do you really feel you need to play 90 game sessions to get super polished, curious for gold league next season.
  19. Play with a buddy in an E100, 1/2 for meatshield, 1/2 for play normally, then track something and he blaps it. If you can brawl well, the track shots can do damage and net you pretty much an extra shot worth of MOE progress. I only did that for my 62 though, which I got to 94 on in a triple plat and then finished in 2 games. Proceeded to get to 98 so idk if it helps if you are struggling.
  20. Watch any of the gold league games pre format switch and IS-3s are a staple. Beyond that, its got some of the best tier 8 stats (DPG/WR wise), on par with other abominations like the JP-2 and 416, and is widely accepted as one of the most broken tanks in tier. Just because in randoms its easy to kill does not mean its easy to kill when anyone good plays it. LFP used to be like 270+ or something retarded, but that got switched in HD.
  21. Its not exactly surprising your DPG dropped, 3300 is higher than your 907 (lol), and 2500 matches your other tier 9s performance. If you had won like 2~3 more games the WR would be in line with the 907 as well, so honestly its more likely you had a run of great games that you are coming off of, rather than normal ones fucked by a bad session.
  22. Gold Nova master with 13 comp wins I love getting carried
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