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  1. So I just got my 3rd mark on my 2,000th game EXACTLY. Could this be a sign that I'm Satin? Should I move to Crommy B now?
  2. I need a tourney team for Grand Finals Countdown

  3. I'm looking for a team to play with on the 3 vs 3 tier 6 tourney. -I have most experience in tier 6 -I have 2k battles in my cromwell -I have a variety of tier 6s -I'm available all nights -I can be a backup or play all games -I prefer not playing with sqeekers (But I will still play with them if need be) I look forward to playing with you!
  4. Woah. Shave and get read of ache at the same time!? Kill 2 birds with 1 stone
  5. Does anyone have any good ways to get read of blackheads? Discuss.
  6. The Cold War was not cold nor war. Discuss.
  7. You would be supprised how much you can get on Craigslist. Ebay is iffy; Pawn shops are usually iffy. Sometimes there are local "Swap and sell" groups on facebook that you can sell things on. I just sold my old laptop on there for a very good price. It's all abount how much effort you are willing to put into selling it I guess.
  8. Now that I think about it, 15 isn't that young. Once you hit 15 you start to mature. but 14 and under... Ehhh
  9. I tried. They told me I do now have good enough stats. So just because I wasn't boring and used only black, I am a little kid. That makes so much sense. 17. And I don't talk that much... I know how to keep quiet during the "silent part" Enjoy the black and white version...
  10. About me: Tanks I have: One Tier 10 (FV4202), Two Tier 9 (Centurion 7/1 & Waffle Jr.[i have M53/M55 researched, Just need a few more creds to buy]), Five tier 8 (T69, Centurion 1, Rhm, IS-3, M40/M43), One Tier 7 (T71), Eight Tier 6 (Crommy, KV-1S, M6, Hellcat, M44, FV304, KV-2, SU-100Y), And many tonks under tier 6.... My Stats: My overalls suck (Due to the fact I was using a laptop that did on average 5fps for my first 4k games and I didn't start using a mouse until 6k or 7k games) My Current 60-Day WN8 is over 1600 (But would be a lot higher if I didn't do TCs everyni
  11. OOP (Object oriented programming) is programming that is centered around objects and data. Where as traditional programming is centered around actions and logic. I personally like both types but one BIG advantage that OOP has is that you can create relationships between objects. For example: Objects can inherit characteristics from other objects already existing. So I can make a new object that can inherit characteristics from objects that already exist is easily. You question was a little confusing the way you worded it so I hope this helps...
  12. First of all, There is no way to speed it up then get faster internet. Although, If you are using Wi-Fi, Hardwire yourself (Ethernet)! That usually makes my download speed about 5% faster. The reason the file is so big is because of all the programming and such that they need to add/replace. Third of all, Get better internet... No wonder it is taking so long... 1.5 Mbps? That's not nearly enough to download large files OR play a live online game (Like WOT). You should atleast have 15 or 20 Mbps...I have 50 and it is like lightning! Good luck.... P.S. 8 hours? I would have unins
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