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  1. It took me about 100 games to go from my Comet to the Centurion. I loved the comet. My comet is statistically one of my best tanks. That said, I am the worst Cent 1 driver that I have ever seen. If anyone has any replays lying around I'd be very grateful. Edit: also what's with the reflective panel on the upper front plate of the hull, is that meant to be there?
  2. Not the best@tanks on SEA but I but play pretty regularly and always looking for new people to learn from.
  3. Shameless necro (I hope that's not frowned upon in this section). derp, your advice seems to be proving itself fairly effective. I've spent the last month dabbling in various twitch streams to learn nice spots and I am definitely seeing some more regularity in high WN8 games. I'll also take this opportunity to further blow my own horn and say that a massive positive impact on my game play came from asking myself if I should really be where I am (I certainly yolo much less). Thanks to the recent colour scale changes I'm also a lovely shade of teal. Hoping to push my overall into snot green
  4. Indeed, apparently it was removed on SEA due to a prevalence of accidental use at internet cafes (or so I've heard). I haven't found a standalone mod for this but I know that Aslain's package contains what you're looking for.
  5. I did not mean to contradict you, rather tell my tale of woe. I'm not a great player and the Chi-Ri seems to do almost everything in its power to highlight my inability to use a medium with no significant individual strength. If anyone could take the time to point me to a couple of exemplary Chi-Ri games I'd appreciate the education.
  6. It took me a few days to decide whether I wanted to free XP past this tank but SEA server had a tier 7 sale and I bit the bullet. In my limited experience I can say that the Chi-Ri is a somewhat fun tank to play however it seems a bit of a stretch to call it good (relative to other tanks for it's tier/class). Thanks to aforementioned SEA server sales I have not seen many Tier 9 games for which I am grateful.
  7. This is all good stuff. When I play frustrated I tend to get even more frustrated for pretty much the reasons Inciatus mentioned. I'll have to keep these in mind. I get the feeling that the problems I am encountering are not all that uncommon. I've started grinding my way up a few medium lines recently (Japan Tier VI, China Tier VI and US Tier VIII), I'll probably choose one to focus on fairly soon. Although the Russian branch is certainly tempting. To be honest, I think the switch to mediums in particular is why I have noticed that my tactical choices are lacking. In heavies you
  8. Having briefly stalked your stats you're certainly on an upwards trend (particularly your WN8 which really shot up overnight Oh because WN8 was only introduced at that point so it went from 0 to 800, nonetheless the upward trend is still there) what did you find made the most difference to your game play? I've briefly looked over one map guide but I am busy pretending to study for exams atm so I'll have to look into it in early next week. Thanks for the direction. More generally, I've been told that I'm quite a passive player this is probably because when I take risks they are ill-consi
  9. Hey everyone, I'm _Spec, I played on the NA server before being transferred to the SEA server. I currently have over 9000 battles but only decided to try to get good after about 6000. I have made progress since then mostly by learning the game mechanics however I don't really have the direction or knowledge to improve further. My overall WN8 is still catching up to my recent however my recent is not hitting the heights that I would like it to be. I have played a variety of tank classes and enjoy all play styles (except for arty) and am grinding a number of lines concurrently. I have o
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