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  1. Inchon and Bulldog1986 are great guys to be dep. commander and they did excellent job and i know they can do it again easily but when we ( me and diesel) started this clan it was like a retirement clan. We started this firstly for platoon and strongholds with elite players. Secondly sometimes CWs or tournements if they wanna play. But just imagine what happens if your dep. commanders starts to recruit too many players into retirement clan ( they're all mature and great persons) which players are looking for active commander and active clan actions. Like i said this clan was a retirement clan a
  2. So sweet cheeks you want to toon, or feel self important cause that cost extra?
  3. Going through WZ line currently on the 59'16 looking for some purple mates to toon with seeing as it's hard to carry in a light tank like this. I can also do whatever you like. Also play mainly 10s. Must be Recent of 2,350 or up but overall of 2,000+ is a plus as well ! (Prophets Brother)
  4. http://www.wotreplays.com/site/972313#ensk-optical_prycison-59-16
  5. Gotta Get Dat Purple =P

    1. Brontoscorpio


      Apologies but *I* am the queen of emma


    2. Medjed


      chick fight!

    3. Optical_Prycison


      ain't nobody got time for that =P

  6. Here are some replays that I felt showed showed how playing aggressively in certain situations can win you the match.Please feel free to leave any feedback or criticism . http://www.wotreplays.com/site/961093#himmelsdorf-optical_prycison-is-7 http://www.wotreplays.com/site/957170#lakeville-optical_prycison-bat_chatillon_25_t http://www.wotreplays.com/site/946725#kharkov-optical_prycison-t-62a http://www.wotreplays.com/site/938954#self -T62A http://www.wotreplays.com/site/950166#self -E100
  7. http://www.wotreplays.com/site/957150#self What wouldve been the best way for my platoon to try and pull this match out of the gutter
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