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  1. mefistocelus

    Skoda T 50 pewpewpew

    It is a really good tank and I enjoy it immensely but these APCR ammo sometimes bounces incredible shitty tanks like cancer, lights and so on. I rarely use HEAT maybe for IS7 and stuff. I am worried that, if I am bouncing shit tanks in tier 9, what will I do with the same ammo in tier 10?
  2. mefistocelus


    I was also wondering myself if I am a padder or not. I almost never play solo, I play in platoon only with my real life friends and we fucking enjoy E50 as you can easily influence most games and win more. I don't enjoy loses, I don't care about WN8. Clearly I don't deserve the WR as I would never get that in solo play but I don't enjoy playing alone. I have no more grinds to do in the game, I do have >70 tanks that I can randomly choose when I feel the need and as you, I spam premium ammo only in E100. All tanks have some premium ammo for emergency situations As my posts number is null I don't think it matters for the Wotlab community that I am fucking padder
  3. mefistocelus

    T-54 vs WZ-120

    Fucking moron Straik should get the memo from you...I see now on his YT why he play like shit in his T54.
  4. I concur that even if you delete everything from res_mods this doesn't mean you are mods free. After the last update the game crashed every time when entering garage. I couldn't fix it (I tried to had a clean res_mods). A clean install solved the issue. Game was installed since 2013 without any issues so far.
  5. mefistocelus

    Rampage mode

    As I didn't played it yet...noob question...can you platoon in this mode (asking for the social aspect not w/r aspect as I read that it doesn't matter)?
  6. mefistocelus

    GENKI clanu?

    I thought Aquavolt was a respected member of wotlabs...or? He was in platoon with that shitlord. I don't get you americans...
  7. mefistocelus

    GENKI clanu?

    And you guys are in the same clan with those 2 shitters that stole your friend's gold? GG!
  8. mefistocelus

    lags and crashes

    They were saying that there are big issues with the latest AMD drivers. Also previous XVM versions...
  9. mefistocelus

    In Repose to my "reroll"

    You should up-vote yourself like you did it in the other thread!
  10. mefistocelus

    9.8 and free 6th sense [except not really]

    I didn't play yet on 9.8 but I think that the badge is awarded when you are spotting someone. Btw the badge for doing a critical hit can be important...
  11. I don't mind the nerfs on premium ammo but don't fucking touch the pen on normal you think will happen? Less premium ammo fired?
  12. mefistocelus

    jt8.8 bonus code for 15 eur

    LOL, they changed the price a few minutes ago....
  13. mefistocelus

    jt8.8 bonus code for 15 eur

    Product Description Only one key of this type can be used per account! Are you sure you can buy 2 and use the second one?
  14. mefistocelus

    jt8.8 bonus code for 15 eur

    The price seems much lower than what WG is offering on their this a scam?
  15. can you get it usable only when you are spawned from South?