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  1. Don't seem to be getting the session stats either - I'll guess I need to try a re-download and install
  2. Frickin sky cancer - theirs is alway laser guided and ours couldn't hit sand if they fell of a camel

  3. Cheers mate - appreciate the comprehensive answer. Probs now keep the Cent and pump up the crew, and continue TD'ing with the 416 dpm machine
  4. Hey Storm, Really liked the old topic, source of some great info that I found very helpful. 2 questions please: 1. Cent 7/1 - I really enjoy the tank, love the top gun (free xp ftw) and the dep+turret, but struggle with keeping my shitter win rate in it, as I seem to oscillate between 48.5-52% in it from session to session. Is the 4202 worth purchasing - as in does it play differently to the Cent, or do I just do the grind to elite the t9? 2. Obj 430 - what's your opinion on the t9 grind? I have played the 416 to elite, but been reluctant to go further as the t10 really doesn't seem to be anything like as good as the 62a and 140 (which I already have)
  5. That's what I see every time I play - It doesn't gel with what this guy, who was a guest of WoT, is saying; presumably with their permission
  6. Interesting Article about WoT E-sports and why it hasn't taken off in the Australian gaming community. One of the most interesting comments the journo makes however is this, when talking about player numbers on the different servers: "The Asian server has a peak of around 22,000 concurrent players, with around 16,000 of those hailing from Australia, Wargaming says." Now that's a slightly different story than the one that gets trotted out by Tan, AALG etc every time someone mentions Oz/UnZud servers or clusters... 72% of the concurrent population in Oz? Although I wonder if the journo got that right - but surely SerB's minions would be jumping up and down if he got the facts wrong? Original article http://www.abc.net.au/technology/articles/2015/04/10/4214141.htm
  7. Hey, been a long time lurker who thought I should say hi. Don't think there's a lot I can contribute as a 50yo playing their first game of this type, BUT I really wanted to acknowledge the advice and information that so many people take the time and effort to post here. So much to learn and absorb. Thanks to you all and keep up the good poasts!
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