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  1. The Spaghetti tank also has better gun handling, mobility, HP and view range than the Mutz. Edit: And! They have exactly the same DPM when not burst firing.
  2. Smylee is legit for WoT coaching I want to know your response to the argument that anarcho-syndicalism has little relevance in modern societies given the dwindling size of the industrial proletariat. Would you coach me?
  3. People did a bigger grind to get the non-premium T95E2, and it absolutely hemorrhage’s credits with abysmal AP penetration.
  4. Since I’m finally doing a full campaign (they usually happen when I’m traveling as I don’t count the IS-5) I’m really torn on picking the Object 907 vs the Chieftain. I know the 907 is probably objectively better, but a fast hull down beast with those armor angles and gun is very appealing to me. I played a ton of Object 260 and Strv last night, but I hadn’t realized that callers flat out don’t take Object 140’s anymore.
  5. No. I just re-bought it today after not playing it in about 3 years. It's totally different. Goes up hill like a slug and the gun traverse on the 90 mm is atrocious. I had to switch back to the 75 mm.
  6. Holy, shit. The ELC got nerfed into tier 3. It's soooooo bad.
  7. I just played through the tier 4 Italian tank. I don’t even remember what it’s called. Anyway, it has 70 mm of penetration with 175 alpha on the HE rounds. That’s hilariously overpowered at tier 4. It had to have been a mistake. Tier 8 mediums wish they had that kind of DPM.
  8. So, this happened... That's what I like to call a "why the fuck not?" shot. I was actually more concerned with not hitting my teammate in the T-100. I had him just outside of the full screen reticle. Also, the replay is interesting to watch. It features Barks_Internally derping out early with 0 damage (I didn't know he still played), a really weird dispersal by the red team and having to suicide derp to reset cap and save the win. For bonus points, a RELIC guy gets accused of hacking. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4702717#el_halluf-monjardin-t49
  9. I came here just to bitch about Studzianki, but it's already gone. Abbey - 12 Airfield - 12 Cliff - 15 El Halluf - 16 Empire's Border - 3 - 3 = 0. Buh, bye! Ensk - 12 Erlenberg - 10 Fjords - 12 Glacier - 13 Himmelsdorf - 15 Karelia -16 Lakeville - 15 Live Oaks - 9 Malinovka - 16 Mannerheim Line - 12 Mines - 6 Minsk - 15 Murovanka - 21 Overlord - 13 Pilsen - 6 Prokhorovka - 20 + 1 = 21. If only I could turn it off in brick heavies... Province - 13 Redshire - 17 Ruinberg - 15 Sand River - 16 Serene Coast - 15 Siegfried Line - 3 - 3 = 0. Unbalanced. Steppes - 18 Tundra - 15 Westfield - 16 Widepark - 15
  10. OMG! I've had Hinterland 3 out of the last 4 matches. :(

    1. Tarski


      I had Grand Battles turned on for a few thousand battles when they were new and got into them 2-3 times total (maybe I played at the wrong times?). I didn't know the maps very well and at the time was playing on a computer that had performance issues with them, so I turned them off. Now I'm considering turning them back on for more map variety. 

  11. STOCK? Are they trying to make new players rage quit?!?
  12. Hi, Bert. Welcome! I suppose the tier 6 is handed out to jumpstart people that want to play Strongholds with a clan...
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