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  1. Yes. You should be able to do that directly in Excel with a VBA script.
  2. Do you have a preferred scripting language?
  3. This thread is 4 years old. Most the people listed don’t play anymore.
  4. I've been waiting years for that tank to be playable. I don't see it happening.
  5. @PlanetaryGenocide It's the "Vanquisher" preset style from the Trail of Fire campaign.
  6. My T49 is looking extra sexy today. Time to go get that 3rd mark.
  7. I’m pretty sure @CarbonWard was running two repair kits back when they were single use. So, I don’t think it’s best anymore.
  8. I like playing the T-34-3, but the WZ-111 is an all around upgrade over it. It’s not really debatable. The WZ-111 trains crews for more relevant ranks too.
  9. @Assassin7 You had me Object 268v4. I quit for a full year after that abomination was released.
  10. @Jesse_the_Scout sounds like he knows what’s up. If they cared about stats, then they could just expand the API to differentiate pre/post change stats. Then spotting damage could start counting too.
  11. When was the last discount on premium time for gold (on NA)?

  12. monjardin

    UDES 14 5

    LOL. That was a typo. I stand by my point!
  13. monjardin

    UDES 14 5

    Who cares about the armor? It can poke pretty quickly with 360 alpha. I’ll take that over the troll Pershing turret with 240 alpha.
  14. That combination of alpha, armor and mobility sees tier 7's...
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