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  1. Today I learned that if you flip a tank over and leave it to die, then you get credit for the remaining damage. I got jumped by a full HP EVEN 90 and a half HP 13 75 in my T92 LT. The only thing that I could think to do was to ram the EVEN 90 while shooting the 13 75. It worked, I killed the 13 75 and it didn't seem necessary to keep shooting the upside-down diminutive tank. I was later surprised to see ~450 damage register after it timed out.


    1. Fulcrous


      Didn't know that. What if someone tries to steal your damage though? :rabble1:

    2. monjardin


      Well, I flipped him near the middle of Swamp. So, it wasn't really safe to poke out just to farm the little guy anyway.

    3. monjardin



      The beginning just shows off my shitty aim and indecisiveness.

      At 12:20 I'm thinking "oh, shit! I need to do something or I'm dead" and charge the EVEN 90.

      It blows up just before 11:40.

      As aside, I keep getting shocked how good the gun depression is on the T92. I keep expecting it to be like the old T71. You can tell when shooting at the T34 that I didn't think that I'd be able to depress all the way to the hull from that position.