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  1. Yes. You should be able to do that directly in Excel with a VBA script.
  2. Do you have a preferred scripting language?
  3. This thread is 4 years old. Most the people listed don’t play anymore.
  4. I've been waiting years for that tank to be playable. I don't see it happening.
  5. @PlanetaryGenocide It's the "Vanquisher" preset style from the Trail of Fire campaign.
  6. My T49 is looking extra sexy today. Time to go get that 3rd mark.
  7. I’m pretty sure @CarbonWard was running two repair kits back when they were single use. So, I don’t think it’s best anymore.
  8. I like playing the T-34-3, but the WZ-111 is an all around upgrade over it. It’s not really debatable. The WZ-111 trains crews for more relevant ranks too.
  9. @Assassin7 You had me Object 268v4. I quit for a full year after that abomination was released.
  10. @Jesse_the_Scout sounds like he knows what’s up. If they cared about stats, then they could just expand the API to differentiate pre/post change stats. Then spotting damage could start counting too.
  11. When was the last discount on premium time for gold (on NA)?

  12. monjardin

    UDES 14 5

    LOL. That was a typo. I stand by my point!
  13. monjardin

    UDES 14 5

    Who cares about the armor? It can poke pretty quickly with 360 alpha. I’ll take that over the troll Pershing turret with 240 alpha.
  14. That combination of alpha, armor and mobility sees tier 7's...
  15. The essence of my session in one screenshot. 



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    2. sohojacques


      The essence of why plus 2 MM sux. If those two Leo’s had been in competitive tanks instead of the muppet tier 9s you got...

    3. Kymrel


      I don't know why you are complaining about the tier 9s in this game. I mean, the Skoda penned all the shots in his clip before dying. What more can you want from an autoloader?

    4. DirtyACE7


      Having a retard, a brain dead monkey, a piece of trash, a shit-eating moron, a window-licker and a mouth-breather on your teams are all part of the course. Especially on weekends.

  16. 189 mm of penetration is pretty high for a tier 8 light tank, and it's also higher than several heavy and medium tanks (e.g. KV-5, Type 59, T95E2, etc). The LT-432 is arguably the best tier 8 LT at the moment, and it has 176 mm of standard penetration.
  17. The Spaghetti tank also has better gun handling, mobility, HP and view range than the Mutz. Edit: And! They have exactly the same DPM when not burst firing.
  18. Smylee is legit for WoT coaching I want to know your response to the argument that anarcho-syndicalism has little relevance in modern societies given the dwindling size of the industrial proletariat. Would you coach me?
  19. People did a bigger grind to get the non-premium T95E2, and it absolutely hemorrhage’s credits with abysmal AP penetration.
  20. Since I’m finally doing a full campaign (they usually happen when I’m traveling as I don’t count the IS-5) I’m really torn on picking the Object 907 vs the Chieftain. I know the 907 is probably objectively better, but a fast hull down beast with those armor angles and gun is very appealing to me. I played a ton of Object 260 and Strv last night, but I hadn’t realized that callers flat out don’t take Object 140’s anymore.
  21. No. I just re-bought it today after not playing it in about 3 years. It's totally different. Goes up hill like a slug and the gun traverse on the 90 mm is atrocious. I had to switch back to the 75 mm.
  22. Holy, shit. The ELC got nerfed into tier 3. It's soooooo bad.
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