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  1. I’m happy about @Rexxiesinglehandedly attempting to resurrect this forum. Next thing you know, I may spot someone other than @Errants in the in-game WotLabs channel.


    1. Rexxie


      i'm gunna shovel the dirt off this forum just u wait

  2. When was the last discount on premium time for gold (on NA)?

  3. The essence of my session in one screenshot. 



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    2. sohojacques


      The essence of why plus 2 MM sux. If those two Leo’s had been in competitive tanks instead of the muppet tier 9s you got...

    3. Kymrel


      I don't know why you are complaining about the tier 9s in this game. I mean, the Skoda penned all the shots in his clip before dying. What more can you want from an autoloader?

    4. DirtyACE7


      Having a retard, a brain dead monkey, a piece of trash, a shit-eating moron, a window-licker and a mouth-breather on your teams are all part of the course. Especially on weekends.

  4. OMG! I've had Hinterland 3 out of the last 4 matches. :(

    1. Tarski


      I had Grand Battles turned on for a few thousand battles when they were new and got into them 2-3 times total (maybe I played at the wrong times?). I didn't know the maps very well and at the time was playing on a computer that had performance issues with them, so I turned them off. Now I'm considering turning them back on for more map variety. 

  5. I want to use the holiday discounts on the Caern, Conq and S. Conq.

    I finished the Church I ages ago and hated it. Slow, unreliable armor, slow, low alpha and did I mention slow? Should I skip the Church VII (~58k XP), Black Prince (125k XP) or both (~183k XP) while going up the line?

    It's another 46k XP to elite the Caern… Ugh.

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    2. MacusFlash


      Currently I grind to S. Conq. Free exp usage: zero. I'm alive but Churchill VII was close. BP at least has turret armor and apcr. Caer with 17-pounder full apcr is an expensive fun machine for a psychopath. I liked it :D

    3. monjardin


      Church VII skipped. I'll give the BP the ol' college try. However, I only made it a few games into the Tiger (P) before rage selling it. I'll try to get to at least 20 games with the BP. :D

    4. monjardin


      LOL. I just realized that the BP uses the same gun as the Tog. I was trying to figure out why I already had some ammo in the depot, and that was it. The only difference is 0.02 better accuracy on the tier 7.

  6. Playing the Italian tree for shits and giggles. The top gun on the tier 4 has almost as much pen on the HE shell as the AP shell. AND it always does damage!


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    2. Ham_


      P.43 after it is pure garbage, especially since you always get tier 7s

    3. monjardin


      Hmm... I may have to skip the tier 5. The tier 6 has 240 alpha. That sounds workable. The soft stats must be atrocious to compensate?

    4. Ham_


      Every second tank is good basically. Tier 5 and 7 are both sidegrades, literally same tank with worse mm.

  7. Whoa. I almost bought the Emil II yesterday, but didn't. Now it's On Track and 30% off today. That usually happens the other way around.


  8. Why is the STG 10k gold for the Advent Calendar "special," but only 9.7k gold in the tech tree?

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    2. Hellsfog


      Better question is who is left to buy it since it was on sale this last weekend?

    3. monjardin


      True. It was just 15% off two days earlier.

    4. Ham_


      It wasn't on EU, Advent Calendar is a global event so yeah NA WG marketing at its best :trump:

  9. Type 59 needs more buffs.


    1. monjardin


      Wow! I just realized how shit the rest of my team was except for the VK 30.02 M that followed me for the whole match. He was a really good wingman.


  10. I just played two randoms for the first time since February. I load in a good 10-20 seconds after the start now. Is an SSD an absolute requirement for 1.0+, or do I have something misconfigured?!


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    2. 8_Hussars


      I had a similar issue (ended up HD cratered) but a good defrag or even just the Wot sound folder, can do wonders.  Turning off the sound works as well because WG have some significant inefficienties built into the sound programming.

    3. Bavor
    4. monjardin


      Thanks, @Bavor! That’s good to know. 

      Of course, I ended up buying an SSD anyway and the ridiculous load times vanished. 

  11. Haven’t played since February. Stopped by to see if the 268v4 has been nerfed yet. I see they are going to take pref-MM away from my tanks. See you again in 3 months. 


  12. Is the Defender supposed to be for sale today (on NA)?

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      they are just cock teasing all the pubbies, it will be up at some point.

      and then the farming will begin

    2. monjardin


      LOL. WG went and changed the date on a month old announcement today. Now it says the 23rd. It still said the 22nd when I posted this. 

    3. monjardin


      Now the ad is up with “Buy Now” buttons that give 404 errors. It’s like laying off a bunch of people makes things hard or something. 


  13. The Hwk 12 is so much fun to play. I just wish I could win more often with it. :(


  14. Coupon Clipping Simulator 2k18


    3,660,000 credits were saved in the making of this screenshot.

    Happy Chinese New Year!


  15. I'm slowly figuring out the derp lyfe. Two games before this were both over 3k damage. Onward to 3 marks and more butts!!!


  16. So, it seems that Overwolf records your most used keys and shows you a comparison with the average across other users. I find it funny that my most used key is "W" while the average player just pivots in place with "A" and "D".


    1. graukatze


      I mostly use R and F. And '2' ;-)

    2. Fulcrous


      I'm probably going to be even on roughly everything (especially s when I realize I fucked up positioning wise)

    3. SkittlesOfSteeI


      full w all the time

  17. What power creep?


    That's the top five expected damage values per the latest XVM table.

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    2. monjardin


      I haven't quite figured out how to deal with the 268v4 pain train. Handling one is one thing, but dealing with half a dozen YOLO wagons at once is another.

      I suppose the UFP is the weakest part if you can't get to the side. The cupola is 250 mm thick if you can even hit it, and the LFP is stronger than T110E3 superstructure on flat ground (i.e. 420 HEAT or GTFO).

      My T110E3 is crying in a dusty corner with it's 24/8 forward/reverse speed compared to 55/22 kph and 50% more gun traverse. The 268v4 can back up about as fast as the E3 can move forward!

    3. SaintLaurentius


      268 4 is the broken one of the new russian tanks.....

    4. Fulcrous


      its not that they are stronger. It's that they are idiot-proof beyond measure.

  18. wtfs0ho.png


    Cheers to the full health AMX AC 46 that camped the other side of the map while I had to reset cap and deal with a 5v1 in a low DPM autoloader.

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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      Lmao peep his clan tags


      Proof that wargaming doesn't know how to play their own goddamn games

    3. monjardin


      OMG! I didn't realize he was a WG Austin employee. I still don't feel bad about dog cussing him in chat. ;) 


      FFS. He's the clan commander. So, it's not like this is a new employee. I wonder what his role is at WG Austin?


    4. PlanetaryGenocide
  19. I just played an entire match in the tier 8 WZ-111 while thinking I was in the tier 9 WZ-111 1-4. After steamrolling the other team with 4k damage and looking at the results, I was like "where are their tier 9's in the list? Oh..."  LMFAO


  20. Ready for the On Track!


    Researched: WZ-111 model 5A researched. Undistributed experience spent: 198000. Free Experience spent: 0.


  21. Son of a bitch! I got auto-connected to LATAM Test again. I was like WTF is wrong with my Internet today?! It was worse than the test server.

  22. I'm trying to decide what to do with the holiday discounts before they expire. I used tier 9 and 10 on the 430's. Which tier 8 tank should I get next: T28 Proto, KV-4 or WZ-132?

    I'm leaning towards the T28 since I've wanted to try the T30 for ages.

    I started the KV-3 because I'd heard some changes were coming on the IS-4 line a while back. That doesn't seem to be in the cards very soon.

    The WZ-132 would just be somewhere to put my Type 64 crew for shits and giggles. I don't particularly want any of the tech-tree Chinese lights.

    I also have the tier 2-5 free tanks to distribute. Will the Italian line come in time, or should I just maximize credit gains by selling them?

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    2. monjardin


      I'm going to go with the T28 Proto. I really want a T30.

      Is the IS-4 still going to be re-tiered and replaced with an ST-II? Is that waiting for multi-gun updates?


      Now I need to find @Errants thread again so I can sell some free low tier tanks in preparation for the 113 & 5A On Track discounts!

      Done: You have activated a 50% discount on the T28 Prototype vehicle

    3. monjardin


      Also, the T1 Heavy being in your lists of expensive tanks for tier 5 gave me an idea. It was one of my first tier 5 tanks--I can't remember if I got the M4 first or not--and definitely first heavy. I'm going to 3 mark it for shits and giggles while training a crew for the Proto before I sell it. :)

    4. monjardin


      Did tier 5 battles get removed? I've had the following so far:

      • T7 3/5/7 Highway
      • T7 3/5/7 Overlord
      • T7 3/5/7 Ruinberg
      • T6 5/10 Sacred Valley
      • T7 3/5/7 Cliff
      • T6 3/5/7 Windstorm

      I just spotted my first tier 4 half-a-dozen games in... It's been a while since I've played at tier 5, but this seems worse than tier 8...

  23. I guess 9.22 is coming much sooner than I thought. It's "pre-loading" tomorrow on NA. Buy your 430's and T-10's now!!!


  24. Today I learned that if you flip a tank over and leave it to die, then you get credit for the remaining damage. I got jumped by a full HP EVEN 90 and a half HP 13 75 in my T92 LT. The only thing that I could think to do was to ram the EVEN 90 while shooting the 13 75. It worked, I killed the 13 75 and it didn't seem necessary to keep shooting the upside-down diminutive tank. I was later surprised to see ~450 damage register after it timed out.


    1. Fulcrous


      Didn't know that. What if someone tries to steal your damage though? :rabble1:

    2. monjardin


      Well, I flipped him near the middle of Swamp. So, it wasn't really safe to poke out just to farm the little guy anyway.

    3. monjardin


      Replay: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4130055#swamp-monjardin-t92

      The beginning just shows off my shitty aim and indecisiveness.

      At 12:20 I'm thinking "oh, shit! I need to do something or I'm dead" and charge the EVEN 90.

      It blows up just before 11:40.

      As aside, I keep getting shocked how good the gun depression is on the T92. I keep expecting it to be like the old T71. You can tell when shooting at the T34 that I didn't think that I'd be able to depress all the way to the hull from that position.


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