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  1. I watched part of a video about it. It looks like an interesting Dominion/FTL mashup. I may have to try it.
  2. That would be the perfect introductory joke for an astute lurker. They could have just done a copy & paste on one of @Luna's paragraphs from the old pinned thread.
  3. It sounds similar in concept to Dominion. It started the deck-building genre, and it is a lot of fun too. http://riograndegames.com/Game/278-Dominion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominion_(card_game) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deck-building_game
  4. monjardin

    Obj 430U

    You’re asking an extremely generic question. It’s much slower with lower DPM. The side armor seems a bit less troll too. They are very different tanks. If you want to hold a hull down position in a slow game, then the 430U is better. If you need to rush and focus down tanks, then I would think that a blob of 907s is better.
  5. Could someone explain how this Super Conqueror with 0 damage beat me out for the chevron? Do you get XP for dinging shots even if you don't penetrate?
  6. Nice! Could that have anything to do with the forum lag when making a new thread and posting to a long thread, or are they different servers?
  7. They've added stun assistance from clicking to the statistics for random battles, but not radio or track assistance.
  8. Doesn’t the AMX 13 57 have a 1 second intraclip with its pea-shooter? The point still stands. 2 seconds is strong enough.
  9. QuickyBaby claims that it's an optimal vehicle for Ranked Battles. LOL
  10. Wasn’t the alpha on the 105 mm initially 390? With it dropping to 350, the DPM is atrociously bad. These values will certainly change. A choice between tier 6 DPM and tier 1 DPM isn’t very appealing at tier 10.
  11. That video points out exactly why binocs and a camo net are such a waste of time, @Guardian54. See how the Strv 103B camo and DPM didn’t mean a thing when the 268v4 can just run him down while bouncing shots?
  12. I’m not a LT specialist either. The Hwk 12 and AMX 13 90 replays just happened doing the 3x XP bonus. I just gave the Sheridan a spin while spamming tier 10’s with a platoon and happened to draw a vision map. I’ve mostly been grinding the Chinese heavies recently. I got the 13 90 back when it was desirable to have one in the tier 8 meta for organized play. The Ru 251 was one I picked up for scouting Object 260 missions and with the intent to get a Leo 1 before it became 100% obsolete. I don’t really want the tier 10 German LT. So, I eventually dropped the crew back down to the Hwk 12.
  13. I thought they "fixed" matchmaking in this patch to pair similar tanks instead of just using the class? I don't recall a single tank mismatch that completely throws a game one way like this. A 268v4 versus a Strv 103B with 3/5/7 MM on a corridor map is absurd.
  14. I'm probably late to the party, but the AMX 13 90 at tier 9 is really good! It's much more mobile than it was at tier 8, and has great gun handling with the ability to mount a vertical stabilizer. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4159986#tundra-monjardin-amx_13_90 Who says the Sheridan isn't a pure scout? Here's LT-15.3 with honors on almost 10k of pure spotting damage. My whole team leaves the base on Malinovka--which is a good thing--but I can tell the other team is going to push the river. So, I just park my tank in a bush and go grab a beer. It's funny how confused people g
  15. For some reason, they buffed the Super Conq gun depression from -7 to -10 right before it went live. That’s a huge 20% advantage over the T110E5 for getting hulldown opportunities. The E5 gun is also inferior to the SConq gun. With that said, it definitely would be beastly hulldown if it got the Fatton treatment.
  16. Mine has been collecting dust since (1) getting a Type 59 and (2) coming to agree with @CarbonWard’s assertion that the WZ-111 is just plain better in the same role as the T-34-3. I don’t dislike the tank though; I’ve just not had a big desire to play it. I’d buy it again for gold a trade-in if I didn’t have the Type 59 and/or WZ-111. It’s probably one of the better preferred matchmaking tanks that you can actually buy in the garage since the buffs.
  17. OMG. It’s 10 gold to remove a piece of equipment. That’s pennies.
  18. I just had a match that was so fun that I decided to make a vanity thread. Carry pants!!! At the end, I had to solo a 1-shot Challenger, full HP Caern and full HP T20 in a Hwk 12. My heart is still pounding. I don't think I was aggressive enough at the beginning, and I benefited greatly from facing bad players. However, I was pretty proud of whittling down the T20 while playing hide & seek from the Caern. The ending should teach everyone to train repairs first in your heavy tanks!!! http://wotreplays.eu/site/4156703#windstorm-monjardin-hwk_12 If you didn't kno
  19. monjardin

    Obj 430U

    People keep saying that the 430U makes the 113 obsolete. I'm looking forward to seeing if it pans out that way in CW.
  20. It's generally more derpy than a T-10 just like the IS-7.
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