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  1. I like it so far as well, but RNGesus has been smiling upon me. First game, my third shot into the side of a Tiger I sent his turret flying off for 1266 damage. I don't expect that to happen on a regular basis. I haven't tried the auto-loader yet, but I already don't see the point in it.
  2. This thing can't mount a rammer. I was expecting to go vstab, optics and rammer. Now I have to actually think...
  3. I turned on the computer this morning, did the update and logged in long enough to buy this thing and look around the tech tree changes. I haven't had time to play it yet. I was going to free XP the modules. It sounds like I can skip the auto-loader though. That's good to know ahead of time. There seem to be differing opinions on the auto-loader guns though. With the Walker Bulldog, it seems Garbad thinks the the tank isn't good, but the auto-loader is the better choice ( http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/13120-moar-93-light-thoughts/?view=findpost&p=295821 ). Whereas, Jacg l
  4. Skirmish 37 just wrapped up the group stage and my team, Liquid Myth, got 5k gold again by the narrowest of margins. We like to know what kind of competition we are going to see during the group stages ahead of time. However, digging through the worldoftanks.com interface to find all of the teams & players as well as looking up their stats on WoTLabs.net is tedious. I wrote a script that pulled all of this information together for us each night. The result was so well received by my teammates that I decided to build a website to provide the same convenience to the whole WoT community.
  5. I agree on the daytime play. I was mostly playing in the middle of the day over the summer, and now I've switched to playing at night. You run into a whole lot fewer triple unicum platoons on opposing teams between 11AM and 4PM EST as suggested. My late night Object 140 solo win rate is absolutely embarrassing. I know 2.3k damage isn't great in this company, but I'm not camping and still getting around a 40% win rate. I'm putting it on the shelf for a while.
  6. T71 gun without the auto loader does sound good! Maybe I am going to need more than two good US LT crews. So, would you tend to prefer the new German tier 8 over an AMX 13 90 for the same reason? What about in 7/42?
  7. 1. Will any of the tier 6 lights become extremely popular in Strongholds? 2. Walker Bulldog or T71? I can't imagine a tier 7 LT being better than a T71, and I'm not excited about a 10 round magazine with a longer reload. Although, it does provide opportunities for yoloing at a tank with more than 900 HP. 3. I've been planning to dump the Chaffee and grind up the new tree with that crew. Are you saying the new Chaffee will be worth trying out as a keeper first?
  8. Is the price of the Chaffee going to change? Should I sell it the night before the patch hits?
  9. 1. Yes, you absolutely want to research the Chaffee now if you have the XP because the XP difference will transfers to the Chaffee after the patch. 2. There is no reason to buy and grind the Chaffee right now since you will already have enough XP to unlock the new tier 6. That is unless you want to enjoy an awesome tank for a few days before it becomes garbage. 3. I will miss my Chaffee. It was extremely useful in skirmishes and great fun in pubs. I have permanent camo and a 3 skill crew on mine, but I plan to sell it after the patch.
  10. Install the view/draw range mini-map mod and learn how this bizarre vision system works.
  11. Is a caller normally called a strater on EU, or is that a translation issue? I'm assuming that is pronounced strat-er, as in a made-up word describing someone who develops strategies.
  12. I ran into CarbonatedPork driving his FCM today. He forced my ARL 44 into a disadvantageous situation and was about to kill me when he took a huge shot from arty. I got to see some pros and cons in dramatic fashion! I'm going to buy one next time they are on sale now that I've started playing the French heavies during this On Track event. The tier 7 doesn't seem that bad. So, a faster version with better gun handling seems like a good deal.
  13. Here is the quick and dirty Python script I wrote to pull this data if anyone is interested. import requests from bs4 import BeautifulSoup articles = [] # adds the links & titles from the page to the articles list def process(html): soup = BeautifulSoup(html.text) for span in soup.find_all('span', 'barName'): href, title = span.a['href'], span.a.text articles.append((href, title)) print 'Found "%s".' % title print # fetches the HTML from the URL def fetch(url): print 'Fetching "%s"...' % url return requests.get(url) # this URL works for eac
  14. That actually didn't take long at all. PershingAMX 50 100 – THE FRENCH STRIKE BACKIS-3: SOVIET MESSIAHType 64T110E4M18 Hellcat – A Padder’s PlaythingT29: ‘MURICAN STEELT32: UPGRADED…YET NOT IMPROVED?Conqueror – Veni, Vidi, ViciFV 215B(183): “Land Arty”MAUS – NOT SO BAD AFTER ALLIS-6: The Soviet BullyComparison: Object 268 vs. Object 704Leopard-1WZ-120: Chinese Genocide SimulatorT-34-2: MAXIMUM BLAPPAGE…Itty bitty crew spaceT-34-1: Oath of the Peach GardenE 100: The BruiserKing Tiger or Giant Pussy: The Tiger IIE-75: POINTY FASCIST BOX TANKRhm.-Borsig WaffentragerThe Jagdpanther 2Tiger
  15. The articles section really does need an index. There are 99 tank reviews. One must churn through 10 pages to find a specific review. It's very uninviting if you don't know that a certain tank is covered in the first place. RBS had an (incomplete) index of tank reviews categorized by tier. Would it be helpful if I went through the trouble of scraping the articles for titles & links? From a quick glance at the HTML, I think I could write a script to pull the information pretty quickly. If you already have this information in your database, then I won't bother.
  16. Did you run out of ammo?
  17. I really enjoyed the tank as well. It's not fast, but I found the mobility more than adequate. You also draw much less attention than a T57 Heavy while delivering an equivalent burst. I don't think I shot much APCR either. I initially loaded a lot of it because I'd heard it was required like the T69. That's really not the case. The AP ammo is better than on the T-54 and does great when volleying into the side of a preoccupied heavy.
  18. I started playing about 6 months ago, and the Hellcat was my first tier 6. Since I heard bad things about the T25/2, I'd avoided it until this On Track event. I must say that I really like it. It's definitely not OP, but it isn't a bad tank at all. I very much prefer it to the Pz. Sfl. V--the only other tier 7 tank destroyer that I've played--because of the mobility and turret. I plan to finish the event in the T28 Prototype and then switch lines to the T28. The T110E3 seems to be a much more desirable tier 10. I see it played in clan wars, but the T110E4 is very rarely used. Now to my
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