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  1. I'm kinda damage farmy, but do play for the win.
  2. Yeah, the draw rate definitely seems high to me, I've got about 1.5% in tanks, but about 6% here, I'm sure part of it is just the slower nature of the game, but I have seen pubbies actively play to draw out rather than try to win (and risk losing). Unfortunately I'm still a bit of a ships scrub overall: 50.5% WR, almost 6% draws, 1178 avg exp, .91 kpg BB: slightly less bad at 53.5% WR & 1247 exp. CA: almost exactly average, 50.7%, 1167 exp. DD: I'm bad a these: 42%, 1044 exp.
  3. That's what I'm using, I haven't played it much in pubs yet, but it seems to be working OK in the few I have played and in SH battles.
  4. Heh, after a couple of months of trying to play well consistently enough to hoist myself over into the blue, an expected values update does it.
  5. For me, the E 50 was far and away more fun to play than the PTA.
  6. I'm using Vents/Rammer/GLD. I started out with optics instead of vents, but they don't seem to help, so I switched and have been doing disturbingly well with it. It is still painful to play because of the gun depression, but I somehow average 1100 damage a game.
  7. Which high profile purple streamers regularly say that the MM/RNG/whatever else is rigged against them?
  8. Does the WZ-111 get pref matchmaking? It appears from the tank-compare site that it doesn't, though that may be out of date (I hope).
  9. Woo, the pmod thing worked to get my old server crosshair working again, thanks Rexxie :3 bitch bitch, east is goddamn unplayable without it.
  10. Cool, thanks! I'll check in once I get the update installed. Edit: That did the trick, thank you for the help
  11. Yup, this is exactly the behaviour I'm seeing. I tried clearing data, clearing cache, uninstalling/reinstalling, none of which helped. The work around you mention does get the RU server selected and searchable, but I still can't change to another server. e: I can't select a server in the compare players area either, just to be clear.
  12. I'm running app version 4.0 on android 4.4.4 on a Nexus 4, and can't select a server (I'm on NA, but tried all of them). Any ideas?
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