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  1. Well, its something missing i would go check and repair. And would be save time w/o reinstall again. It should be in WCL > game setting tab.
  2. Have you try repair and check on WoT Centre?
  3. Have you updates any driver for the hardware?
  4. what are those new premium tank will be?


    Jan 2018 seem release 2 tanks unknown.

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    2. Action


      Welp... guess I was wrong... QB is previewing the Loza, and a WG NA employee is streaming it (acording to Armoured Patrol)... too bad... Shermans are pretty boring... ill wait till the new lights come out.


    3. Hellsfog


      I just saw that too.  I guess if you feel like gimping yourself in tier 6 strongholds you can dump the 85M for the Loza. 

    4. IanSanJR



      those are not worth for me anyways...


  5. WoT-NA is remain unplayable and retarded server ever in 2k17 late 2k18.


    Thank you WG, f*** OFF...!

  6. i dont invest it. doing drill the cave of cuda from GPU. not sure it really waste to get it. but it cool to leave a laptop running for monthly. they have like 8++ asset name coin internet power business.
  7. i start again using minergate and nicehash. minergate like confusing a bit but it does setup automatically to the pool and using ur CPU and GPU. I gave up minergate reason i hear hate comment through youtube. Then it earning too far and strictly. i try other one nicehash it like simple using execute command through CMD. Then it work only bitcoin and no other asset name (Litecoin, bitcoin cash, bitcoin gold, ETH, etc). Nicehash have income but too bad than minergate. This i am doing on laptop.
  8. is anyone have try miner coin through CPU and GPU?


    I am confuse to setup using minergate. And i decide to use nicehash it look like simple configuration for mining.

  9. try relic, vilin (strict before campaign and you can't leave clan after campaign), wonka, type 5, rddt. I am not sure yolo, esc, order may decent team can win the game if they want. Mahou + youjo + r7 is fulled they dont take any player they just overload player want join.
  10. been using more than 1.5 years like this. coat skin is peel off due hand sweating. probably made in white plastic.
  11. i used SS sense raw silver. This it good have control panel for custom dpi and effective accelerate mouse. I bought another one SS rival 95 it basic and like use to be cheap + comfort. i haven't try new sensei and rival 700.
  12. whats up with you? did u really busy?
  13. dont go mahou. they have overload many purpl/blue come over to mahou. well they have too much activity. u should try out different clan like vilin, youjos, r7, otter. whatever clans. many activities it kill ur schedule and real tired.
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