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  1. Proxies will not help in a DDOS situation. The only thing to do when getting DDOS'd, as a normal consumer, is disconnect, call your ISP and tell them that you suspect you're being DDOS'd and it's in their ball court to mitigate/fix it. If you're persistent enough, you'll find the one techsupport that'll help you.
  2. Just out of curiosity. Is your GPU OC'd and if it is, is it from factory or yourself? If so, tried to downclock? I've gotten artefacts like those in one game, and none in other games.
  3. Wouldn't have to send the entire Mods folder. Just the python.log file in your installfolder or a script parsing it for keywords for "banned" mods. This shows exactly which mods that are loaded during startup.
  4. CBA to youtube them, but here I go. (All on spotify) MC Mario - Anti Gravity Machineheart, Vanic - Circles Lemaitre, Jennie A - Closer Tiesto - Secrets Major Lazer, DJ snake - Lean on OLWIK - Taking Over Seven Lions - Days to come Zedd - Clarity Zedd - Stay the night Claudia Aurora - I could be the one to set you free Manian - Loco ---- And although you said with lyrics, no beats with noises, I'm still throwing a few of them your way. Alan Walker - Fade Disfigure - Blank And just to annoy (though I find it catchy)
  5. Try driving a long (and I mean damn long, think Norway) steep downhill while keeping, say 80 km/h, and only use brakes softly to keep that speed. You'll notice during or by the end of the downhill, that your brakes aren't as effective because of that heat being retained through constant friction. If you're braking "hard and fast" that heat in discs/pads gets to cool down in between. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brake_fade#Controlling_fade_through_driving_technique Auto's are capable of engine-braking and has been for some time. You'll have to go far back in time to not find it possible
  6. When they've announced it for a second time so they get those last strugglers to cough up $$$.
  7. Very true. Dem "russ". 17/18/19-year olds drinking, fucking and pranking anything and everything for ~18 days. Would roam the streets too during May if it wasn't for that pesky workplace Either way it won't be much gaming first half of May.
  8. Missing that arty focus redirection system™? RL is a bitch in April/May, so not getting many games lately.
  9. A reasonable explanation that I didn't think of. I just saw his computers date, but misread the time and assumed 6 months
  10. Don't have much experience with powerline adapters. Tried it early on and it was a terrible experience. Never bothered with it again. The devices have been improved upon since then so might be worth a try.
  11. Power cycling router and modem works about 95% of the time when it comes to Wifi-issues in my experience. This especially when it's a recent problem with wifi. The other 5% are dying routers/modems and/or your wifi-dongle/-card. It happens. Things to look for when they die are frequent disconnects when just using or stressing the Wifi despite good reception. If you have below good reception, the dongles/cards usually give out quite fast in my experience. Going by that the tablet just experiencing slower than normal speeds with no disconnects, I'd say power cycling would work though you
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