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  1. Yup, they are recycling their audience harder than any time before. It's something that was apparent in WoWS for a while now and while WoT always was going hard for that, it will make a step up with this change.
  2. How are they converted? Do they retain an innate benefit or is it completely gone? Because, you know, they sold you something and they are now changing the system to where what you specifically purchased, does not exist anymore, without your consent.
  3. Ah, a map where teamplay is rewarded and necessary and a couple of unexpected things can happen that turn the battle around, even in the late stages. Thanks for bringing those memories back, I miss the map, too.
  4. Few things show your lack of understanding as good, as this one line. You currently do not need to deal HP-damage to reset a cap. It's perfectly sufficient to just hit the tracks, be that with AP, APCR, HEAT, HE or HESH.
  5. It sounds egocentric, but it isn't. The simple fact of the matter is that with blue stats you'll likely be the best or one of the best players in the team, but even if you are unicum-purple, you can't replace 14 other players. If the enemy team has slightly more luck, slightly better players or reads the map that slightly bit better than your team, then there's nothing you can really do. The only thing you can do is, to focus on your play and maximizing your impact on the play. The only things you can do is, to deal damage, kill tanks and spot and keep enabling chances for others to take. *You* are the only one in the team, that you have any direct influence over, so focusing on you is the only smart decission to take.
  6. Has it occured to you, that your HE isn't penetrating the armor, as it lacks penetration and the external explosion is soaked up by the thick armor? The error is most always found between the seat and the keyboard...
  7. Not an issue, just use the turret's 37mm. It has superb DPM, although it's kind of a needle-gun.
  8. May I introduce you to the Black Prince, utilizing a gun you can find on a T6 medium?
  9. SPG Rebalance: [...]AP will be faster, but lower arch. So french artillery throwing AP can only hit anything in a straight line then?
  10. 100 HP, 210 DPM, Top speed of 5km/h. Hmyes, this will be a completely overpowered vehicle
  11. No, it wouldn't be more effective. You're just enforcing the exact same thing that players are already doing: Artificially tilting the team-compositions, leading to tilted data. By doing what you suggest, for example, you could weed out the inter-medium balance, but it wouldn't tell you a damned thing about how those mediums play against other classes, which is just as important as balancing the mediums between each other.
  12. I'd prefer higher alpha over higher DPM as a buff (obviously higher alpha will increase the DPM as a side-effect d'uh, but you know what I mean).
  13. Looking forward to someone actually testing this. My expectation: It will not have any appreciable influence on average. Good players generally are uncovered more often, due to moving more, playing more agressively, firing whenever they can and thus make themselves a more obvious target on their own.
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