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  1. Tank's crap. The gun is so incredibly unreliable even at closest ranges, that you might as well not shoot in the first place.
  2. Arguing that the original VK 75-iteration is overpowered, when the gold-standard in the tier is the Defender, is kinda silly. As currently is, the VK 75 is a good premium tank with some unique characteristics and clear drawbacks. You know, the way it should be in an environment, where the gold-standard is a good premium tank with some unique characteristics and not the Defender.
  3. Really? Congrats. My first game in it since over two years by now, was a T9 fight. That was fun. Not the tank's fault though, it's decent in it's tier. It just doesn't scale well, like at all. It's a T6 at most.
  4. Technically, Rattlesnake should be fast to be highly upgraded, thanks to the reduced radar time. Top config has pretty rad DPM compared to the other two, but since they can fit an autoloader, this DPM-advantage becomes meh. Rattlesnake also runs into ammo-issues even if you avoid conflict early on. Fuck this ammo-issue, seriously. Russian wankercan goes from unarmored fastish medium with decent gun, to IS3 plus. Go figure. German one is... I dunno what to think. The armor advantage is noticible early on, but the upgrade-path of the russian wankercan makes it more effective as a tanker, so what's the point...
  5. Starting with low ammo is fine, but jsut 8 shots is just stupid. If you don't find an ammo crate before your next best spawned enemy does, you're just flat out fucked and might just as well roll over and go back to garage. This is nonsense.
  6. Variant A) You get your ammo rack blown up. Variant B) While circle-strafing the Manticore, and laughing your ass off, you drive off a cliff.
  7. Given it's stated reload speed, those 16 rounds are enough to sustain continuous fire for 3 minutes and 44 seconds, quite respectable actually. If you ignore the related alpha that is.
  8. "Preaimed". There's currently rumors and videos uploaded, that people get data only delayed from the servers with suspicious reliability.
  9. That change goes along with a 20-30% increase in HP. It's a really convoluted way to nerf premium ammo damage output.
  10. I don't think that they don't see the balancing issues, no matter how they weasle about and I don't want to think, that they announce the will to balance without an actual intend to do so. Ultimately I think, they don't have an actual consensus of where they want to go with the tank and the rebalancing at large and either the "infighting" or the lack of ideas leads to the standstill.
  11. Christmas of which year? They brought that up or promised it repeatedly in the past, so blegh.
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