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  1. Nonono, you understand it wrong. Those wide open areas are intended to be used by light tanks and scout cars.
  2. Well, Victor mentioned he likes german tanks. One month later, this happens. Do the math. In all honesty though? I don't feel this is grossly overpowered in the current environment. Sure, it's better at doing the VK 168's job than the VK 168, but the VK 168 doesn't do it's job particularly well in the first place anyways. Not to even think and talk about the regular T8 german heavies.
  3. Give it sheltered matchmaking and it's fine. It's a Tiger I with less DPM.
  4. There's a Tiger 2 in the game? Is it a T7 premium? Because it certainly can't be at Tier 8, can it?
  5. If that is true, then kudos to the russian player-base for once.
  6. And you'd be wrong on that part. They made that bed themselves.
  7. I tend to agree. I'd further like to point out, regardless how many of these changes are welcome, needed and dearly appreciated, that this is Balancing Pass on T10 Tanks Number What again? Meanwhile every other tier is still fucked and remains fucked for goddess knows how long. Where are the Churchill buffs? When and how will the Chi-Ri be adressed? Why do T6 tanks have less than half the HP of T8 tanks of the same class, when both have the same DPM, often even the same alpha? Or, going away from mere tier balance, what about the logic of giving tanks that are supposed to be good in a brawl and thus have good armor (that works at every range) also the guns that need the least aiming due to their hidden bloom values on a very consistent basis, while practically all sniper-tanks consistenly spend and need to spend more time for aiming as every inch of any sort of movement makes them the least accurate tank in the match, when being accurate even at long ranges is supposed to be their thing? What's the wisdom behind such design decissions? And so on and on.
  9. If we really think that adding weakspots to any sort of actually functioning armor is going to lower prammo-spam, then we are retards. The only thing that is going to adress prammo-spam is, nerfing prammo.
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