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  1. I am not even surprised...
  2. The tank where I'd take Grousers over Turbo the most likely are, the French single-shot heavies. They have decent power/ton, but are just flat out fucked due to their ground-resistances.
  3. I find they actually have a rather good balance of view range, camo and mobility. They make for great passive scouts, if you gear them for it, but of course a number of things fucks with that potential. Chief issue being wheelies there. Otherwise, I get some really hard old (autoloading) 59-16 vibes from them, minus the assassination-ability. Once it clicked, I actually came around to love them, despite their combatitive short-comings. (And before someone goes and checks my stats: I need to get back to LHMTV and Setter and salvage the winrate there at some point or play in any notable capacity in the first place. Grinded through them before things clicked into place, late during LHMTV-research.)
  4. DPM is all good and funky, until you realize that you can rarely or even barely get it to bear. With the old equipment really the only parameters of a tank you could fiddle with was firepower and spotting, as all the other equipment was way too niche and narrow in focus or just flat out too weak. This has changed now. You can do quite a bit for your survivabilty and your mobility and I think especially the later is a huge deal for good players. Getting to where you need to be that little bit faster or, in case of some particular tanks, getting there at all before it's too late and fire only one shell or shoot at all, is of tremendous value.
  5. That is nonsense. Ventilation, Brothers in Arms and Food always lowered final accuracy and still do. As for IAU, I don't see a reason for WarGaming to reinvent the wheel, just in order to mess with perception for the sake of a single equipment piece. The accuracy bonus from the module must be a modificator to (base) accuracy, as they'd have to completely revamp the aiming formula to have it do anything else. As such, aim-time is not going to be longer with the IAU, it stays the same compared to it not being fitted and, logically, the bonus from IAU is applied constantly and thus lowers the maximum dispersion and the effective dispersion throughout the aiming process. I'll happily look forward to someone proving anything else, I very much doubt that will happen.
  6. I'm perplexed why they didn't just default-sale everything at it's original value, because there are so many things different now and, I suppose, pretty much everyone is stuck to having just refitted their favourite tanks, if at all. Those 30 tokens for ripping equipment out "for free" are dribble on a stone on top of not being able to pay for so much new equipment. And I am so done with grinding money in this game...
  7. I'd really like to see some tests, by how much the accuracy-mod actually changes things. One shouldn't forget that the bloom values are a modifier to the accuracy-stat and I can imagine that the accuracy mod could outcompete the vertical stabilizer in some cases.
  8. It's a russian tank recieving an unneccessary random buff. It's par for the course, status quo, a thing that we'd wonder about if it weren't happening. Is that a rethorical question?
  9. That is an opinion. Maybe this is one of the few tanks, that can actually offer multiple playstyles...
  10. I actually prefer the 88/100 over the pseudo-L7 on E50. The DPM is just brutal and if you trade, you are playing the tank wrong. It's a bully destined to ram into the enemy and batter what is left of the target into a bloody pulp and it's FUCKING FUN.
  11. If just the choice between the two, then vents. Your base stabilization is already bullshit.
  12. Haven't used those in any light tank since quite a while now.
  13. I have to come back to this. Given that the damaged HP of a module are a set value (e.g. a damaged ammo rack isn't just at a flat 50% HP of the full ammo rack, but for some tanks it's 56%, others 48%, yet others almost 60% and so on), I wonder if WarGaming considered adjusting the damaged state HP of the modules in accordance with the module-HP gained from the "Modified Configuration" (and as such, did not include that statistics change in the tooltips) or if they simply forgot about that. Because things could get really funny, if the module does not also adjust the damaged state HP, because it leads to the funny situation that indeed, ammo racks, engines and fuel tanks become nigh indestructible, unless being more or less simultaniously hit by multiple shells, as the damage-threshold between "undamaged" and "damaged" becomes pretty substantial, even moreso, when the ModCon-module sits in a survivability slot.
  14. Yes! Exactly that one! Thank you! StranaMechty... How could I forget that name... P.S.: Hehehehe. A Caern's ammorack with safe stowage and that module, would indeed now not be reduced to damaged state, when hit by a 122 under any circumstance, unless a second shot hits shortly before or after. Interesting... Not sure it's useful, but who knows... That is, assuming the numbers still work out that way.
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