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  1. Am still trying to wrap my head around the T54E1 switch to a heavy without any changes in the stats or modules and am not really caring about the de facto nerf to one of the longest-times most-OP vehicles in the game and it's decline. It's a russian heavy. How long do you think it will stay being shit? My bet is on less than a month.
  2. The engine, by the gods, the engine. The accuracy and DPM-buff from the turret is nice, but mobility is something that makes the Leo stand out from it's peers.
  3. .36 accuracy ist perfectly fine, even for sniping-purposes. It's actually pretty good, especially considering the soft-stats. Add on top of that, that russisn heavies are frontliners, not hull-down snipers.
  4. Also remember that damage taken is counted towards your 10k combined. So if you see you are getting close, don't hesitate to drive out into the open and eat the damage.
  5. So, Dirizon, you just decide to get back at me for downvoting your ridiculous post, by going back into the board's history and downvoting my two most recent posts that do not even remotely relate to your topic here. Classy move, you truely deserve the million-plus downvotes you got.
  6. Those ain't "legit" snipers on paper, are they? I know what you mean though and that is exactly the point that was raised earlier: Final accuracy means not as much as one would assume at first glance and in fact, it means nothing at all, as long as other factors are not considered.
  7. There are no real "legit" sniper tanks in WoT or at least not many. By far most of the vehicles that should have good accuracy, are also plagued by terrible soft stats or wierldy low shell velocity and more often then not, have guns that shoot uncomfortably high ballistic arcs resulting in a limited ability to hit moving targets. Not to even talk about those guns that just "do not behave" regardless of the platform they are on, having the L7, DCA45 and 88/L71 in mind in particular, though there are worse offenders in the game, which combine various factors, making a statistically great gun end up being a pile of shit in effect (thinking about the 90mm on Kanonenjagdpanzer and HWK12 especially or the 90mm on pre-light-reshuffle SPIC).
  8. Rising to a challenge is a virtue, especially when you succeed despite the odds. If you are only a good player when driving an IS3, then you are not a good player.
  9. But the vehicle has pretty good armor, except it has the exact same problem that every superheavy faces. Gold and overall too much penetration on opposing tanks.
  10. WTF is wrong with the engine of this tank? Every hit seems to disable it, plus it retains the german frontal transmission problem. I thought they removed that?
  11. Tank's crap. The gun is so incredibly unreliable even at closest ranges, that you might as well not shoot in the first place.
  12. Arguing that the original VK 75-iteration is overpowered, when the gold-standard in the tier is the Defender, is kinda silly. As currently is, the VK 75 is a good premium tank with some unique characteristics and clear drawbacks. You know, the way it should be in an environment, where the gold-standard is a good premium tank with some unique characteristics and not the Defender.
  13. Really? Congrats. My first game in it since over two years by now, was a T9 fight. That was fun. Not the tank's fault though, it's decent in it's tier. It just doesn't scale well, like at all. It's a T6 at most.
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