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  1. 25km/h Black Prince? Yeeeehaw! Dropping the rammer for it. One more shot every minute doesn't save the tank anyways.
  2. Bug-report it. Seems multiplicative instead of additive.
  3. I'm kinda curious what specialty-slots the british lights will get. I've had real success when playing them as full scouters, fitting optics, binocs and vents, bringing back fond memories of my autoloading 59-16-games (minus autoloading shennanigans of course). I wonder if WG will give them dual firepower slots, showing once more, that they just don't get their own game and having no grasp on what they create. Really hoping, that they get dual vision-slots *evilgrin*
  4. Panther? What is that? Is it those two tanks before the E50? You know, the ones that don't even have 240 alpha unless you fit a gun that you really shouldn't, on the TechTree-T8? You know, the heavy mediums, that have no armor, no health, no mobility, no alpha, no DPM, but superb accuracy that they can not use, because their soft stats are garbage?
  5. I think rolling together some of the mods makes the most sense. +km/h doesn't make much sense on the tanks where you'd want to take it, because they often if not always also suffer from a weak engine and/or abysmal ground resistances (Churchills and french "super"heavies are on the extremes of this spectrum e.g.), so the extra speed doesn't really make sense as you'll rarely reach it unless driving downhills and sometimes not even then (Churchills...). Conversely extra hp/ton or improved ground resistances (which is mathematically the same, more or less) doesn't make much sense on most tanks you'd want to take it, because they also lack the top speed and it just does not matter if you need 30 seconds to reach your top speed of 20km/h or 25 seconds. At the same time, this combined "power pack upgrade" is still completely useless for tanks that already have a high mobility and looks like an attractive optional choice for vehicles that are "middle of the road" without striking me as a "must have".
  6. From my point of view, the thing that annoys me the most about engaging an italian autoloader is their uncanny ability to even autoload-snipe with too much accuracy, compared to pretty much everyone else's autoloader. I mean, compare what the italian meds do with the french autoloading TDs for example. Or french autoloaders at all or any autoloader (T69, T54E1, T57). Sniping while basically firing at full RPM with any of them isn't exactly something you do at medium to long ranges. Usually, if you exploit your clip, you are going to dunk at least half the shots into the sky or the ground, so you either go full speed firing or aim in for a while and thus negate the primary advantage of the magazine. The italy meds can go full unload speed and still hit reliably even at longest ranges, which is a tremendous advantage. And it seems, as if that is the primary criticism that WG is recieving there. Look at those stats. They are changed to be similiar to what regular autoloaders present, despite still being slightly better due to not having the problem of having to fully reload their magazine before being able to fire again.
  7. It's a balancing factor for the high speed and thick armor and huge alpha!!!!!1111
  8. Commander (Radio), Driver, Gunner (no idea where WG offloads the loader skills to). Loading mechanism is mechanical, but not with any of the WoT-style magazines in RL. My bandwidth is limited atm, not being at home, so I don't really want to search
  9. If I recall right, this is one of those few tanks, that had all the crew, including the driver, inside the turret. Also, historically, an autoloader.
  10. SerB didn't have anything to do with the game for quite a while now and argueably, the game suffered since his departure.
  11. Also, rumor has it, that all the uptiered low-tier tanks didn't recieve any sort of rebalancing outside of the extra hitpoints.
  12. Looks like a russian take on the Conqueror, except faster.
  13. Don't be ominous for no useful reason.
  14. Am still trying to wrap my head around the T54E1 switch to a heavy without any changes in the stats or modules and am not really caring about the de facto nerf to one of the longest-times most-OP vehicles in the game and it's decline. It's a russian heavy. How long do you think it will stay being shit? My bet is on less than a month.
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