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  1. A) Final accuracy means fuck all. 0.52 derps hit their targets more consistently than 0.3 guns and there are multiple such flukes in the game, like pretty much all L7s, the german 88s or the DCA 45 on the "accurate" side and for the other side, I hardly need to say more than KV2. B) High camo rating means, that you can drive closer without much trouble and use bushes to stealth-fire even at closest ranges (you do know what an STRV in a bush behaves like). If they have a 22er base camo rating on the move, they have easily a >44% rating with a camo crew. On the move. Half the light tanks don't have that. Let that sink in for a moment.
  2. Madner Kami

    HWK 30

    This still says more about T8 lights in general, than it says about the HWK30, if you ask me.
  3. Madner Kami

    HWK 30

    For whatever reason I ended up watchign QB's video about the tank. He thinks it's OP. I'm kinda flabbergasted, given it appears to be more or less on par with the Blackdog. Sure it's better than the HWK12, except for mobility, but just being better than a regular T8 light doesn't make a tank automatically OP. At best, it's on par with the RU 251, except being one tier lower. Am I missing something, because all things considered, it kinda looks like a okish balanced T8 light.
  4. Maybe 150mm wasn't the caliber, but barrel length vOv
  5. Without a contract, a word is worth as much as the hot air it rides on.
  6. Can't quite put my finger on why, but I don't feel this is going to be the holy grail. Whether that's me just not expecting anything good to come from WG anymore at this point or really something that irks me about the proposed mechanics, I can't tell.
  7. Except that your mods are only local and thus nobody can see what you are seeing. Well of course nobody can see your crews anyways, but please don't tell anybody, otherwise this parallel business-model isn't going to finance itself, because it couldn't feed off stupid.
  8. They've got to be fucking kidding me. From the newest round of "Let's shit on the CVs for the lolz": Let me translate this: It is now impossible to spot a silenced DD and attack it on your own at all. And because we are total dickheads, you T8 carriers, who are already in the wost possible spot, will now get your planes shot out of the sky within a single second by a Minotaur that you can not even spot anymore, before it's FlaK-explosions destroyed your entire squad. What!? The!? Fuck!? Are!? They!? Thinking!? That they additionally shit on the attack aircraft by nerfing their aim, is just icing on the cake. These planes are already completely useless for anything other than attacks on DDs, because they can't even reliably set fires to enemy ships. Now they are not even going to be able to spot and, even if they somehow spot the DD within "arming distance", they are going to miss their entire salvo, except for some RNG-bullshit. Fuck this! Just fuck this! What the hell is going on in that fucking developer studio!?
  9. And it isn't even a bad tank in those circumstances, isn't it?
  10. That was what people have been calling for for a long time, when we still had the old MM-system. Argueably, it was the only thing we needed, more classes beyond heavy-medium-light. Wasn't that the system that literally weighted light tanks as heavy as heavy tanks? Wasn't there some silly twist in there?
  11. Allegedly queue-times and more "fair games", where you are not the only low tier tank in the match. EU never had a problem with the former and the later was something that was so rare to happen, that I can't even remember it happening once to me even once.
  12. True. Their flip-flopping on reacting to issues raised by the community never cease to hit me like a brick. On the one hand, they take literally years to "gather more data" and then don't do anything or something so minute, that the effect can only be observed under a microscope. On the other hand, a clear-cut issue is adressed by blanket nerfing everything in even the remotest vicinity of the issue within a week. This company is so frustrating.
  13. I edited my post to hopefully more accurately convey what part of the post I am refering to. Sorry. I have no doubts that what they did on the SEA server is more fun and would be for EU and NA as well. I just have my doubts that they are implementing the same system here or that whatever they end up creating will have the same effect here.
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