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    Wheeled Tank Mechanics

    Which sniper tanks are you thinking about? Because all the sniper tanks I can think of, also have terrible turret traverse dispersion modifiers.
  2. Madner Kami

    Wheeled Tank Mechanics

    Boosts allow the players to play the game in a way that WarGaming did not anticipate. If you can break their corridor-think, you are breaking their game, from their perspective.
  3. Madner Kami

    Charioteer - does it need a buff?

    Well, if it's any consolation for you, you`ll get decent pen, as well as decent DPM and shell velocity once that grind is finished. The tank will remain derpy as hell though. Accuracy is a meaningless statistic.
  4. Madner Kami

    New US Prem tank destroyer the TS5

    Slowly going back? I can't remember ever having gone away from that in the first place, Haswell.
  5. Oh right, I forgot that we're not playing a game with a diverse roster of tanks armoured vehicles, but are only an ATM for WG.
  6. So what was the point of the Panther again?
  7. Madner Kami

    Get Ready for the BIG Fist....Lube Up!

    I don't mind one bit. In fact, I'll cheer and sing praises if they nerf Defenders and IS3As and I own these things, because I am a fucking stupid idiot, like everyone who got these things.
  8. Madner Kami

    December 2018 Map Elimination

    Got yer back there buddy. 1... 2... 3 votes.
  9. Every sane game-administration would remove him from the player-pool.
  10. Madner Kami

    December 2018 Map Elimination

    Got your back there, buddy.
  11. Madner Kami

    December 2018 Map Elimination

    Abbey - 15 Cliff - 15 Empire's Border - 15 Ensk - 15 Fisherman's Bay - 15 Fjords - 15 Highway - 15 Himmelsdorf - 15 Karelia - 15 Lakeville - 15 Live Oaks - 15 Malinovka - 15 Mines - 15 Minsk - 15 Mountain Pass - 15 - 3 = 12 Do I really need to point out why? Base camper's paradise. Murovanka - 15 Overlord - 15 Paris: 9 - 3 = 6 I'm german. We brought Paris to it's knees three times since 1814 and this really deserves to be taken down for good by any nation. Pilsen - 15 Prokhorovka - 15 + 1 = 16 I generally enjoy this map, as I feel the only thing that really has a potential to make this a bad map is, if your own team has a severe case of extra stupid Province - 15 Redshire - 15 Ruinberg - 15 Serene Coast - 15 Siegfried Line - 12 Steppes - 16 Studzianki - 15 Tundra - 15 Westfield - 15 Widepark - 15 Erlenberg - 16 Mannerheim Line - 15 Glacier - 15 Airfield - 12. El Halluf - 15 Sand River - 15 Honorable mentions: Pearl River - 15
  12. I love blanket-lowering the alpha of tanks, that heavily rely on their premium ammunition or have a really limited ammo loadout. I really wonder what they are going to do to the Panther's 75/L100. 100 alpha instead of the dreaded 135?
  13. Have a look at what they are doing to carriers in WoWS at the moment. If you lack context, watch Farazelleth's video about the death of carrier RTS gameplay. Some of the changes and limitiations are literally (verbatim by WG) done because they think their audience is a bunch of stupid retards.
  14. Hm, how much time is left by now, of their envisioned MM-changes? Is it still 4 or 5 months?
  15. Allow more tiers in a single frontline battle and allow lower tier vehicles to respawn faster than the top tier tanks.
  16. Madner Kami

    Even QB?!

    Oh, someone gets it. Nice observation that I can subscribe to. Historical accuracy once was a thing and it helped give a balancing guideline (and argueably would have helped even more if they were stricter in the application, e.g. no unhistorically strong guns in tanks and in particular in turrets that would never ever have been able to accomodate it). Nowadays the typical buff includes increasing gun-depression. There was a time when the gun's breach was actually part of the model, even if you didn't see it, as they never went through the roof due to the depression-limits set. There's one thing I would change about your list of things to change though. If you want to keep the stun-mechanic, then negating the stun-effect by a push of a button should not be a thing, if there's only one artillery in the game.
  17. Madner Kami

    Even QB?!

    I'm not "going after her", I just don't have a particularly high opinion about her. Anyways: Just going back on armor creep isn't going to fix all too much, because as QB points out, a lot of things happened that made things worse and, argueably, some of the armor-creeped tanks needed armor creeping. Some tanks still do, to fullfill their role, if you ask me. I think the one thing everyone can agree upon is the matchmaking, but even there I have to argue, that, back in the day, I actually did enjoy being at the bottom of the bunch and saw it as a challenge to overcome and my most memorable games were autoloading 59-16 games on city-maps against T28s. It's hard to exactly put my finger on what happened, but it's a combination of factors and guessing from the graphs, it's the same for most everyone.
  18. Madner Kami

    Even QB?! Make of it, what you will. Mail-order brides ain't cheap, that much is certain.
  19. Madner Kami

    The Lansen (tier 8 Swedish Medium Premium)

    The introduction of the swedish tree was the last time that the player-numbers went notably upwards and stayed there for a while. It's pretty much only a downspiral since then.
  20. Madner Kami

    What affects mobility?

    Not two tanks at random. Just a different tank and compare it with the exact same tank and crew except with either fuel or oil. Say an M48 compared to an M48 with 100 octane fuel. But nevermind that, can't the SU-130PM use lend-lease fuel? Throw that on and do that same test again. The SU now has 17.5 hp/t and should, by all rights, accelerate faster than a Skorpion, as it's lighter, has a higher top speed and better hp/t.
  21. Madner Kami

    What affects mobility?

    What I want to see now is, to put up a tank with a similar top speed and hp/t-rating against the exact same tank with the exact same crew, except that one uses no consumables, while the other one uses 100 octane or lend-lease fuel. If these two perform equally different to the Skorp vs SU comparison in the video, than hp/t is an even more important stat to acceleration than I or possibly anyone ever realized. I certainly wouldn't be surprised if such a test doesn't reveal any big differences though. I don't expect WG to play fair in any way, as they have not done so in the past to begin with, as evidenced by the existance of soft stats in the first place. Just another stone on the road to disappointment.
  22. Madner Kami

    What affects mobility?

    Um, what? Can't check ingame right now, but if the Skorpion has 17 hp/t on a 650 hp engine and the SU-130PM gets 16.67 hp/t on a 400hp engine, then the SU is certainly not 50% heavier than the Skorpion. Math says, the Skorp weights about 38 tons, while the SU should weight about 24 tons.The SU thus weights about 63% of the Skorpion or the Skorpion weights about 50% more than the SU.
  23. Madner Kami

    What affects mobility?

    Huh. That's interesting.