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  1. 18 hours ago, Balthazars said:

    Okay, so surely they are going to nerf the premium tank's alpha. Surely. Because the proposed stats for the tier 10 tech-tree tank is supposed to be only 30 alpha more at 490 with the same 25 second clip reload and a marginally better 2.5 second intra-clip. Surely they cannot think that stats only marginally below what they are putting on a tank two tiers higher is going to be suitable at tier 8.

    I see, you just recently joined the WoT-community?

  2. 15 hours ago, SchnitzelTruck said:

    Don't. It's megashit. It's so shit that it only took me 2.4k dpg to 3 Mark it and get highest DPG on NA back when it was given out from clanwars. The gun sucks, the pen sucks, the mobility sucks, the armor sucks, it's huge, it's penetrated by arty reliably, it's sides are overmatched by 120s and higher. And worst of all you can only sell it for 1k credits. The buffs take it from worst tier8 med to.... still the worst tier8 med. Please don't waste your bonds on this shitheap. Id feel so bad seeing someone suffer the way I've suffered.

    The thing mostly suffered from low DPM, bad gun handling and meh mobility. Well, that and having the worst aspects of both the Chieftain (the hull) and the T95 (the turret). Now I haven't played in a while, but they are adressing a large part of the issues. It won't be stellar, but it certainly can't be the worst of the bunch anymore.

  3. 18 minutes ago, hazzgar said:

    I don't think they will go through with it. One interesting piece in QB vid is how stupid OP EBR becomes with a maxed crew. 60 CAMO!!! 470 VR. I mean I won't complain since my best crews are EBR105 and LT432 but this will make them broken as fuck.


    This creates one problem though. It creates such huge gaps in camo and VR you will not be able to predict what will happen on the battlefield. No idea if you will get spoted at 220m on a maxed EBR or 160. No idea if you will spot enemy tanks at 440 or again 180-220. Basically it makes skill less important and it becomes a typical grindy mumorpeger. 

    Nice. Weren't light tanks supposed to have the edge in view range, compared to the wheelies? GG

  4. Yup, they are recycling their audience harder than any time before. It's something that was apparent in WoWS for a while now and while WoT always was going hard for that, it will make a step up with this change.

  5. 5 hours ago, Jul_Le said:

    The zero perk crew members really get nerfed.

    How are they converted? Do they retain an innate benefit or is it completely gone? Because, you know, they sold you something and they are now changing the system to where what you specifically purchased, does not exist anymore, without your consent.

  6. On 2/3/2021 at 10:50 AM, 3MAJ86 said:

    And even after you cleared out most of the enemy, still behind the bases there was a magic bush/forest cover that made campers really hard to dig out. How many battles were lost, just because an advantage was created , the opponents were beaten, only to have my team go in one by one into the end game just to get picked off by 2-3 remaining TDs. And also I think this was the map with by far the most draw games, while still vbaddict was active. But ok for that last claim i have no proof, so you can dismiss if you disagree, but i can't see how can one claim that you had flexibility on Komarin.

    Ah, a map where teamplay is rewarded and necessary and a couple of unexpected things can happen that turn the battle around, even in the late stages. Thanks for bringing those memories back, I miss the map, too.

  7. 10 hours ago, Hoenn said:


    But in sandbo (sic) test, it will do damage, if you do not strike  tracks or gun mantle. This is utility, perfect for cap reset


    Few things show your lack of understanding as good, as this one line. You currently do not need to deal HP-damage to reset a cap. It's perfectly sufficient to just hit the tracks, be that with AP, APCR, HEAT, HE or HESH.

  8. It sounds egocentric, but it isn't. The simple fact of the matter is that with blue stats you'll likely be the best or one of the best players in the team, but even if you are unicum-purple, you can't replace 14 other players. If the enemy team has slightly more luck, slightly better players or reads the map that slightly bit better than your team, then there's nothing you can really do. The only thing you can do is, to focus on your play and maximizing your impact on the play. The only things you can do is, to deal damage, kill tanks and spot and keep enabling chances for others to take. *You* are the only one in the team, that you have any direct influence over, so focusing on you is the only smart decission to take.

  9. 1 hour ago, Gryphon_ said:

    It would be far more effective if the test server gave you access to only the tier and type of tanks that are the focus of the update - so for example this time your garage would have only the tier ten mediums, all with full skill crews (like sheriff / match accounts). Less experienced players might find they only have tier 8s, or tier 7s.


    No, it wouldn't be more effective. You're just enforcing the exact same thing that players are already doing: Artificially tilting the team-compositions, leading to tilted data. By doing what you suggest, for example, you could weed out the inter-medium balance, but it wouldn't tell you a damned thing about how those mediums play against other classes, which is just as important as balancing the mediums between each other.

  10. I find they actually have a rather good balance of view range, camo and mobility. They make for great passive scouts, if you gear them for it, but of course a number of things fucks with that potential. Chief issue being wheelies there.

    Otherwise, I get some really hard old (autoloading) 59-16 vibes from them, minus the assassination-ability. Once it clicked, I actually came around to love them, despite their combatitive short-comings. (And before someone goes and checks my stats: I need to get back to LHMTV and Setter and salvage the winrate there at some point or play in any notable capacity in the first place. Grinded through them before things clicked into place, late during LHMTV-research.)

  11. DPM is all good and funky, until you realize that you can rarely or even barely get it to bear. With the old equipment really the only parameters of a tank you could fiddle with was firepower and spotting, as all the other equipment was way too niche and narrow in focus or just flat out too weak. This has changed now. You can do quite a bit for your survivabilty and your mobility and I think especially the later is a huge deal for good players. Getting to where you need to be that little bit faster or, in case of some particular tanks, getting there at all before it's too late and fire only one shell or shoot at all, is of tremendous value.

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