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  1. That change goes along with a 20-30% increase in HP. It's a really convoluted way to nerf premium ammo damage output.
  2. I don't think that they don't see the balancing issues, no matter how they weasle about and I don't want to think, that they announce the will to balance without an actual intend to do so. Ultimately I think, they don't have an actual consensus of where they want to go with the tank and the rebalancing at large and either the "infighting" or the lack of ideas leads to the standstill.
  3. Christmas of which year? They brought that up or promised it repeatedly in the past, so blegh.
  4. But it's fairly indicative of WG balancing efforts overall. Half-arsed, half-informed, unfocused.
  5. Can't monetize that, so they won't do that.
  6. Nonono, you understand it wrong. Those wide open areas are intended to be used by light tanks and scout cars.
  7. Well, Victor mentioned he likes german tanks. One month later, this happens. Do the math. In all honesty though? I don't feel this is grossly overpowered in the current environment. Sure, it's better at doing the VK 168's job than the VK 168, but the VK 168 doesn't do it's job particularly well in the first place anyways. Not to even think and talk about the regular T8 german heavies.
  8. Give it sheltered matchmaking and it's fine. It's a Tiger I with less DPM.
  9. There's a Tiger 2 in the game? Is it a T7 premium? Because it certainly can't be at Tier 8, can it?
  10. If that is true, then kudos to the russian player-base for once.
  11. And you'd be wrong on that part. They made that bed themselves.
  12. I tend to agree. I'd further like to point out, regardless how many of these changes are welcome, needed and dearly appreciated, that this is Balancing Pass on T10 Tanks Number What again? Meanwhile every other tier is still fucked and remains fucked for goddess knows how long. Where are the Churchill buffs? When and how will the Chi-Ri be adressed? Why do T6 tanks have less than half the HP of T8 tanks of the same class, when both have the same DPM, often even the same alpha? Or, going away from mere tier balance, what about the logic of giving tanks that are supposed to be good in a brawl an
  13. If we really think that adding weakspots to any sort of actually functioning armor is going to lower prammo-spam, then we are retards. The only thing that is going to adress prammo-spam is, nerfing prammo.
  14. A) Final accuracy means fuck all. 0.52 derps hit their targets more consistently than 0.3 guns and there are multiple such flukes in the game, like pretty much all L7s, the german 88s or the DCA 45 on the "accurate" side and for the other side, I hardly need to say more than KV2. B) High camo rating means, that you can drive closer without much trouble and use bushes to stealth-fire even at closest ranges (you do know what an STRV in a bush behaves like). If they have a 22er base camo rating on the move, they have easily a >44% rating with a camo crew. On the move. Half the light tanks
  15. This still says more about T8 lights in general, than it says about the HWK30, if you ask me.
  16. For whatever reason I ended up watchign QB's video about the tank. He thinks it's OP. I'm kinda flabbergasted, given it appears to be more or less on par with the Blackdog. Sure it's better than the HWK12, except for mobility, but just being better than a regular T8 light doesn't make a tank automatically OP. At best, it's on par with the RU 251, except being one tier lower. Am I missing something, because all things considered, it kinda looks like a okish balanced T8 light.
  17. Maybe 150mm wasn't the caliber, but barrel length vOv
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