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  1. No problem, I don't blame you. No, I didn't. I said that FV304 can, as one of the few arties out there, deal effectively with campers who dug themselves in, thanks to it's combination of shell arc, accuracy and RoF (of course there are other combinations that allow that, most of them include splash radius to a degree, e.g. Conqueror GC). As said, I didn't say that artillery prevents camping at all, because it doesn't. Just that at least one punishes camping/sitting still in one place for a long time hard. It only prevents camping in the sense, that mobility is the best defense ag
  2. I actually do that quite often, when I highlight entire enemy teams and my team is incapabable of shooting them. Also, I've never heard anyone saying "We could really use a TD now!". Let's remove them, too. And when I think about it, "We really could use a HT/MT/LT now!" is about as rare, so let's take them out as well. Look, if you are not interested in solving any percieved or actual problems about artillery (and I am the last to say that there are no problems), then get the fuck out.
  3. So what exactly is the problem with the FV304, hm? It doesn't deal a whole lot of damage, even if it scores a penetrating hit (which are rare, even with that high arc), it prevents people from camping as it's... A) ... by far the easiest artillery to dodge. Given you notice the tracer, you can actually predict where it will impact and you have up to five seconds of time to react, so only really slow or stationary targets are guaranteed hits. => Stay in motion and you'll very very likely not be hit. B) ... never more than 500m away from you, if it shoots you, so that bullshit arguement
  4. While I don't neccessarily agree, I have to say, that damage inconsistency is a huge problem (not just for arty, but there it's most obvious in general). Arties have that huge Alpha to compensate for their damage inconsistency (both caused by bad accuracy, HE mechanics and, depending on if you are tinfoil-brigade or not, the complete randomness of the artillery hit mechanics), but in turn that only worsens the problem (as someone else put it: broken, not OP). Lowering their alpha may look like a solution to that problem, but it really isn't, it just hides the problem. SInce I have to get t
  5. DId it ever occure to you, that having good stats is their way of having fun?
  6. 1) So you can reposition to protect yourself from tank A, but not tank B, which happens to be an arty? I call bullshit, except for certain maps. 2) Artillery fire can be avoided easily, if you don't have phyiscal cover: By Moving. Not only is artillery aiming really long and every movement of the mouse results in decreased accuracy, but the shots also fly anywhere between 3 and 5 seconds. Plenty of time to let the shell go where it wasn't supposed to. 3) Maybe you can not shoot back at tank B, but you couldn't shoot back at tank A either, because he was using visual cover. Now what? At least
  7. Way overnerfed. I'm not quite certain what a proper nerf to the KV1s would be, as I think that the 1S performs so well in so many stats, that it's hard to figure out what breakes it in particular. I'd probably go for a mobilty nerf, making peek-a-boom a bit more punishable, considerably lowered reverse speed for example. Nerfing the gun handling however, I doubt would be a good start, as it's already pretty bad and is just saved by the sigma-changes. As proposed, it's barely playable, if you ask me.
  8. Intersting theory for sure. Also, could it be that damage, damage assisted and spotting damage aren't the only deciding factors? I just had a 2k damage game with no spotting in the 59-16, but Top Gun and Orlik's in a T8 fight (and half the victims of the autoloader were T8), while surviving with my typical HP pool (roundabout 100HP) and it rewarded me with 0.99%. Certainly a good fight and damage result, but not that overtly outstanding to suddenly jumpstart me that far, compared to the recent drought. Kills? Medals? Tier-difference? Just other people playing worse in general in the last undis
  9. Well, can't argue with that one, of course. However, Ace Tanker needs luck just once and you don't get anything out from repeatedly getting Ace Badge. On the other hand, Mark of Excellence is considerably harder to get at least. It's something and better than nothing (and infinitely better than the WG Rating), I guess. And, to be fair, just playing loads of battles doesn't make the marks appear automagically. I'm stuck on 85.77% on my 59-16 since over 30 battles by now and the last time I got an increase at all (a whooping 0.12%), I had to do 3,000 damage and more than 1,000 spotting damage in
  10. I do. That's why the 59-16 is one of my most driven vehicles and also why I love FV215b 120 and FV4202 so much and while I can live with the 4202 becoming a T8 premium (almost insta-buy for me, as it's combines almost all the good features of the Centurions without their in-built negative camo rating), I'm hating on WarGaming for removing the underdog Heavy.
  11. I actually rather prefer, that the markers reflect any sort of average performance of a player, than anything even the reddest tomato can get by pure luck, given enough time.
  12. That's the big question. After all, the alleged one-armed is the better player of the two... Btw. There are essentially four relevant keys on the keyboard. A sufficiently buttoned-mouse can even make a one-armed player semi-decent, if not straight out good or more, given enough training.
  13. I'm actually beginning to suspect, that it works as follows: Each tank on each player has a pool of X games. Each slot in the pool is filled with damage = 0 when the tank wasn't driven yet (or not driven since the introduction). Once you do play matches, these slots will be filled with damage > 0, one slot per match. Once all slots are at damage > 0, the smallest will be replaced by a new damage number, if and only if, the new damage number is bigger than the previous.
  14. The armor isn't as thin as it used to be, yet the MG port is still one of the safest bets to penetrate this monstrosity. The damage model offers a flat, vertical 200mm surface exactly where the MG is.
  15. If you are friends, talk about this issue openly with him and give him pointers about how to improve (which ones are stated by enough other people in this thread and 500 WN8 is still salvagable, imo - everyone who tries can get to 800-900 and once there, those are people who you can work with). A good friendship survives criticism without even flinching and you can still talk on Ventrilo/TeamSpeak/TextChat regardless of platooning or not. Beyond that, you can try to find a tank that he is ~good~ and comfortable with and try to find something you enjoy playing on this tier for a couple of matc
  16. 68% seems to be an odd threshhold for a number of my tanks as well. I practically skyrocketed through the % in my 59-16 till the first mark yesterday and then I'm stuck at about 68 for the rest of the day. Addendum: First game of the day, quite a good one and bam, 72.59% Also, did anyone pay attention, if the percentage actually can go down again? I had some pretty abysmal games in my Type 61 yesterday and the number just didn't go down.
  17. See, this sentiment right there, Trakais, is exactly what made me instantly dismiss what GhakteMolen had to say. It's this pointless "Arty stole our jobs!!!"-blathering, that is neither grounded in gameplay nor any sort of reality anymore. Neither Gehakte, who does have a more complex opinion that is worth being read, nor this complete moron up there have any sort of experience with artillery and especially so with post-nerf arty. Yes, artillery still can ruin your day and a good player in one can do so quite adeptly despite the nerfs, but it sure ain't the devil that people make it. Artillery
  18. His stats my indicate, that he is a better player than I am, yet that doesn't validate his opinion anymore than it does mine, yours or that garbage can's over there. To reiterate: His opinion is, that EVE T10 is dying and named a number of reasons. One in particular, I can not do anything else but call stupid. Mind you, I'm still of the opinion that artillery needs to be even further limited than to max 5 per side, but nerfing them to counter the motion he senses on top of the already happened nerfs? I'm sorry, but artillery is, right now, the RNG-heaviest tank-type of the game and nerfing the
  19. Thought so. You either purchased your account or someone with some real brain uses it quite more often than you do.
  20. Because why exactly? I'm getting the feeling that you are a good example of why purple stats are not synonymous with a good player.
  21. It would be better than the average WoT-player, so I don't mind having 14 of those in my team, compared to 14 average WoT-players.
  22. Aim Time is meaningless in and of itself, just as view range without considering camo factors. You could have the worst aimtime in the game and still be the best snapshoter in the world, just look at most of the russian tanks. Actual accuracy is a function of gun accuracy, aim bloom (from firing, driving, hull traversing, gun/turret traversing), targeting range and aim time and I found that aim time is the least important of these factors, unless you play an artillery or any tank that sits really really far back and never moves. Aim bloom is a way more important factor in almost every situatio
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